I learned that coal mines ruin the landscape, but wind turbines do not.

I learned you can pull power out of wind and not reduce its available power to blow, so there will be no environmental effect.

I learned we have magic technology that lets us place wind turbines on the ocean, on land including mountaintops and in the upper atmosphere all at the same time, without affecting landscape or environment.

I learned that wind turbines, if taken to a maximum level, will "only" use 15% of the world's supply of neodymium, assuming we extract it all and don't use more of it for other high power magnet applications.

I learned that Big Wind has isn't biased and has no agenda, because it serves a liberal purpose.

Given all that, I say we should immediately start building more wind farms, and strike their tax credits, so they can contribute positively to society.  It would be wrong to allow those wind fatcats to make windfall profits on this.