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29 pieces.
4 more going up today. Sold 3 so far.
I won't likely have any more before year's end.  Stock now for Christmas.

Sep 09, 201312:25AM

Category: Blades

For those not following me elsewhere, these are hand made by me, finished and for sale.  Two sold since last night, so if you like one, say so, and we can work out payment arrangements:


And these are antique, rare, or otherwise. Same deal:


Apr 18, 201108:27PM

Category: Blades


Spanish 1907 Puerto Seguro cavalry saber.

The plain hilt is indicative of being rearsenaled under Franco.

The slight bend to the right is indicative of being used to stab someone, from horseback.

The etching is consistent with blood.

This sword may very well have been used to run commies through in the Spanish Civil War.

Current bid is $250.

I Had To
Apr 04, 201107:55PM

Category: Blades

Kids Have New Swords
Mar 29, 201101:03AM

Category: Blades


Both of them.  So the above sword (dagger) each of them used when small is now available to the deserving.  Email me if interested.