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Meanwhile, let's review what the liberal, ignorant, retard, hypocrite, hoplophobe, statist cocksucker (but I repeat myself) said:

Circuit Judge Karen Henderson dissented, arguing in a footnote that:

Although I assume that the Second Amendment extends to some extent beyond the home, I am certain the core Second Amendment right does not. The application of strict scrutiny—let alone my colleagues’ application of a categorical ban—is, in my view, patently off-base.


Wait, you "Assume"? Based on what evidence or precedent? In other words, you admit you couldn't be fucking bothered to actually familiarize yourself with the subject.

So how are you "certain" of anything, you festering cunt?

"Although I assume that the First Amendment extends to some extent beyond the home, I am certain the core First Amendment right does not."

"Although I assume that the Fourth Amendment extends to some extent beyond the home, I am certain the core Fourth Amendment right does not. "

"Although I assume that the Fifth Amendment extends to some extent beyond the home, I am certain the core Fifth Amendment right does not. "

Get the fuck off the bench, you are a worthless piece of shit.

Okay, I Have To Comment...
Dec 26, 201608:36PM

Category: Politics

On these National Socialist shitbags calling themselves the "Hamilton Electors."  First of all, trying to control the narrative by the language is a textbook radical move, and it's bullshit. You're 
"A Bunch of Pussies Outraged At Your Revered Candidate Losing The Election," and you would be regardless of party.  Moving on.


Here are just a few of the highlights of our achievements over the last month:

In response to our efforts, the Republican National Committee had to perform an unprecedented ‘whip count’ of Electors to make sure they would vote for their party’s nominee.  In response to that, members of the President-Elect’s campaign team illegally threatened Electors with consequences, which may help make the case against Trump during forthcoming impeachment proceedings.


In response to your harassment, they had to ensure the harassees were not intimidated.  As for your impeachment dream, it will be as successful as every other impeachment of the last four decades. You lost. Grow up. I notice you don't mention the death threats and bribe offers your side offered if they didn't "do the right thing," i.e. agree with you after you LOST THE ELECTION.


Most major news media outlets covered our story leading into the Electoral College, including every major cable news network as well as front-page coverage on the New York Times and Washington Post.


They cover people who marry their toasters too, and obviously, their support made zero difference to your efforts. YOU FAILED.


Over 5,000 online news articles were written discussing the Hamilton Electors, and we even held the top headline on Drudge Report for over 24 hours.  Elector Chris Suprun’s opinion-editorial, which we helped place, was the most read and emailed story for over 24 hours on one of the world’s largest newspapers.


And as above, it made zero fucking difference. Why are you boasting about publicity of your failure?  Does a failure become less of a failure with media coverage?


Our message was “trending” on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube during the course of the month in response to our campaign, including #ElectoralCollege and #Dec19.  “Hamilton Electors” as a phrase didn’t exist a month ago, and now it has over 326,000 results on a Google search.


Ah, the internet generation, imagining that tweet numbers are relevant to anyone except twits.


In partnership with our friends at Unite for America, we held candlelight ‘Unity Vigils’ in all 50 states and helped produce a PSA with Hollywood stars like Martin Sheen,  Bob Odenkirk, Moby, Debra Messing, James Cromwell and B.D. Wong.


ZOMG! You hung out with fabulous washouts, and losers I've never heard of, who have no political training, pull or relevance. ZOMG! And you FUCKING LOST. So perhaps not something to boast about?


We helped our allies at the December 19 Coalition stage unprecedented pro-democracy rallies at all 50 statehouses (and D.C.) on the day of the public Electoral College proceedings.  When we started, most people didn’t even know that the Electoral College met in person and where they met, which makes thousands of people all across the country showing up even more impressive.


America, a Republic, has had pro-democracy rallies before, so this is not unprecented. And in your case, it made zero fucking difference and YOU STILL FUCKING LOST. Impressively, it seems.


Most importantly, we let all Americans know that it's normal to stand up to the person occupying White House, and started a conversation about the legitimacy of a Trump Presidency that will continue until he is no longer in the White House; hopefully, the steps we take in the weeks and months ahead will result in his removal from office.


You mean, it's normal to do so, IF HE'S WHITE, right? Because doing so the last 8 years was "Racist," because a black president changes the rules, and somehow that isn't racist.

As far Trump's presidency, he won the election, and he will be president, and that's as legitimate as it gets. That a bunch of racist, losing, failing Democrats (but I repeat myself redundantly) disagree has no effect on the legitimacy.

And you'll remove him from office on 20 Jan, 2020. But if you work REALLY hard, it might be 20 Jan, 2024.

Grow the fuck up, you worthless pussies, and get back to work to pay taxes to support my free medical care you voted for.


Boris Karpa says: Trump's life experience is - so far, this is what Trump knows from his actual personal life - that you can do all of the things that for many years people have told us you cannot do if you want to have a career in business, much less be President.

 can party with cocaine and have threesomes with barely-legal supermodels. You can cheat on your supermodel wife with another supermodel and then marry another supermodel.

You can make a cameo in a porn film. Your wife can be an erotic model [and some say possibly an escort].

Again - none of these things I hold against Trump. I THINK THEY ARE AWESOME. If it is proven tomorrow that Trump's wife was really an Escort *I WILL ONLY RESPECT HER MORE*.

But for many years the media taught us doing these things will destroy anyone's job, much less career. 

Then Trump insulted the media - not just 'said controversial things,'  he deliberately trolled, insulted, and humiliated most of the nation's mainstream reporters.

He also said things that he knew would be seen and portrayed - by a media he deliberately made hostile - as being racist.

And now not only did he not suffer any consequences - he is, in terms of personal success [I'm not passing any judgement on his policies] THE MOST SUCCESSFUL HUMAN BEING ALIVE.

He is a wrestler, TV star, billionaire President with a supermodel wife.

And as he looks out upon his enemies, he sees they're not just defeated, they're having epic breakdowns. Some leftist pundit has actually DIED of heart issues due to his winning. Thousands of his enemies are literally requiring therapy right now due to him merely being elected.

How the hell are you going to take a man who ha ascended to the highest level of personal success experienced by any person alive, while breaking all the rules of politics - and now INTIMIDATE him into being scared of people who are literally CRYING AND NEEDING THERAPY due to the sheer shock of him defeating them?

The ongoing epic meltdown over Trump's election, BLM, pipeline rioters, etc, simply proves that large numbers of people are, in fact, inferior, a dredge on our society, and that we'd be better off without them.

An emotional part of me would welcome them being scooped up, a la Soylent Green, shoved into camps, and exterminated. Just so they SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop wasting things we need, like tax money, food and air.

The rational part of me understands that once that line is crossed, it never ends--there's always someone else "unfit" who needs eliminated.

So if such righteous justice were instigated, I'd be put into the position of opposing it.

And thus I'd be forced to defend those "liberals."  

And I have zero desire to defend the most degenerate, worthless shit the human genome has ever produced.

They are bringing it on themselves, and they have made it our problem.

The first problem in the post-election meltdown I'd like to address is one of baseline rationality.  In any debate, there are two extreme poles, and in between, the middle. Now, the middle can weigh to one side of the graph or the other based on ratios of supporters, or extremity of position.

The problem the so-called "left" faces is that when you talk to them, they make it clear they consider Bernie's Stalinistic state to be "acceptable," and themselves "moderate," by which we are supposed to interpret, "Slightly right."

And anyone to the right of them is extreme, super-extreme, ultra-extreme, hyper-mega-extreme.

Then they go to their Fecesbook echo chamber and block any dissenting view.

They're not only unable to accept a dissenting view. At another level, they can't even fathom it exists.

This is intellectually and morally dishonest, and these people are idiots.

I keep seeing comparisons of "white voters with degrees" vs exit polls for whom voted for whom.

It's an article of faith amongst "liberals" that one cannot be educated without some sort of precious paper, and only that precious paper matters.

They try very hard not to attack black voters without degrees...a majority of whom voted for Hillary.

Apparently, education works differently for blacks and whites.

That sounds racist, and creates a dichotomy for them, except it is a proven fact, and even the Dept Education says so.  But point that out, and it's racist.

Except when it shows at election time, then it's not racist, except blacks and whites are different, except the same.

This is idiotic.

To show how educated these "liberals" are, they circulate a petition to have the electors not vote the way their states dictate, because "Hillary got more votes." You want them to "vote their conscience."

You should have been taught how the Electoral College worked in 5th grade or so. If you believe a petition can change it, you're an idiot. The Electoral College has been in existence for 220ish years, and there have been conflicts between EC and popular vote four previous times, most recently 16 years ago.  If you're not aware of this, or how the Electoral College votes, please don't humiliate yourself by pretending you're "educated."  You're ignorant. And an idiot.

My state's elector's conscience is that of my state.  Neither I, nor they, nor anyone else cares, nor should, what a bunch of burned out hippies and limpwrists in the Bay Area think.  Further, if the EC were to vote based on the bleats of petulant children instead of the electoral process, it would instantly lead to a civil war, which your side would lose.  You're an idiot. You're also assuming that their conscience would agree with yours. That's conceited, shallow and ignorant. You're an idiot.

They bleat about the popular vote, as if it's ever mattered. If you look at say, sports tournaments and find both final teams won the same number of games, but certain games carry more weight.  How about that?

Or Chess, where it doesn't matter how many pieces you still have once your king is checkmated.

Or what about college itself, where exams and papers count more than quizzes? You can have the same number of good grades, but certain grades will give you a higher score. How about that?

You're an idiot.

"More than half the protesters arrested in Portland either were not registered to vote or had not submited a ballot."

They are idiots.

"Most Trump voters aren't educated."  They'll sometimes say "college educated," by which the mean, "Has some sort of degree from somewhere."

I'm going to address this at length.  I know of one who's a retired laser engineer. He has no degree because there was no degree in such when he started in the field in 1971. He went to college, was drafted for Vietnam, came back and went to work for Lumonics/Laserdyne.  When he retired he owned his own shop that did work for Harley, several medical firms, Pratt and Whitney Canada, and others.  It ran three shifts, and he also consulted at $1000/day. He owned a half million dollar house in the Tucson Mountains, an $800,000 Dolphin Catamaran, and a $1 million dollar house on the side of a volcano in Hawaii. But he's "not educated" because he never wrote a paper about his inner struggle of the anima.

You're an idiot.

One is female (ZOMG! How could a female not vote for Hillary? They both have vaginas!) with degrees in International Relations from Johns Hopkins (BA), and American Military University (MA), and is a senior investigator for the Treasury Dept on terorrist money laundering.  But despite that, she's stupid for not voting for Hillary, and has "white male privilege" for voting third party.

You're an idiot.

Another is also female (ZOMG!HCAFNVFH?TBHV!) with degrees in biology (BS) and Information Security (MS), and voted third party, dropping all her...Native American, black and white privilege.

Don't try to libsplain anything to her. She's a certified genius, and you're an idiot.

One barely graduated high school, and is now a senior systems engineer who builds server farms for Nokia, The Weather Channel, etc.  No college. Obviously not educated.

You're an idiot.

Several others have "certificates" in technical trades and crunch calculus for breakfast while analyzing pipelines, steel extrusions, machined componenents undergoing heat treat, etc. But they've not graduated college, so they're not educated.

You're an idiot.

A black gentleman who works at a major government agency in administration, degreed in business.  He voted third party. A white liberal woman accused him of "privilege."

You're an idiot.

One got a degree in philosophy, hacked around as an Industrial DJ for a couple of decades on the brink of starvation, didn't even have music selections for older people at his marriage because, "Blues and rock and oldies are boring and not real music," got divorced, wound up with nothing, finally got bailed out when his father paid for a law degree, and now works overseas as an ESL teacher, insisting that "It's wrong that rich people get better health care than poor people!", which is true in every nation in the world. And then told us about his personal trainer. He voted for Hillary.

He is an idiot.

One wrote an article about how poor people in red states are neglected, and he's correct, and the attitude of the blue cities angers them, and he's correct. But then he went on that to understand them, you have to consider they came from areas that used to own slaves...

More than half the red states never had slaves, and none of them have since 1865.  He's an idiot.

And what do you have to say?

"I can't believe you'd vote for Trump. You must be racist, inbred redneck trash."

If you believe ad homimen is a useful persuasive tactic, you're not only stupid, you're not actually educated, no matter how many crayon sketches you did in college.

"They voted for Trump, who is a racist, sexist, homophobic bigot, instead of a woman."

So, her only value to you is being female? You're a sexist. And an idiot.

"You uneducated rednecks have destroyed the country."

So, not having persuaded anyone with ad hominem, you're doubling down on ad hominem? You're an idiot.

"Exit polls overwhelmingly showed we're smarter than you!"

A: You mean "Better educated" by "Having a degree in the History of French Phaggottry." 2) As we've discussed, that of itself does not make you educated. c} What, you think after you threaten to fire, burn, rape, kill people for not voting correctly, they're going to give an honest answer, or any answer, to someone outside the polls? You're an idiot.  IV] they don't award Voting Points based on education, and if they did, black people would tend to be at a disadvantage, which would be a repeat of the "literacy tests" you Democrats gave to blacks in previous decades. So you're continuing your party's racist roots. And an idiot.

Think about it: If you were actually smarter, you should have been able to form a strategy to beat those poor, benighted, rural white males (who, btw, are a small minority of the population. They couldn't have done it without sizeable chunks of the female, black, Hispanic and Asian vote).  So your argument is poorly thought out, unsupportable, and the mark of an idiot.

Also, there are universities and degrees in the red states, including Texas A&M, Purdue, Notre Dame, Ohio State, U Michigan, Rolla, etc.  Most of them teach much more useful subjects than the crap in the Poison Ivy League.

Someone complained that, "University precincts overwhelmingly voted for Hillary." 

Why would that matter?  You tell me people disconnected from reality voted for her, and I agree.  If only there were people with degrees (or other education) not in those precincts...

You're an idiot.

"Trump's anti-Muslim statements prove he's a racist." 

What "anti-Muslim" statements vs "Anti-terorist" statements? If you see no difference, then you're indicating you're what you claim to be against, and a hypocritical bigot. Also, "Muslim" is a religion, not a race. You're an idiot.

“Sexual aggressiveness with women by an elected official — if people have that experience in their own life, that’s upsetting,” Michael Reading, director of crisis services at a Seattle-area 24-hour hotline, told the Seattle Times.

Unless it's Bill Clinton doing it, and then it's just awesome, right?  
You're an idiot.

"Trump won a bunch of poor, rural counties that don't matter. "

Excuse me, but I thought caring about poor people was a liberal tenet?  You're a hypocritical bigot, and an idiot.

"I'm strongly considering moving to South America." 

You don't speak Spanish, you have few marketable skills, and most countries in South America ban abortion and expect "Traditional" roles for women.  You're an idiot.

"We're holding a cry-in."

If you think crying will accomplish anything positive, and not make you look like a petulant crybaby, you're an idiot. You should be left to starve in the street, because you are worthless, as an individual.

"We'll block the freeway and complain when someone gets hit by a car!"

I guess your education didn't include not playing in traffic.

You are a fucking idiot.

"I'll move to Canada!"

Mexico has everything you want. Gun control. National health care. Pot. So do Cuba and Venezuela. Yet you always pick Canada. Are you racist?  Or just an idiot times an idiot?

Also, Canada has standards of admission for visas, which you probably don't meet.  And you've threatened this in previous elections and didn't follow through.  You're lying. And an idiot.

So, how was it possible that Hillary didn't win?

Because her supporters are overwhelmingly bigoted idiots.

And if that wasn't obvious to you...

You're an idiot.


What Hillary Voters Can Do Now
Nov 10, 201612:51AM

Category: Politics

I'd like to bring up a lesson I keep trying to teach, that no one on the left learns.

"Racist!" is a pointless epithet to hurl at someone.

There are three categories of people in this context. People who are racist but don't know it.  People who are racist and know it. People who are not racist.

If someone is a racist, or has racist tendencies, and isn't aware of it, one needs to point out to them the errors, politely ensure they're aware of them and comprehend them, and ask if they can change.  Screaming "RACIST!" just pisses them off and makes communication impossible.

If someone is a racist and knows it, screaming "RACIST!" will either get you laughed at, or a lengthy "logical" (to them) screed on why they proudly are.

If someone is not a racist, and you scream it at us, we realize no rational debate is possible, since you're using epithets in lieu of any rational argument, and we ignore you. Unless, of course, you scream it as us then block us.  You accomplished nothing positive, antagonized an ally, and demonstrated that you are, in fact, stupid.

Eight years of this, accusing anyone who questioned any of 0's policies of racism, led us to where we are now.

Let me show one particular issue as example: Cash for Clunkers.

The INTENT, as I understand it, was to get rid of old, polluting cars, and give poor people assistance in replacing them. Not pointed out was that the vouchers were an advance against future taxes.

The IMPLEMENTATION required the cars be destroyed. The engines deliberately seized, the cars crushed.

The RESULT was that there were fewer old cars for people with little money, or for dealers in poor areas to make a few bucks off. There were fewer spare parts for old cars that needed cheap repair.  More new cars had to be made, involving metal founding and bunches of CO2.

So, it was a complete failure from ANY "liberal" perspective.

But failing to endorse it is "Racist" against the president who pushed it.

Had GWB pushed the same thing, would it have been a "benefit," or would he have been lambasted for wasting resources and hurting poor people?

You know the answer.

This is why you have no credibility.  By making minorities unanswerable to the same rules to which you hold "Whites" (which never seem to include yourselves), you are the racists, and you're projecting, because you're terrified that if you question a (minority of choice), it will show.

In actuality, it's blatantly obvious to everyone.

You've completely failed to get over yourselves, so you project at everyone else and try to harass them into your position. Which will never work.

This can't be fixed.  You haven't learned, show no interest in fixing it, you're just doubling down on more rhetoric.

So there's only one thing left.

Yes, Trump is going to put you personally in a concentration camp. No, you will never get a job nor amount to anything because racriarchilege.

Or rather, no, he won't, because he has no authority or means to do so, and you're just not worth the effort if he did, because you are worthless, and it's entirely of your own agency.

The only thing you can do for your country is to swallow a bottle of sleeping pills, wash it down with tequila and rat poison, chug some drain cleaner, and wash your mouth out with a shotgun.

Seriously, fuck off. And take your racism with you. Or kill yourselves.  No one cares.

Orlando: The AAR and BFTNP
Jun 14, 201612:15AM

Category: Politics

This is going to be part pep talk and part "There there, here's a foot in your ass."

The Orlando shooting was not your fault. You bear no guilt and no shame. By embracing guilt and shame you give the terrorists what they want. Stop it. That way lies madness. 

THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. First, it's over. Second, even the experts who should have prevented it couldn't.  I'm somewhat trained in this field, and I'm not going to second guess them.  Even the best preventive measures have cracks. 20/20 hindsight on what the guy said, did, or owned is pointless.

THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, PART 2.  Are you a lawyer?  Political scientist? Threat analyst?  Weapons expert?  Security consultant?  If not, then really, you have nothing to say. Smarter, better-educated people than you have looked at every possible aspect you might suddenly imagine is new and clever, long before you did, and wrote the book.

NO, REALLY, YOU'RE NOT THAT CLEVER.  Really. It's easy to say ban this, restrict that, watch these people, do these things.  In reality those things are impossible, and wouldn't matter if they were.  There is no gun you can ban to prevent Sept 11 or the Oklahoma City Bombing. There is no fertilizer you can ban to prevent the Boston Marathon bombing. There is no pressure cooker you can ban to prevent the Bath School Disaster. There is no boxcutter you can ban to prevent the Tokyo Subway Attack.

Nothing.  Terrorists will find a way.

MAKING YOURSELF MORE HELPLESS HELPS NO ONE.  "I don't need guns," you say. I know more about guns than you, and you're wrong.  You may not want any, and that's fine, that's your decision to make, FOR YOU, not for me, nor anyone else.  "I couldn't have done anything."  You're right. So stop trying to Monday Morning Quarterback the whole thing. "Nobody needs an AR15."  Again, you're wrong, and at this point you should be reminded of the Dunning-Kruger effect. 

See this article here: http://www.michaelzwilliamson.com/blog/index.php?itemid=219

Get that?  Access to firearms is a constitutionally protected right, and SCOTUS  says so, the end.

I could just as well argue that the 24 hour news cycle (CNN earns more money in 24 hours of ad revenue than the NRA gets in donations all year. Follow the money) extols, glamorizes and encourages these type of things.  How about my idea for a 24 hour choke on news?  What, First Amendment?  You're going to let an outdated document stand in the way of safety? WHY DO YOU SUPPORT TERRORISTS?

There, now wasn't that productive? I came up with a logical solution, and insulted you when you dissented. Now we're both on the same page.

And those people are still dead.

Next time, we'll talk about how your ridiculous "right" to internet in the house means you support child molesters, and your "right" to drink means you support drunk drivers.

The time after a disaster is a time for calm, not a time for attacking your fellow countrymen with differing beliefs and opinions.

Because that's how ISIS started.

BFTNP:  Blame For The Non-Participants.

A delegation of human rights experts from Poland, the United Kingdom and Costa Rica spent 10 days this month touring the United States so they can prepare a report on the nation's overall treatment of women.
Then fucking go back there.
"Some states have introduced gun control laws regarding domestic violence, refusing to give perpetrators of domestic violence the right to possess firearms," Raday said. "This should be a national policy, not an isolated state policy."
Oh, there it is! Yeah, that IS a federal law, you ignorant twatwaffles.
The women's other recommendations for the U.S. include passing campaign finance reform that would allow more women to be elected into office, because the networks that raise money for political candidates are mostly dominated by men.
So, you want to pass a law to "level the playing field." So, you believe women are NOT equal to men. Misogynist much?
In most European countries, she explained, abortions are performed at general doctors' offices and hospitals that offer all kinds of other health services, so there aren't protesters waiting to heckle the women who enter.
"We were harassed. There were two vigilante men waiting to insult us," said Frances Raday, the delegate from the U.K. The men repeatedly shouted, "You're murdering children!" at them as soon as they neared the clinic, even though Raday said they are clearly past childbearing age.
"It's a kind of terrorism," added Eleonora Zielinska, the delegate from Poland. "To us, it was shocking."
Of course, in Germany, you need a doctor's permission. Funny how they missed that.  Abortion is incredibly restricted in Costa Rica, and illegal in Poland unless it's life of the mother, resulting from a criminal act, or due to a severely malformed fetus. But let's criticize the US.
And it's called FREE SPEECH, you whining twunt. They're on a public sidewalk, making non-threatening statements. I understand you don't like them. I don't like them much either. On the other hand, here you are telling us how we should live our lives, so I guess tit for twat.
The U.N. suggests that countries guarantee at least 14 weeks of paid parental leave. Some countries go further -- Iceland requires five months paid leave for each parent, and an additional two months to be shared between them.
Hey, that sounds great! And after the UN pays for that, I expect most mom and pop businesses will be happy to toss in $50 or so out of their own family income.
And of course, the US hasn't spent the last half millennia being passed back and forth between Germany and Russia like some roofied prom date. But don't let that fact get in the way, either.
We won't even discuss the relative GINI or GDP of those dumps to the US.

But I do wonder if we can find a comparative on immigrants from Poland to the US, vs emigrants from the US to Poland?

Bill Dunbar makes this observation:

Something bothered me about Brits comparing sexual consent to serving tea. I finally got it down in words...


Great Britain: Hey China, I want some tea.

China: Ummm...okay, I'll fix it for you-

Great Britain: No, I want to buy your tea and sell it myself.

China: I don't think so.

Great Britain: I'm selling your daughter opium and whoring her out until you see it my way.

China: Son of a Bitch! Get out of my house!

Great Britian: My army says dibs on the guest room.

China: How much silver is it going to take to make you gwai lo lay off?

Great Britain: A lot. And the tea.

China: Well...as long as I grow the tea.

Great Britain: Hey India. I snagged some tea from China. Can I grow it in your yard?

India: I don't really use the stuff much, but I guess so...

Great Britain: I'm going to need your bedroom. And your daughter.

India: Son of a Bitch!

Great Britain: God, how I love tea and imperialism!

Great Britain: You colonies, you all love the mother country, yes? You love tea, yes? Well, since you can only trade with your mother, Mother has decided you will pay for the new curtains here at home. Mother is taxing your tea.

The Thirteen Colonies: What curtains? Shouldn't we get a say if you want us to help pay for things? We're family, for chrissakes, not some drunk you roll in an alley.

Great Britain: Lie still and think of England.

The Thirteen Colonies: No more tea. Buy your own damn curtains, Ma.

Great Britain: No tea?!? That's...unBritish!

The Thirteen Colonies: Bingo!

British and Hessian troops: Ma says you owe her some dough. Pay up before we have to get rough.

The Thirteen Colonies: Tell Ma this is my house. Coffee from now on. And I'm having French girls over, too.

False Comparisons Abound
Nov 26, 201507:35AM

Category: Politics

Oh, those poor Syrian refugees, whom we must all take pity on and welcome into someone else's community.

Last week, a 15 year old boy died during an Ebola resurgence. Name him.

In the last decade, a million Rwandans and Angolans were butchered or killed with machetes. Do you know why? Name three.

Why do you suddenly care about this particular batch of refugees who somehow can't find anyone closer in location or similar in culture to take them?


I see naive leftists (which is half of all leftists, the other half being conniving and evil) trying to compare them to the Jews turned away from the US in the 1930s.

Here's the problem with your narrative:

A: The Jews had no Jewish nations to go to. There are plenty of Muslim and ethnic Arabic nations the Syrians can go to.

2) The Jews didn't have a history of extremists who blew up schools and shopping malls, decapitated journalists and Christians on camera, gang-raped schoolgirls and murdered or disfigured the ones who argued.

But if you really want, I'm sure we can arrange to deliver a 22-40 year old Syrian male to your house for your safe keeping. Thanks for your generosity.