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Note he's been charged with two counts of assault, but denied bail. There is no universe in which this is reasonable. Even most murderers get bail.  So that has to be fixed first. It also really makes one question the judge.

Now, I've known Joe for over 20 years, and dated Denise before they married. He's a degreed engineer. He's a very stable, very thoughtful guy, and not someone who'd succumb to road rage, ever. His online commentary is always about caution, fully cognizant of the law.  If he shot, it's because he felt life was in danger.

Let's look at the article, and consider how it might have played out vs what we're told.

If the other guy was driving slow, it's not unreasonable to hold close but not tailgating, waiting for a chance to pass. I've had encounters where, when you try to pass, the other party then nails the gas to cut you off, just to be that kind of asshole. This is far more likely to me than him passing someone and slamming on the brakes to wreck them.

Furthermore, the default assumption in ANY rear end collision is that the rearmost party is at fault.

So let's interpret this as the other guy being the road rager. Especially as they admit he punched Joe first.

Joe's a little guy, about a head shorter than me.  If some big guy creates a wreck, gets out of the car and instead of swapping info and calling the cops, starts getting pushy, and Joe has his three minor children in the back (he did), it very well might meet the standard of "fear for my life or that of my children."

I'm willing to bet money on that.

Now, let me dispose of a rumor that some assholes in the area have been spreading.  "Joe shot the guy for banging his wife."

First, he is a widower and his wife has been dead for 6 years. Try not to be that kind of asshole.

Second, he probably has a girlfriend or two at present.  He usually does.  He and Denise were openly poly, and there'd be no issue whatsoever about discussing it and having other partners.

Third, they're strangers who met on a random highway.  Trying to chase someone down with your kids in the car is so far outside the realm of rational we're not going to consider it.

So with that information, please donate what you can to help him first get released on some reasonable level of bond, and then prove his innocence, which no one should be forced to do in an innocent until proven guilty society.

You can donate here. https://www.gofundme.com/joseph-brown-charged-for-act-of-self-defense

At least not for anything "meaningful." That shit is contagious.

Three examples:

First is a fellow immigrant from the UK, a bit older than me. I came here as a teen, he was an adult.  He came here for the same reason my family did--the inflation, the taxes, the national insistence on treating Brave New World, The Wall, 1984 and The Prisoner as handbooks, and the shitty National Health Service.  All Hail the Labour Party.

So then he shacks up and eventually common-laws an American liberal who voted for Bill Clinton because he was "so handsome."  Now he's a registered Demorrhoid, endorses socialized medicine, votes for candidates who promise to raise taxes, and is all in on the Labour Party's poorer cousin. He hasn't fallen for gun control yet, or immigration, but he's got life ahead of him. (EDIT: He now thinks green tip 5.56mm should "require some sort of license" because "it shot all the way through a car."  Sure. So does .308. So does .375 Holland and Holland. So does a hot 12 gauge slug. And this guy has professional training in physics.)

The second used to be a major sponsor and moderator of one of the world's largest firearm fora.  Then, you guessed it, he stuck it in a liberal chick. Now he wails about defensive shootings with comments like, "This is not a win for guns. If there were no guns at all, this never would have happened."  Well, true, in a fantasy world where you can make guns go away. Of course then, strong people like me, with bad attitudes unlike me, beat the shit out of pudgy little faggots like him, take their valuables and their women.  Then he went on that there's no reason to ever punish a child. Just explain to them rationally, and if they're too young, spanking them is "torture."  Well, I think in the long term they'll appreciate a spanking over repeatedly playing with a socket until they get zapped. The first is far more controllable than the second, and as you noted, a logical explanation doesn't work at a certain age.  Nice black/white world (oops, is that racist?) you liberals live in.  And he's all in on how AGW can actually make things colder.  BTW, his degree is not STEM, but his liberal wife says so, so he agrees, if he wants that sweet, sweet, liberal pussy. (I've seen her and what she types. It cannot possibly be that sweet, and I've had no trouble finding sexy, STEM-educated conservative and libertarian women).

And the third IS STEM-educated, formerly managed a major tech magazine, and bounced out of a low spot with a "fairly liberal" woman who turns out to be full Trump Derangement Syndrome/Russian Hackers/Show Me The Birth Cert...I mean Taxes!, etc. And now he's all about how Occasional-Cortex is "Brilliant."  And there is no one in either party who thinks that THOT is "brilliant" or they wouldn't have all voted against her Green New Deal (Green on the outside. Red and seedy on the inside).  Seriously, the retarded cockholster was literally unaware that aircraft are utterly necessary for many things, and can't even name the three branches of government. But his socialist wick-wetter likes her, so he damned well better say so if he wants to keep wetting it.


There's a cure for some forms of cancer. For Demorrhoids, there is only helicopters.

Stories like this puzzle me, because I understand that "liberals" are innately more logical and sciency than the rest of us, as they constantly remind us.  But I read this article:


And I'm struck by several things:

"Near a school." Immediately, they're trying to reach for fear factor. They offer no evidence that anyone at the school had been threatened in any fashion, was at risk in any fashion, or that the person who lives "near a school," as millions of people do, had given any indication of the school being relevant. They also don't say how near.

"were not bump stocks or parts intended to build bump stocks."  They've spent so much of the last two years on pantshitting hyperbole that an inanimate plastic stock literally MAKES A RIFLE WORSE THAN A MACXHINE GUN!!111OMGWTFBBQ that they have to actually specify that this is an actual full auto conversion.

“These parts are capable of producing, of altering a firearm, into making an extremely dangerous weapon,” King said.  Wait. Even MOAR dangerous than the "bump stock" mentioned above?  How is this possible?!?!?

Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Team (OPNET) has been investigating the transaction with assistance from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), formerly federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which alerted local authorities to the delivery.  What the fuck do the drugfags have to do with a firearms investigation?

"The residence is located between the Sequim unit of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Olympic Peninsula and Sequim High School."  "Between."  We still don't know how near, do we?  And still zero suggestion of any evidence that any attack was intended.  This is just literal THINK OF THE CHILDREN! hyperbole.  Technically, this is known as "bullshit."

"King, who would not identify the man, said a family, not including school-age children, live at the home and that the parts were acquired online." Remember to be afraid of families without children, and the internet!  (The comma is optional.)

"The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are not involved in the investigation." So, wait, the only federal agency that can actually tell the court whether these are or are not legally full auto conversion parts is not involved?

"King said OPNET has no information that other conversion kits have been delivered in Clallam County." So there's literally nothing here other than some guy MAY HAVE ordered full auto conversion parts from China, and depending on how the ad was worded, may or may not have known they were conversion parts, not just other, perfectly legal trigger mods (Because Chinese eBayers always use proper English and technical descriptions).  Further, we don't know if he intended to use these to have fun at the range, prepare for the inevitable collapse of society due to global warming, kill communists, assassinate politicians, or shoot up a school.  And only one of those is morally wrong.

“[Principal Rebecca Stanton] decided in an abundance of caution to restrict everyone’s movements,” Madison said. PANTSHITTING UNLOCKED!

SUMMARY: Some guy may or may not have ordered parts that may or may not have accelerated his Glocks, and may or may not have ill intent.

And even if he did, converting a pistol to full auto is a great way to make a lot of noise very expensively. Though a Glock can be slightly more effective at it with a wrist brace.  But it's still a piss-poor excuse for a machine gun.


Paul Brunton
I picked up "Tide of Battle" at the local library. I normally peruse the new book section and just see what catches my interest, thought I would give your writing a try. OK, here's what happened...1 page into the book, "He and Dad nailed timbers and plywood to make another tree house , in the thick lower limbs of a larch." really?? I cut logs for 20 years and have spent much of my 66 years in and around the woods, and am yet to see "thick lower limbs of a larch" that are even mildly appropriate to support a tree house. Sorry to say, I am such a narrow minded bonehead that I could not keep reading.....


Dear Narrow Minded Bonehead (as you correctly identify yourself):

Well, I have to say, this is quite amusing.

I could note that the larch is often used to represent the Nordic Pagan World Tree, and is a very popular wood for house building in that part of Europe, and thus the scene is a metaphor for "home" and the world and the character's climb increasingly high until he reaches space.

I could note that "timbers" are referenced, which can imply the structure is supported from the trunk, and is only amongst the limbs, not braced on them, which is a common trick for treehouse building.

But the fact is, if you're that over-sensitive, some other thing would set you off, and if one minor quibble over a single word at the beginning of one story makes the entire collection unreadable, I wonder how you can read, watch, or listen to anything produced.

You must be a blast at parties.

Comments at the end, though I don't think any are really needed.

So, to summarize:

He gets to fuck all the women he wants.

She needs to find some magical 100% effective form of birth control, or she's a slut.

Poor him shouldn't be stuck with child support for the crotch fruit he helped create.

Also, he shouldn't have to pay taxes for welfare for said crotch fruit. That slut.

If she and it starve to death in the gutter, well, that's not his problem. She was a careless slut.

Because he respects human life.

And aborting a fetus is murder, but as long as you screenshot the ultrasound, A-OK. No one would ever question it, no need for any kind of investigation, it's magical!

And this is how every fucking one of those retarded pieces of shit I've interacted with thinks.

And if you're thinking that we're friends, and it's awful of me to think of you and call you a retarded piece of shit, well, stop acting like one.

You belong in a logchipper.

Because my respect for human life has specific definitions of "Human."

The established law started with "No new 'hi capacity'* magazines."  In 1994ish.  I may not have the date exact. Doesn't matter.  I'm lazy, look it up if you care.

(*Standard capacity for the weapon redefined as "high capacity" by a bunch of legislative faggots with no technical knowledge and no other credentials. About like claiming any gas tank over 5 gallons is "High capacity.")

Then it was "No repair parts" and "no spare parts."  Because that was a loophole* you could drive a semi through, and people did. Some companies marked production dates on their mags for this and other reasons, which helped ID the "Bad" ones.  Some weren't produced until after that deadline.

(*A "loophole" means "we're ignorant shitheads who didn't actually say what we mean, and for some reason, people and the courts are going by what we said." Sort of like that crazy chick who expects you to understand what "it's fine" means.)

Then it was, "Turn them in to be destroyed."

And an injunction.

And a court ruling, rescinding all of it. The entire fucking law.

Which means, even if it was only in effect for 90 seconds, and so far it's at least 90 hours, ANY MAGAZINE made between 1994 and the present can legally be brought into CA, whether or not it's marked any particular way.  And even if they get an injunction against the injunction, followed by winning a case against the case they just lost, all those magazines will remain grandfathered legal in CA.

And because there is no way to distinguish those magazines from any other identical magazines, anything found in CA with that production date range must be assumed to have been legally acquired in this window.  If residents bring in 10 million more magazines made between 1993 and X, and don't get caught, once in CA, the burden of proof will be on the state to prove they were imported after X. Which hasn't happened yet and may not.

So even if X happens and Commiefornia manages to ban them again, using different language, the billions of mags in the state will remain legal, and CA will have to start from scratch down the road of fascist cocksuckery.

And they even admit so here: http://michellawyers.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/2019-04-01-Defendants-Ex-Parte-to-Stay-Judgment-Pending-Appeal.pdf?fbclid=IwAR01_1K_OqyVrZhiHGCh3fzKnDwqydLg1g1UfcAXIEwHV9ddwa7_JLnNFRY

Watching hoplophobic faggots squirm in agony is almost as delightful as watching fetus fetishists be told for the 48,972nd time that Roe v Wade is established.

This one is rather simple.

Just listen for the catchphrase, "Voter ID disenfranchises blacks."

They'll explain to you at length (god, can they generate a lot of CO2 for little traction) that lots of blacks are unable to get ID, something something poverty.

Now, state IDs are very cheap, easy to get, and states that require voter ID will take several types. Anyone receiving public aid of any kind should have a state ID.

And to the point: Lots of whites, Asians and Hispanics also live in poverty. But the "liberals" don't mention them at all. Apparently, they know how to get ID.

Obviously, liberals believe blacks are too stupid to do what everyone else does.

And, they assume a majority of blacks will vote for them.

They're still pining for their plantations and slaves, with the good liberals saving those poor darkies who are too stupid and helpless to do it themselves.

They DO occasionally mention the Indians, but only with the false narrative that tribal ID isn't valid for voting (it is) and reservation Indians are unable to vote because of this (false).


Rounds Two, Three and Four.

Elizabeth Warren was never Cherokee by genetics, by blood fraction, by upbringing, by involvement. As far as anyone can tell, she knows literally nothing about them. Even her recipe submitted to "Pow Wow Chow" was first, a plagiarized French recipe, and second, had no relation to any native cooking at all, especially the Cherokee.  However, she was more than willing to claim minority status for college and teaching benefits, thus depriving a person of real native ancestry those same jobs.

Further, if you can proudly claim minority status for advantage, it gives lie to any claim you believe they're disadvantaged. (HINT: Actual natives are often disadvantaged, often more so than the descendants of former slaves.)  You just think of them as a convenient checkbox in your greed for power and millions.

That's about as fucking racist as you get. 

By comparison, my older kids ARE Cherokee by blood fraction, but not recognized, because at the time of the Dawes Rolls, the great grandmother claimed to be Greek, because that was a whole lot safer than being Indian.

My youngest is Cherokee AND Choctaw by blood fraction, and may be able to get recognized once some documentation is reconstructed.

But I've met plenty of "liberals" who insist my family are "white," because they "look it" (actually, my wife and the older two don't look European), but support E Warren.  Who is paler than me, and I'm Scottish and English by origin, and an immigrant.

They're vile fucking racists willing to fuck over my actual native relatives for some leftist street cred.


Beta O'Dork claims to be Hispanic because he lived in an Hispanic neighborhood. By that logic, I'm black and Korean.  Once again, he has no blood relation, no genetic relation, no cultural background, doesn't speak Spanish.  All he wants is the imprimatur of association for political benefit.

It doesn't work on most Hispanics.  But all over Twitter, his "liberal" followers were wailing that they had to "vote for Beto" to beat that "Racist Ted Cruz."

So, Rafael Theodore Cruz is half Cuban, half American, speaks fluent Spanish, can be jokingly described as a Person of Swarth, and actually has relevant cultural background.

But if you're a racist "liberal" piece of shit, the white Bostonian with the Irish name is the Hispanic, and the Cuban is the white guy.


Then there was the case where they had to measure the relative skin points of the murderer trying to smash someone's head in, with his victim's, to claim that a man with a Peruvian mother, a black grandfather, and both Jewish and Catholic cultural input, was suddenly a "white Hispanic." Because obviously, to support the false narrative of him being the attacker, he had to be "white." Even though he wouldn't be allowed within 50 miles of a Klan gathering.

Because when a punk who doesn't live in the neighborhood (an uncle's house doesn't count) realizes he's being tracked while he cases the joint, turns on his observer and tries to smash his head in, and gets shot in the process, he's suddenly the victim.  The responses of:

*Photoshopping a picture of him at age 12 to look cleaner and more innocent, when he's almost 18.

*Lying about his criminal background and claiming there wasn't one.

*Insisting he lived in the neighborhood when he didn't.

*Doctoring the 911 audio to suggest the defender was racist, when was ASKED what race the perp was.

*Insisting that at 5'10" athletic man beating someone's head into the ground is "an unarmed boy."

*LIGHTENING the images of the mixed race Hispanic to claim he's "white."

*Insisting the defender "could have just walked away" when he was doing just that, but not that the attacker should have.

*Insisting that somehow the prosecutor, the mixed-race jury, and the FBI are all part of some racist white cabal to murder the "child."

*Stalking the defender for years, harassing him, claiming every reaction to being harassed non-stop proves he's a bad person (and even if he was, irrelevant to the case).

Are just a bingo game of virtue signaling, lies and propaganda to try to distract the world from the fact that modern American "liberals" are VILE FUCKING RACISTS, who cannot judge anything on the merits and facts, but only on the skin color of the parties involved, and that those poor darkies need their help, because they can't handle it alone.

I concede the possibility that a non-racist "liberal" exists.  I've yet to meet one. I HAVE met non-racist socialists, old school Democrats, and even communists who are decent, egalitarian people. But modern "liberals" are literal fucking Nazis, and need reminded of it regularly.

Eventually they're going to get what the previous Nazis got.

I will cheer.  

EDIT: oh, yeah, and then there's "gentrification."  Because apparently, only white people can have a nice neighborhood, and blacks need to know their place, with their stereotype, and they better stick to it.

A couple of weeks back, I clicked on a "featured" photo or such on Photobucket front page.

Immediately, popups exploded and insisted my system was infected, vitally important I call their toll free number, etc.

I closed fast, and luckily, my malware protection worked.  

But this was a photo they were PROMOTING.  Linked to malware.

I had another issue the week after that (which follows).  I tried to click on the FAQ button for help, and THAT triggered popups and another loud voiceover if, "We have detected your system may be infected with malware, viruses or porn. It is vitally important you not close this window, and contact our toll free" etc.  With an attempt to download, which I refused.

This time my malware protection quarantined the file.

I contacted support and informed them of this.  They asked if I had a screenshot. No, duh. However, I reported that I had the quarantined file, gave them all system details, etc. 

No response. Apparently they don't give a shit that their site is hosting threatware, possible ransomware, and other stuff. Or maybe they get a kick back? How does their FAQ button trigger malware unless their entire site is corrupted?


And why was I contacting them?

Because I got autobilled in December, and billed again in March, and I wanted to complain about it.

The December charge was $29.99.  March was $59.99.  They refunded $29.99 and told me they cancelled that plan.

I asked why that one and not March, and where had March come from?  And that I'd apparently been billed for both the year before as well.  The December bill had been in effect since 2015.  The March one started in 2018.  They asked for documentation, I sent it.

I vaguely recall I may have been told the Dec plan was going away and the new minimum was $59.99, which is why I'd been pulling images anyway, planning to shut it down and go elsewhere--I can host on my own now, cheaper.

I was using about 174 meg of a 60 gig plan. Barely enough to even show on the bar.

But, if the $29.99 annual Dec billed plan was going away, why was I still getting billed for it as well as the new one?

I inquired, they quoted the previous correspondence. They don't intend to reimburse me for anything else.

Now I'm not a lawyer, and not versed in the finer points of fraud law, but this certainly looks like it to me.

Add in that they seem to endorse ransomware on their site.

And then there's the 57,435 ads that pop up when you try to access it from a phone.

My advice?  Don't give them a cent, don't click on their site. There's no benefit, and every reason not to.

EDIT:  Oh, yeah--I contacted their "Delete my plan so I can delete my account" email twice in a week and never got a response.  I can't delete the account until I beg them to cancel the plan, which they have not done.  Almost as if they intend to keep charging me every year for service I'm not using.

The circular logic you'll find on this dildo-holster's page is bizarre.  Disagree with her, you're a Nazi.  Argue that you're only disagreeing with a point, that proves you're a Nazi.

Actual fact:  She's the Nazi.

This circulated a while back.


I ignored it at the time. That's because, for years I made a point of not criticizing other authors.  However, few of them returned the favor, so fuck it.

Dear Catherrynne or Catheryyyne or Caaatheryin, or whatever cutesy spelling it is:

First, you're wrong. The earliest modern SF was largely written by techno-savvy men, who either had little time for women, or didn't really deal with many women in their technical jobs at the time (1920s-1930s). See The Lensman series. Almost all the stories from this era are tech-driven, capitalist-endorsing, adventure stories of manly men doing manly things.

Then we get into the 1940s and 1950s, where there's some social construct in some of the stories, by technocrats, who, as a very liberal friend describes them, were "poorly socialized sliderule geeks" who wanted to reduce people to numbers.  Asimov later addressed this brilliantly in the Foundation series, which made the case that people as a group can be analyzed as a group and certain trends predicted and accounted for, despite individual variances. The Technocrats took this to an idiotic extreme where individuals could be made mathematical parts of the socialist ideal with no dissent or repercussion. Look up the Technocratic Party platform. It's hilarious. It's also complete incel garbage.

So that brings us to the late 1950s, and 1960s, where some of the then-liberals did in fact join in SF, and did in fact produce a great many worthy works.  But they weren't "progressive."  First because there's nothing actually "progressive" about your self-styled movement. The base economic model is simply neofeudalism with everyone assigned productivity by the Planning Committee instead of the Lord of the Manor. But semantics aside, even using the "progressive" moniker, they weren't.  They were actual liberals. You know, the ones who tolerated differences of opinion, supported the rights of dissenters, and generally got along well with people.

So that's not "always has been" progressive.  In fact, the "progressive" cockholsters came along in the 1990s, made the liberals uncomfortable,  scared the conservatives, and made the libertarians eyeroll. Even the actual socialists recognized them for what they are politically: The actual fucking Nazis in the equation.

Case in point:


There's your burned book Catheryyyin.  You didn't even wait to fucking pretend to read it.  It's gone. It didn't even fit your strawman definition of conservative. It was liberal. But, it wasn't "progressive." After all, you can't have children imagining a world without hatred. There goes your entire racist business model. It wasn't stopped by the conservatives, who just don't read what they don't like. Nor the libertarians. Nor the actual socialists.  It was your kind.  The book burning Nazis. Just like the Parents' Music Resource Center started by Tipper Gore. It's ALWAYS Nazis claiming to be liberals who want to restrict speech and publication.

As to "always will be" [progressive], that depends on how long the readers are willing to put up with it.  I'm sure the Nazis are enjoying it. You're preaching to them.  Real people though, tend not to read those books.  It's not that they're not reading. They're just not reading those books. You sit there with your mutual masturbation society of awards, while hundreds of authors don't even waste time with SFWA or conventions, and you like to pretend they don't exist, while they rake in money. Nor are they all conservative. Quite a few are on the very (actual) liberal end of things. 

And it's easy to spot the rest of the Nazis, because they're throwing out their catchphrase of "I wouldn't feel safe with this person at a convention!" which correctly translates as either, "I'm a pathetic little bitch and want to preserve my echo chamber!" or "I'd start a fight with this person for the satisfaction of blaming them, but I'm afraid they might actually kick my scrawny, virtue-signaling ass if I did."

Then on more than one occasion, your group has publicly stated that a Latino author (different Latino authors) make you feel uncomfortable, and denied them access to your events.  So as far as the racism goes, it's a documented fact.  But, hey, at Worldcon a couple of years back, you DID let a gay man and a black woman hand out the awards to the white people--after you harassed, harangued, terrified, threatened, strawmanned and voted against Hispanics, Jews and even an actual socialist or two.  I guess that's your definition of "progressive"?

Oh, as to your Point #2, that's called "DragonCon," it's 15 times the size of the jokingly self-styled "WorldCon," makes no distinction between politics and beliefs of authors and their relevance to attend, and boots out Nazi assholes who masturbate about "Well, not everyone gets a voice in a fair society."  Because in a fair society everyone DOES get a voice.  I actually like it when Nazi bigots self-identify, so they can be called out and I can not waste time reading their literary dribble.

Great going with the virtue signal though, babe. You definitely told US. 

Then you burned the fucking books.

Including actual science https://quillette.com/2018/09/07/academic-activists-send-a-published-paper-down-the-memory-hole/  thus disproving the loudly proclaimed myth of liberal scienceness and rationality.

YOU and your kind are the fucking Nazis. Always have been, always will be.

UPDATE:  Zhao has decided to publish anyway. You can buy her book here. 



 "After Zhao decided she wanted to release the book, she and her publisher sought feedback from scholars and sensitivity readers in an effort to resolve any ambiguity around the type of indentured labor depicted. They had academics from different multicultural backgrounds, as well as one who studies human trafficking in Asia, evaluate the text, and Zhao added new material and made changes based on their comments. They had additional sensitivity readers vet the book for racial and other stereotypes." 


The liberal Nazi shitsuckers raped the corpse to make it fit their racist agenda.