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As everyone knows by now, Mesa PD engaged in a game of "Simon Says" combined with "Twister" involving short barreled rifles with a completely innocent citizen, and blew him away when he wiggled wrong.

I'd like to address some obvious failures in the procedure the department devised.

EDIT: And first, why did they assume a report of "Man with a rifle aiming it" was 100% accurate? The person could be mistaken as to if it was a gun, if it was being pointed, and it assumes pure intent on their part, not intent to have someone shaken down because the caller doesn't like guns.  And people have previously died under those conditions. 


Now, every competent cop on the planet, most veterans with training in house clearing, and anyone with a brain knows that you want to detain and control a suspect quickly. The longer a dance goes on, the more the risk of something happening to someone.

Ideally, you have the suspect prone out, cover him will someone else cuffs him, then search for weapons.  You can also have him lean against a wall or car. A competent officer can even do it alone. It's certainly safer if you have two or more.  One covers, one restrains.

Mesa came up with some bizarre dance where the suspect lies prone, hands on head, crosses his legs, kneels up, gets shouted at for using his hands, puts his hands straight up in the air, is told to keep them there while somehow crawling, then gets his brains blown out. This process takes five minutes and endangers bystanders. 

What would have happened if someone else came out of a hotel room or around the corner of the corridor? What would have happened if those fired rounds had penetrated thin hotel walls and killed someone else?

The answer, of course, is that Mitch the Bitch Brailsford would have walked away from two or more murders, not just one.

So, Option One, as discussed:  One officer covers, one approaches, cuffs, then searches. There are finer points to this, but that's the basics.

Option Two: If you are really terrified of this subject, you have him remain motionless while the second officers (and they had six) takes a wide arc around. In a hotel hallway, you could even have one or more officers go down a floor, up another stairwell, and approach from behind.  Problem solved.

There's two failures of training or ability for a simple procedure that is done literally thousands of times per day.

Failures in the order process:  I heard a statement that the changing positions are deliberately designed to keep the subject confused.  That's wrong.

What if the subject is of low intellect?

What if he is intoxicated?

What if he is hard of hearing?

What if he was just clocked in the head in whatever engagement you are responding to, and is not cognizant?

What if he is mentally ill?

What if he's just terrified of weapons pointed at him and unable to track other matters?

Well, I guess nothing, if your intent is to find a reason to murder someone.

Now, what if the subject has an injured or incapacitated arm and can't raise his hand into one of these positions?

I guess you have another reason to make his children orphans.

Then you want him to cross legs, then somehow kneel.

Fun fact: There are a lot of people who can't kneel. Bad knees, bad ankles, poor balance.

Once again you get to make a brain salad.

Then you want them to crawl, with an implication to keep their hands above their head (it was never stated he should move his hands after he was told to "keep them there or we will kill you") that is not stated.  This is an impossible command to follow. As stated, it's impossible. As implied, it's not as stated.

I can deduce exactly how this entire idiotic procedure came about. They probably rehearsed it. They had someone play the subject, talked them through the process, and determined it was feasible.

The problems would be: That actor did not have loaded rifles pointed at their head.

That actor would be quickly familiar with the routine after seeing it or rehearsing it.

That actor was probably another cop, physically fit, well-rested, and not confused, terrified or hindered in any way that would complicate matters.

This is a legitimate example of "privilege." The rehearsal involved fit, aware, competent individuals with no hindrances given to them by nature or the situation.

When you put an actual victim in there, intoxicated, terrified, innocent, who realizes his pants are slipping down and, per our cultural mores, tries to correct that moral problem, it means he moves in a way that poor little Mitch the Bitch, armored, armed, with his custom "You're Fucked" rifle and his awesome tattoos, just itching to blow someone away, gets his lifelong ambition. And gets to claim that he and his five buddies were just terrified to death of this prone guy in shorts.

Then the pig, the department and the city get to shrug and say, "Well, it works perfectly in simulation. We don't know what went wrong here. Good police work, though."

My analysis of this bizarre dance is that it was deliberately designed to offer the maximum opportunity for incompetence, error and murder.

And no one with any sense of self preservation should ever enter the city limits of Mesa. You have better odds in Vegas. Mesa doesn't have a police department. They have a murder squad.

Ask A Cop.
Dec 09, 201712:24PM

Category: Politics

We asked several police officers nationwide how to handle interactions with law enforcement. These were their responses:


The birthday party down the street is a little noisy. What should I do?

Call us and we'll shoot the dog. That will quiet the little punks down. 



What if I have a service dog?

No problem.



You shot my dog! Now what?

You need to saw its head off so we can test it for rabies. Or else you go to jail.



I think my friend is suicidal.

We can fix that problem for him.



I see a kid in the park with what might be a toy gun.

No problem. We've got this.



I saw a guy near the gun counter of WalMart with a gun. What should I do?

Call us and we'll shoot him on sight.



I possibly saw a gun through a hotel window, even though that's legal in this state.

We've got a procedure for that. Our swat team will make him do the hokey pokey then shoot him.



My neighbor is deaf, is that going to be a problem?

No, the bullets will kill him just as easily.



If I'm helping a disabled person and the cops arrive, what should I do?

Seriously, we have no idea either. We'll probably open fire.



If a disabled, mentally ill person needs help, what should I do?

Call us, of course. That's an easy one.



I'm not the mentally ill person you're looking for.  I'm not sure why you're here.

Our expert says you're mentally ill. We don't need to see your identification. We're going to forcibly medicate you now. But you'll get a free steak dinner.



We think a teenager may have taken explicit photos of himself. What should we do?

Call us and we'll send a child molester to make definitely sure there's video of him.



What if I have no legal problem and call outside for first aid?

We'll shoot at your dog, miss and hit your daughter instead.



Is it proper to produce my wallet and ID when confronted by police?

It certainly helps us with paperwork.



You're good at identifying the right target, I hope.

Sure.  Of course, if you're a small Asian woman we might mistake you for a large black man. But don't worry, we'll have some charity replace your truck after we shoot it full of holes.  Totally not our fault.  Stress of the moment, you all look alike to us.



If I have drugs, you'll be careful about my family, I hope.




I make every effort to abide by the law, including asking for police inspections.  I assume I'm good.

Maybe. Got anything interesting? Or sellable?



We don't sell drugs.  We should be fine, right?

Our paid stooge says you sell drugs. Your baby has it coming.



Really, I don't sell drugs.

What do you mean you don't sell drugs?  Our experts know better.



What's the procedure if you do think I have drugs?

A scientific search.



So I should follow all instructions and everything will go fine.

Yup. Perfectly fine. It makes it much easier.



If you realize you have the wrong house, will I be okay?




If I'm 92 years old, and you have the wrong house, what happens?

Oh, we'll make it the right house. We'll fire 39 shots at you and hit you with about 6. Then we'll shoot each other.



What?  You don't shoot each other often, do you?

Well, accidents happen.



If I wind up getting shot, you'll administer first aid, yes?

Why would we do that?



If I'm stopped for a traffic violation, should I tell you I'm legally carrying a weapon?

If you like.



What if I'm sitting in my car unarmed?

We'll break the window, drag you out, and put a bullet in your brain, for "officer safety." 



Look, you don't just shoot everyone you encounter, do you?

Nah, we also have dogs.



So it's safe for me to call for help if I see a problem, then.

Define "safe."



What if I'm minding my own business?

Yeah, right. You're probably a prostitute and deserve a groping and a beating.

I'm afraid to ask, but if a child were lost, you wouldn't shoot them, would you?

The child? No.



So it would actually be best if I were naked, then?

Why would that matter?



What if I meet you off duty? Say at a social function for pets?

I'll probably shoot your dog.



What kind of training do you have for this job?

The best training in the world.



That's rare, though, right? I shouldn't be in danger.

Probably not.  But accidents happen.



I'd like to observe this training for myself, to see just what's involved.

You might not wanna do that.



Right, but it's not policy to roll up and blow people away, is it?

Well....about that....



So if I see you roll up to get someone, what should I do?




If I'm detained, should I come quietly?

Quiet, screaming, actually, it doesn't matter if you come, as long as we do.



Do I have right to remain silent?

That depends. Do you like rough sex?


As usual, I shouldn't need a disclaimer, but people are stupid.

I support the cops, WHEN THEY ARE IN THE RIGHT.  This includes shootings that outrage a lot of people. Mike Brown, for example.  Good shoot. Punk had it coming.

So let's look at this one and detail why Philip Brailsford is a retard, a sociopath, and deserving of the worst fate imaginable.

Video here:  https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/939014159726870530 (Note that I don't like this reporter. In this case, though, he's got the source info.)

Now, here's the pig in question.  Looks like some hyped up CoD player trying to be a badass:

The press, btw, chose to edit the photos not to show the tattoos.

"The judge did not allow jurors to hear about an etching on the dust cover of the rifle Brailsford used to shoot Shaver, which said  "You're f--ked," because he felt it was prejudicial."

It should be prejudicial. If you or I had that dustcover on a rifle, it would be considered provocative.  And note, he modified his issued duty weapon with this. That takes tools, it's not just a drop in, and is against department policy. Only the armorer gets to modify weapons. EDIT: apparently his personal weapon, which is supposed to meet specific department standards. Since they cited the dust cover as part of the reason for his firing, clearly that wasn't within standards.

This is a dickless little pussy, trying to look like a badass, with a hardon for shooting someone.

Now, watch the video above.  What should have happened:

Suspect lies down.  Officer gets good clear field of fire. Second officer approaches and cuffs suspect, then searches him. This takes seconds.

What did happen was five minutes of "Officer says stand up, officer says get down. Officer says raise hands. Officer says lower hands.  Now crawl.  I didn't say 'officer says.' BANGBANGBANGBANG!"

Interspersed with threats to shoot him if he doesn't perform some odd contortions that a trained gymnast can't do.

The department found his behavior, and the modified weapon, against policy to be grounds to fire him.  Clearly, they did not think it was a good shoot.

Now, pay attention to the shot. Well, actually, it's a burst, which is criminally negligent under the circumstances, since there are lots of walls and lots of potential collateral casualties behind thin walls.

After the shot, does the pig say, "Fuck," or "Goddam," or even "Now I have do paperwork"?

No, he's placid.  Like shooting someone is just second nature, like walking past them on the sidewalk. He's completely unfazed. It's like he was shooting targets at the range, waiting for the next popup.

The body cam doesn't show his massive erection.  "Massive" relative, 
because you know it's possibly 2" long.

The suspect in question had no weapon. Someone had reported seeing a firearm through the hotel window, which is, (gasp!) legal in Arizona. In fact, it's legal to carry a gun openly in AZ with no license.  So they shot this law abiding citizen for not doing anything illegal. (It was a pellet pistol he used for pest control, professionally.)

I won't comment on the other cop who's too stupid to know which way a key card goes in a hotel. As someone else noted, apparently his hookers come to the house.

Now, per existing law, "I'm an incompetent, retarded, trigger-happy shithead who created a bad scenario and twitched, despite overwhelming firepower" is actually a legally valid defense for a pig. Don't try it yourself. You'll get life. (Unless you're an illegal alien in San Francisco, but I digress).

But it doesn't change the fact that this tatted up, sociopathic pig went into this event just begging to shoot someone and got his wish. He can have his mouthpiece claim otherwise all he wants.  The evidence is there.

Which is why I will cheer if someone hunts the fucker down and assfucks him with a shotgun.

In the meantime, the victim's family is going to sue, and own Mesa's budget for the year, and the taxpayers will pay for the bad judgment.

And his murder victim is still dead.

At least the department fired him. I credit them with decency for recognizing the fuckup. And note again, they obviously thought it was a problem.

Then, how often do prosecutors bring charges against their cop partners? Not very often. They obviously thought it was a problem.

Yes, there's a loophole that allows a cop to murder people and say "My bad!" and walk away. That does not make it a "good" shoot. There was zero reason to have a fucking dance with the suspect.  The longer that dance goes on, the more likely it is someone will die. 

Which is what this little pussy (and possibly his partner) was just BEGGING for.

Per other articles, he's not sure he wants to play cop anymore. I'd suggest he find a job more suited to his personality, like kitten snuff for a Bulgarian porn site.

If you're a copsucker and this post offends you, go on Grindr and find some cop cock to suck. There's plenty.



I called out this strange individual a few days back.

And this is the response he emailed:

James LaPorta

Oct 5


to me


Hey son,

Long time, no chat. Appreciate the advice, but the bullshit meter is full, so unfortunately, I can’t take anymore advice right now. Anytime you want to compare writing careers, I’m available.

Stay out of trouble, kid. And keep those fingers flying across that keyboard of yours, you little rascal, you.


James LaPorta


James M. LaPorta

Journalist | Documentary Producer | Former U.S. Marine

Bylines at: The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, The Daily Beast

(C) 202-650-0089

Twitter: @JimLaPorta

Website: www.jameslaporta.net

For Encryption: SIGNAL and TELEGRAM

Fingerprint: 1EE4 2581 B0D6 1C8E C131 A635 4EC2 B5D2 7728 669F

Confidential: This communication contains confidential and/or privileged information and is intended only for the person or entity named. Anyone other than the intended recipient, or the named recipient's employee or agent responsible for delivering this communication to the named recipient, is prohibited from reading, copying, distributing, disseminating, or otherwise using the information contained in this communication.


Compare careers? Well, I want to say upfront that popularity doesn't directly equate to accomplishment. But okay.

My first novel was Freehold.

It sold out the entire first print run in 3 weeks, was nominated for the Prometheus Award, the Compton Crook Award, and was a #3 Locus Bestseller. So against all the other SF and related titles that month--including any Star Trek, Star Wars, game and movie tie ins, it was the 3rd best seller. Eventually they did a signed, limited edition, which literally sold every copy. There are none left. (Obviously, used ones occasionally may show up on Amazon or eBay. But they're all in the secondary market.) It's in it's 5th printing.

I do credit cover artist David Mattingly, who's done album covers for The Commodores and Michael Jackson, among others, with helping it sell so well. His work is amazing.

Let's look at what James has on the market:

Wait, not even a single self-published piece of crap? At all?

Well, unless I'm missing something critical, he doesn't have a writing career.

Oh, well. Back to the one with a career: Me.

Before Freehold even was in print, I pretty much immediately landed a work for hire contract for these three books:

Which were sold everywhere, including my local Kroger. They got republished in omnibus by the Military Book Club, who rarely do fiction, preferring nonfiction.

There was a query about a Polish translation, but HarperCollins never followed through.

I did get fanmail from the 160th SOAR, including from a pilot with over 2000 flight hours, that I was able to verify.

In and amongst those, John Ringo, NYT bestseller, handed me a project someone else had devised and fallen through on. I completed it to his satisfaction, and it was a #8 Locus Bestseller. It was also a SF Book Club reprint. There's a German translation, and I'm told a Russian one as well, though I haven't seen that one.

The Weapon

This got me fanmail from bona fide SEALs and Green Berets. The kind who actually give you their class number to verify, and even their challenge coins. And from some of their support people. I'm not sure why it got a Prometheus nomination, but it did. The hardcover is collectible and sells for $100 and up in top condition, depending on how many are floating around at a given time.

Better to Beg Forgiveness...

BtBF sold out its entire hardcover print run in a month. I think it qualified for some stuff, but I mostly worry about the money. It's still one of my best sellers a decade later.

I actually wrote a big chunk of Contact with Chaos while deployed to the Sandbox in 2008, when not on long hours of duty. It kept me sane.

Do Unto Others... still sells reliably in all editions, like all my SF--Hardcover, paperback, Audible, Baen eBook, Kindle, Nook.

I wrote in this shared universe with some very well known authors, though only 1/3 the book is mine:

Rogue continue the story arc of The Weapon. Once again I got fanmail from professionals--both special operators, and investigators.

When Diplomacy Fails... is the third segment of the Ripple Creek universe. Just look for the ellipsis.

Tour of Duty compiled my existing short stories, essays and some snark, that were originally written for writers like Joe Haldeman and Mercedes Lackey. James has probably never heard of them, either. That says more about him than them.

Wisdom from my Internet was a joke, as was the publication by "Patriarchy Press" which is owned by my girlfriend--a minority female. With advanced degrees. And her own side career of writing. And a major job with a real security clearance for an aerospace contractor. It was a #1 Amazon bestseller in political humor. It got nominated for an award, and I'm relieved it didn't win. It earned money, though.

A Long Time Until Now sold out its hardcover print run so fast I barely got any. Good luck finding any.

Now, the NYT bestseller list is hard to crack, and I will freely admit I haven't managed that yet. One thing to keep in mind is for that list, it's only certain stores that count, within the week, in certain genres--they don't acknowledge Romance or Western, for example, because Romance would own the list.

Bookscan, though, monitors distribution sales and categorizes by genre. ALTUN was a National Bestseller in SF, per Bookscan. It also got a legitimate screen query from someone who does things with Universal Pictures. Let's not hold our breath--it took 30 years for Ender's Game to reach the screen. But I have the query and it's floating about.

Tick of the Clock did better than I expected for a self pub, and Travis deserves credit for being patient with me while I was somewhat sick.

Angeleyes also was a National Bestseller, and nominated for a Prometheus. Once again it was a tough, worthy field and I didn't win. That's infinitely more nominations than James, though.

I was a single parent while writing this, btw.

Forged in Blood is also a National Bestseller. It's selling and reviewing tremendously well.

That's it to date.

Well, this is pending: Tide of Battle

Which includes work I did for Kevin J. Anderson and Janet Morris. Heard of them? James hasn't, I'm sure.

And I just finished two more short pieces, one of which may become a TV project, because the person running the project actually does have TV credits. The other short may become a book, because the editor liked it that much. Note that "May" is not "Will." It's a flexible industry.

I have a collaboration on spec mostly finished.

I have contracts on another Ripple Creek and two more time travel novels, one of which is being written now.

I have another short on contract, one on spec, another collab novel on spec with a verbal go-ahead from the publisher, meaning we'll ink a contract when done or I finish some others, and another collab in the planning stages. I have about 40% of the content I need for another collection. I'm trying to organize another anthology and waiting for the publisher to look at numbers.

I'm still the stay at home parent for a three year old while doing this.

My full bibliography is here.

I have cover quotes from, among others, Locus, Analog and Publisher's Weekly.


According to associates overseas and in the US Navy, you can find my books in:

The American Book Center in the Hague and Amsterdam, and in fact, I've done book signings there.

Most military Exchanges. (I've signed at several of those, too. Ft Knox, Ft Meade, several Army and Air bases in the Middle East and Europe.)

Hong Kong.


The southernmost English speaking library, in New Zealand.

Oh, yes -- my publisher pays for my book signing trips and gives away free books to the troops. Because when you are a professional, your publisher has a budget to promote you.

It's not a hugely household name career like Terry Brooks or Terry Pratchet, but it does keep me in upper class lifestyle. I'm not rich, but I'm certainly comfortable.

Where can you find James' books? Trick question. He doesn't have any books.

So, let's look at James' other writing career:

  • Medium --vanity, doesn't pay.
  • Daily Beast -- as far as I know, doesn't pay.
  • WaPoo -- Now, according to professionals in the newspaper industry, op-eds that aren't penned by the hired staff don't get paid. They just offer exposure. You know, that thing you die from in winter.

Blogs and clickbait sites don't pay anyone. They can't afford to. Hell, they can't even afford facts.

Sample article: "Can Shia LeBeouf Convey The Trauma Of Combat?"

Come on, Chia the Poof can't even run a "performance art" camera of him bleating about the president.

PROTIP 1: If you're not getting paid for it, you're not a professional.

He's written a half dozen things while stringing for UPI, and man, James couldn't wait to fuck those dead bodies in Vegas to blather out his complete erroneous bullshit about how "Rifling is also the bullet weight in grains" and "a free floated barrel isn't connected to the rifle" (allegedly told to him by someone in Special Forces, even though Wikipedia or any of a thousand online fora could have explained it in small words. But I digress). The problem is, while UPI does pay a little, it doesn't pay enough to interest any professional writer. In fact, I probably got paid more for my last short story than he got paid for all of it. UTI, excuse me, UPI is for people who hope to eventually rise to the level of working for some local paper. Of course, having your alma mater Marine Corps ban you from one of their bases for interfering with a case in progress won't help your odds of getting hired.

Oh, and he's "Assistant Editor" of something called "Blue Force Tracker" which is referenced twice on Newsmax, which is almost as credible as the Weekly World News. Now, BFT is a GPS based system for watching for friendly forces. You can find a lot of that. Searching for it as a magazine, journal, paper, blog...it doesn't exist as far as I can tell. It's complete bullshit.

James says he's "Never heard of me." Likewise. Which is why I used Google before opening my trap.

He's not Walter Winchell. He's not even Clifford Simak. (I know James has never heard of him.)

I have a few articles. My unpaid stuff was for several Second Amendment sites, because I was promoting a valid cause WITH FACTS. Readership was only a couple of million people. My paid stuff has been in firearm mags, too, at up to $1/word. Including some in other countries.

Also, I prefer to use references in my articles, not vague references to someone who is claimed to have been in Special Forces:

And I'm Editor at Large for Survivalblog.com which is easy to find, has a huge following, and will acknowledge me, though to be honest, I haven't done much recently due to other commitments. But it does actually exist.

PROTIP 2: No professional is ever actually insulted by, "I've never heard of you." For example: That country music star at the shooting in Vegas? Never heard of him. I don't listen to country music. But I'm sure a few seconds on Google will find he is of note and has lots of fans and customers.

Moving on, then.

James claims to be a film producer. Well, I'm not. But I have appeared in productions, and consulted to others. For friends doing film festival stuff locally, I'm cheap or free. For some of these with national media, I billed $1000/day and got it.

So, let's check IMDB for James:

Nothing here, either.

PROTIP 3: Cell phone video does not count as professional film to anyone in the industry unless it's incorporated into something else and you're paid for it.

James knows even less about producing films than he does about firearms.

Let's check Wikipedia:


Here I am, though the page is out of date. I'm sure it'll get fixed eventually. I make no attempt to edit it.


Not notable by their standards either, apparently.

Wow. That's 0 for 4 so far.

He does have 8 Patreon followers though.

Now, to be fair, I joined Patreon way back, and realized it didn't do anything I needed it to do since I don't produce daily content. I've never looked at it since, and have neither delivered anything nor been paid. So possibly he's the same.

I doubt it, though, since he makes a point of linking to it.

But to give the benefit of the doubt, we'll call this one a draw.

What about our former military careers?

My military career was pretty much unremarkable and I freely admit so. I enlisted in 1985, retired in 2010, had about 5 years and a bit active duty including deployment time, the rest being split between Army and Air National Guard. I helped with the Mississippi Flood in 1993 for about six weeks, have a few decorations for doing small things, and some unit decorations for maintaining an amazing level of mission accomplishment during blasting sand in the Sandbox. The unit gets credit. I was part of the unit.

Oh, I DID have 25 years of Expert ratings, competed in rifle match for the Army Guard and won trophies. And even though it wasn't my specialty, I served as an armorer, was a range safety NCO, ammo point NCO, helped my unit upgrade M16s to A2 standard, was a weapons courier.

And then in the civilian world I conduct tests and evaluations of weapons sent to me by manufacturers, such as this one.

And make my own from raw materials, such as this one:

And this one:

And custom build them to fit various users like this one:

Because really, there's nothing about a rifle that's anywhere as difficult as riding a bike.

I've furnished weapons for several TV show segments, a couple of movies, god knows how many magazine articles, and my projects have appeared on thousands of sites, dozens of magazines including Time and Der View, Forgotten Weapons and some other outlets.

Note that I did most of these while being the primary parent, and when my wife was activated, the single parent at home (then we swapped when I deployed.) (And note the books I wrote, too.)

Whereas, James was...a Marine.

Per the record someone furnished, he has a Marine Combat Action Medal [EDIT:  He contacted me and noted this is a Dept Navy award. Either way, it does show on his official record, so we'll credit him with it]. So it appears he was actually in at least one firefight, though I don't find any other decoration around his combat, which is neither bad nor good. Circumstances and leadership have to coincide for that. It appears he deployed and did his job, but damn, does he look really, really clean in that photo of him in A-stan. I never looked that clean even inside the wire, even stateside in a field exercise. Even on daily duty. I'm not one to judge. He may just be really, really good at field hygiene. Good on you, sport.

Really, really clean.

Then he was bumped to what he calls "Secret Squirrel."

I asked some actual Secret Squirrels about this--one veteran who works for a Cabinet department on terrorist activities, one field grade intel unit commander, and one actual analyst. They concurred with what I suspected.

So in actuality, he was basically a secretary who "Managed" probably 2-3 troops including himself, to bug the squad leaders to make sure their SALUTE reports (Google it) were turned in, placed into some semblance of order, handed to a compiler who gridded them for an analyst who reviewed them and sent the data to a supervisor who submitted that on a mass report to actual Secret Squirrels who then furnished the polished outcome to Command to aid in issuing orders.

Now, this is certainly important work. So is being a secretary. But it bears the same resemblance to being a "Secret Squirrel" that being a secretary bears to being a Department Manager.

It's vaguely possible he was in one of the few of these elements that actually did real intel work, but most of them were in elite units. And since James is unable to use Google to even get basic facts about the rifle he was issued correct, it seems highly unlikely he was any better in a strange country. Hell, he can barely parse English, much less Pashto.

Oh, and it turns out one of my readers was in his unit:
Coop LoPresto: Yeah, he was an intelfag that sucked at being an intelfag. Got passed over/soft-fired out of leading a CLIC during a cycle at CAX (Desert Warfare Training. Basically a final exam before your infantry BN's able to deploy to the sandbox) and before that he did retarded shit like bringing his own EoTech to ranges and field ops and shit. He was a "marksmanship instructor," as he was wont to point out, but in reality he was just a range coach because his shop didn't want him around to do any real S2 work. And was just generally disliked for both his level of competency and personality. Which is probably why he went on to break the Marines United story. I didn't interact with him enough to remember who the fuck he was until all my boys who did know who he was began to regale me with his "exploits" when I started commenting on his dumbassery.

EDIT: In email, he confirms the EoTech incident is true.  Oh, son! You just qualified a source as credible and reliable. And you worked in intel?  God help us.


PROTIP 4: "Secret Squirrel" is a joke in the intel community, because those who actually are don't talk about it. They say their job is "Boring" or they "process data" or "shuffle papers" or are "value-added paper pushers." Because actual secret squirrels have actual intel that could be of interest to foreign agencies and major corporations, and don't crave attention.

So basically, he's not a relevant writer, knows so little about weapons it's frightening the Marines let him be a grunt, but that's likely why he was "promoted" to a paperwork cell where he couldn't do any damage, and why he left a career about halfway to retirement, and doesn't seem to have any job of note. And we can deduce the probable actual reason he joined the Corps was the thrill of showering naked with twenty o/t/h/e/r/ men. (Not that I object to him showering with other men. But there are bathhouses for that. The Marines have a mission to do.)

Oh, we could also compare ASVAB scores if he wishes. Mine are simple: I maxed every category in the 99th %ile. I can scan a RIP to prove it.

I suspect James didn't. $50 on that.

Oddly, I can't find any reference to the USMC, or any other branch of the military, taking any interest at all in bumpfire stocks that somehow make weapons more powerful (By magically increasing bullet energy?), or change the rifling rate (Which is "also the bullet weight in grains"?) or improve accuracy (By disconnecting the barrel from the rifle?).

I wonder if, now that the military is aware of this awesome device, they'll upgrade all their existing inventory to be more powerful, accurate and deadly.<?p>

I have $1000 says no. Put up or shut up.

Oh, right, James. You haven't earned enough from writing to afford that. Okay. Let's make it $20.

PROTIP 5: Before challenging someone to compare careers, check Google, and be sure you have a career, not just a lame joke with no punchline.

But YOU keep pounding the keys, you little rascal, you! Work on your spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, coherence, and of course, read some books to get some facts, and maybe someday you'll have TWENTY Patreon followers, and can earn enough per month to pay for a dinner at Denny's rather than KFC.

And if I've actually missed anything, I stand ready to be corrected. You threw down the gauntlet, I've picked it up. First shot is yours, big boy. And you know what they say about silence. (Actually, apparently you don't.) [UPDATE: see below, he proved this adage too.]

Toodles, you giant soup sandwich.

NOTE: Anyone is welcome to cite, link or copy the entirety of these contents to refute the worthless little shwit.

UPDATE: Apparently his idea of a retort is to accuse me of writing "nerd books."

Yes, well I'm about to take my royalty check from writing "nerd books" and have a $200 steak dinner and buy a $13,000 real machine gun (no bumpfire stock), because I have the disposable income to do so.

Ironically, the facts about weapons in my "nerd books" are more accurate than in his "nonfiction" "Articles."

Which is why I get paid that kind of money, and he doesn't get paid to speak of.


UPDATE: a few of the fans of those "nerd books" at a small convention just donated $17,000 to charity. https://www.facebook.com/LibertyCon/posts/10155122920663481

REPORTER: Hey, I need some basic facts. Who's knowledgeable?  You? So tell me about the shoulder thing that goes up.

EXPERT:  I've been a professional in the field for 45 years as a user, designer, manufacturer, expert witness.  So, there actually isn't a shoulder thing that goes up.  I think they were referencing...

REPORTER: Wait, you're some kind of gun nut, aren't you? Fuck off.   You're biased. What about you?

"ACTIVIST": I'm President of the Association For Banning Bumpfire Shoulder Things, a 501(c)4 agency.  AR15s were invented by Ronald Reagan in 1981, and are issued to all felons as they leave prison because of a loophole allowed to exist by the GW Bush administration.

REPORTER: Good stuff! Keep going.

"If you get pregnant you will die."
It wasn't phrased quite like that.  But my ex wife was told in no uncertain terms that a third pregnancy could kill her. And she couldn't use hormonal birth control.
So that was several years with no completed, unprotected intercourse between husband and wife. 
Eventually, she was able to get a ligation, along with some other necessary surgery. (Medical insurance didn't cover things like that.)
Now, imagine if she had gotten pregnant, and the doc says, "We have to terminate."
And the bureaucrat says, "Oh, I've heard this one before. Let's just wait a few weeks to be sure."
And the doc says, "I really don't like these blood sugar and toxin levels."
And the bureaucrat says, "It's not compelling yet.  But I'll start the approval paperwork."
And the doc says, "She's suffering sepsis and her blood sugar is crashing."
And the voicemail says, "Please leave your number and message and we'll respond during business hours after the three day weekend."
And the doc says, "It's critical. We have to do it now."
And the bureaucrat says, "I've referred it to the regional supervisor for review, and flagged it URGENT."
And the doc says, "Never mind."

Now, I'm sure some of you are saying, "Well, that would never happen."

And I'll point you to the insane rules regarding narcotic painkillers, where cancer patients and migraine sufferers are in agony because a bureaucrat is terrified that someone might use one of those pills for FUN!
And I'm sure some are saying, "That would be terrible, but of course we'd have a legal exception for that."
And perhaps you would.  But every pregnancy is different, and every "exception" means someone dies to  make the point to get it in place.
And when they die, so does the fetus anyway. Because you put the rights of the fetus--a potential person--above the rights of the mother--an actual person.
Because it is entirely possible to oppose abortion morally, and realize that given the state any power to regulate the process beyond that of normal clinical health standards, is going to fucking kill people.
And just like any other program, the end result is a massive bureaucracy with its own fucking SWAT team, kicking in doors because that failed pregnancy is awfully suspicious. And maybe that seller of "herbal tea" is practicing medicine without a license and performing illegal abortions. And if you think that's a mental stretch, remember the Dept of Education has a SWAT TEAM to collect on COLLEGE LOANS.

Because it's not "pro abortion" vs "pro life." It's "Pro choice" vs  "pro mandatory childbirth."
Because you, personally: While you're opposing abortion, have YOU personally tried to adopt a child?
Have YOU personally donated to a charity that feeds the poor who have more kids than they can support?
Have YOU personally helped someone care for their kids while they tried to work?
Or are you one of these, "I shouldn't have to pay for their birth control or abortions or welfare, and they need to keep their legs together and learn that actions have consequences" types?
Because if you refuse to help pay the costs, and think a baby is a "consequence" you're not "pro life." You don't care about "life." You care about fetuses.
And in response to the bleat about, "But what about people who use the process just to avoid responsibility?"

The obvious parallel is, "What do we do about drunk drivers if we can't ban alcohol?"
And the obvious answer is, "Life sucks, and the law can't stop bad behavior."

But it can sure as hell make it worse.
James LaPorta is a veteran of some small issue, and claims to have been an "intel cell leader," which I find no record of, and if he in fact was, he should keep his retarded piehole shut about it. 
He does have a steely gaze, though, which is super important.
His knowledge of the English language compares favorably with a fifth grader.  For example, his Facebook page say he is "payed," by which I think he means "paid." I certainly hope he has a day job. 

Now, the gist of this article is that the Vegas asshole had "more powerful and deadly weapons than even the military! ZOMG!"
(There's a "socialist veteran" page, which means "traitor page" that also claims that a bumpfire stock (see my previous entry on that) turns a carbine into a light machine gun. This is complete bullshit.)
I offer this:  A carbine with a bumpfire stock is about $600. A transferrable M16 that a civilian can legally buy is $25,000-$30,000. If the former were "better" than the latter, who'd buy the latter?
And the shooter still wouldn't have an actual belt fed weapon or anything else for support.
Also, his angle of fire did not lend itself to a good beaten zone. The bumpfire stocks caused repeated jams, because they do require training to use, and even then, are still less effective than either real automatic fire or properly controlled aimed fire. Yes, even with an area target.  Had the clown known what he was doing, it would have been a lot worse.
I'm very surprised a Marine infantry veteran doesn't know this.
Here's some other vets commenting on the sheer fucking dishonest idiocy of the article:

John Francis Moran Jr: "...One the rifles seen in an unofficial photograph features a “free floating barrel,” unlike an M-16 whose barrel is connected to the rest of the rifle..."
I am here to tell you all that military rifles do, in fact, have their barrels connected. 
What. A. Fucking. Clown.

Michael Prior: Love how he argued both sides. The shooter's guns are more accurate than the military's guns but he needed no skill because he was shooting at an area target. Accuracy with a firearm is the skill not the weapon.
John Francis Moran Jr: What. A. Fucking. Clown. 
"...The rifles Paddock used are so powerful and potentially prolific that he didn’t need training to inflict dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries. What Paddock apparently lacked in experience he made up for with preparation, opportunity, and deadly accurate hardware..."
1) 5.56 is a small caliber round, high velocity round. Based off of a a cartridge designed to kill prairie dogs. 
2) he didn't need training because he was 300 feet up, overlooking a huge outdoor venue. He could have inflicted casualties by hurling bricks, or merely by shooting a lead fishing weights out of a sling shot from that position. Free float barrels, bipods, scopes etc. where unnecessary accessories in carrying out his plan as executed. 
3) "Preparation" buy some guns and ammo, check. Get a hotel room over looking a crowded open air venue, check. Bring a hammer, check. 
That was literally his plan. 
Paddock was not a tactical genius. He had loads of $$ and was willing to kill. The end.
Ian Brothers Wow, dude says an ACOG would be useless and needs "offset aiming". Thats the purpose of the reticle, estimate range and easily compensate for it. Guy doesn't have a clue.
Dustin Aven Well fuck now I'm even more pissed. A fucking PMI who can't even get his terminology straight. He doesn't even get free floated right. He acts like Eotechs are some arcane technology even though they ended up in Army general purpose force units when enough M68s weren't available. And OMG! he could attach a white light or laser. Well gosh you mean things SOCOM has been doing for a few decades now? Hell I had a PEQ on an M16A2 in 1998. Oh yeah and a hose clamped fucking light too. Damn this dude seems to have a little knowledge and tries to make it all sound scary.
Michael Z. Williamson “These days with precision rifles, a 1,000 meter shot with a AR weapon system is not hard,” Cowden said.
Tony Cowden, a U.S. Army Sergeant First Class special forces soldier, who formerly was on the CIA and Joint Special Operations Command mission to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden in 2001.
Either they're misquoting, or "Sgt" Cowden is a space shuttle door gunner. Again: Max range on this weapon is 600 meters. Even a match grade, custom built target rifle on an AR receiver wouldn't make such a shot "not hard," and he had nothing like that.

Jimmy boy claimed this was an "editing error." Cool story, bro. Along with the 56 others? You might want to improve your editing if you want to be a real writer some day.
Ed Dillon "Twist rate also includes weight of bullet, measured in grain." Really? If I fire bullets of different weights, the rifle will automatically adjust the rifling to match. I never knew. Those grooves look so permanent, like they're etched in steel, or something.

Jackson Beard III: We not only know this, but are taking the piss out of how he explained it.
A free floating barrel is still attached to the rifle, or it wouldn't work.
Free floating means it isn't impinged on by the fore stock or forearm.
Ian McMurtrie What the actual fuck?
"One the rifles seen in an unofficial photograph features a “free floating barrel,” unlike an M-16 whose barrel is connected to the rest of the rifle."
Like at the receiver, connected to the rest of the rifle?
"Inside a free-floating barrel, bullets travel without interference from micro-vibrations. "
... What? Does he mean "harmonics"?
"Additionally, Paddock mounted what appears to be a military-grade EO Tech sight to his weapon." 
Bad news, Scooter, but EO Tech had some ... issues. It was all over the news -- especially when they lost the military contract.
I have to stop reading, or I'll have a sodding aneurysm.
Dustin Aven: And what's with the 5.56 can go a mile and then mentioning you can shoot it to a 1000 meters? Who the hell, outside of a 'hey can I do this' situation, chooses 5.56 for a 1000 meter shot? Oh yeah no one. Anyone shooting that far chooses calibers that start with a 3 or a 5.
Mike: (The official max range of 5.56mm from an M4 is 600 meters for area targets. And it's irrelevant since the area target was closer than that.)
BTW, he looks very pretty in this article about how he tried to interfere with an existing investigation and got banned from Camp LeJeune:
Very pretty indeed.  I've rarely seen someone look that clean and pretty in a combat zone.
There's more. Much more. But I can honestly say I'm terrified this finger painter actually was able to handle a weapon in a combat zone.  
It does prove, however (along with the idiot in Vegas), that no massive intellect is needed to operate one.
Only to operate one effectively, and to write about them.

Oh, I may edit this if we find more.  There was so much retardery we couldn't even process it all.


This was his response when I mailed him the link:

His response:

Be sure you are sitting down.

Swallow whatever you are drinking.

"Hey son, 

Long time, no chat. Appreciate the advice, but the bullshit meter is full, so unfortunately, I can’t take anymore advice right now. Anytime you want to compare writing careers, I’m available. 

Stay out of trouble, kid. And keep those fingers flying across that keyboard of yours, you little rascal, you. 


James LaPorta"


Talk about a snowflake.

For the record, as of 5 Oct 2017, he has nothing on Amazon or IMDB as a "writer" or "documentary producer."

I have 20 books in print, 6 of which I believe were or are bestsellers, and four professional screen and movie credits as a technical expert.
Cool story, bro! Again.

Since it's in the news, and since they're not capable of facts, I thought I'd provide some.

There are videos on youtube, btw.

At one point, someone tried to springload a stock to increase rate of fire.  ATF ruled (correctly, given the law we have, which I disagree with the existence of), that it became a recoil operated machine gun.

So, the spring was removed, and some redesign made.

The stock slides on the rear extension of the rifle, back and forth.

You push the weapon forward with your off hand, and pull the trigger with the right.  The recoil slides the gun backward, and the trigger goes inside the stock, disengaging.

Then, when recoil energy diminishes, the pressure of your off hand moves the weapon back forward, the trigger emerges from its shroud, and your finger activates it again.

Because it requires constant repeat physical effort, just as a Gatling gun would, it's a manual trigger. It requires a separate motion for each shot, unlike holding down a trigger.


It does require practice to use without failing, or even jamming.

The weapon is in constant motion apart from its own mechanical cycle, which just destroys any accuracy you might have.

So, when all is said and done, you waste ammo with less accuracy than actual full auto.

"How would it be different if he hadn't had one?"

In reality, he might actually have killed MORE people if he had to aim.

There's some alleged veteran's group of socialists on Fecesbook who claims this gimmick turns an AR into and M249.

No, it does not turn a closed bolt self-loading rifle into a belt fed, open bolt support weapon.  That's just complete bullshit.

But then, socialists have never been capable of honesty or integrity, and should be ignored.

Pinochet did nothing wrong.


A total of 42 guns were found in the suspected Las Vegas shooter's hotel room and house, police said Monday night.

So what?  Only the ones that were used are relevant. Stop trying to create a witch hunt against collectors.

Las Vegas Police Department Assistant Sheriff Todd R. Fasulo said that 23 guns were found in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino room where suspected shooter Stephen Paddock fired into a crowd, and 19 were discovered out of his Mesquite, Nevada home.

Multiple loaded high-capacity magazines were found in the hotel room, law enforcement sources said earlier on Monday.

Worthless statement, depending on what you mean by "multiple" (more than one) and "high capacity" (the standard capacity for many rifles is 30, but pussies like to claim anything over 20, or 15, or 10, or 7 is "High").

Among the guns and ammunition police found the in the room being used by Paddock were some high-powered rifles considered capable of penetrating police armor.

Sooo...they were rifles. Because pretty much any rifle will penetrate police armor.

There were also some handguns in the room.

At that range, they'd have been worthless, and there's no indication that they were used. Not relevant.

The additional ammunition indicates that the shooting, which left 59 people dead and injured over 500, could have been worse, had police not intervened when they did.

Most of the casualties were from trampling. Stop making the guy look like he's some sort of score to beat, as you've done with every fucking shooting ever.

Police believe that Paddock took his own life.

Pity the sick fuck didn't start there.

A modified bump stock rifle was also found, which allows a gun to simulate rapid automatic gunfire. Law enforcement officials are still in the process of examining firearms to determine if they were capable of firing automatically.

Finally! An actual relevant fact I can use.

One official said Paddock had a camera mounted in the room, apparently to record himself.

In a separate location searched by authorities, tannerite, an explosive used in target practice, was found, sources said.

What "location"? It couldn't have done anything on site, and isn't powerful enough to matter in quantities less than crate sized.

Earlier, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said there were at least 10 rifles in the room but noted that the investigation was still underway.

Nevada's gun laws like 'the wild, wild West': Law enforcement expert

I'm not sure who this "expert" is but he's full of shit.  Most towns in the "wild" west prohibited carrying of guns.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives released a statement announcing that it is "currently conducting an urgent trace on firearms recovered from the scene in Las Vegas."

The shooting is the deadliest in modern U.S. history.

Ah, so the government's extermination of people at Waco isn't a thing anymore?  and again, why are you establishing a goal for the next guy?  Oh, right--those sweet, sweet ad dollars pumping up your erections right now.

A simple body count (and in good liberal fashion, I'm going to make you look it up yourself. It's not my job to educate you) shows that Communism is at least five times as bad as its poor cousin, National Socialism.
If we fought a war to utterly exterminate Nazism, and we did, and it was moral and just, we should absolutely be doing the same thing for Communism. We should kill every single one of them for the good of humanity. No one is forced to be a Communist. It's not a race, a gene, an orientation. It is strictly a choice. If you choose to put the body politic so far over the individual that the individual becomes a tool, you deserve to be killed.
I've even had one justify to me that "99% of people won't do the right thing unless they're FORCED to." (Emphasis theirs.)
They were correct, but not the way they meant. Communists won't do the right thing unless you force them, by killing them.
Now, if you just said to yourself, "But Stalin and Mao and Pot and Kim weren't real Communists," and unspoken, you're avoiding mentioning Castro and Chavez, and don't even have a clue who Haitham is, then this is the response:

If your attempts at "real communism" consistently, 100%, decay into "not real Communism" that has killed well over 100 million people in a century, then you need to be killed, too, because you're vector for the virus of Communism. You're either incurably insane or evil, and you need to be dead.
It is the triumph of Western democracy that philosophies are allowed to exist and propagate even if they are ultimate evil. It is the failure of Western democracy that we support this to a fault, of allowing Communists to breathe air needed by human beings.

Then we can get back to killing National Socialists and regular Socialists as well, since their difference is only one of path, not destination.