I just saw this comment on a FB forum about Starbucks:

"Went to Starbucks this morning. No guns.  So peaceful."

Dear utter fucking retard:

Below is the list of shootings that have taken place at Starbucks:


Now, there have been a few altercations, usually because retarded pussies like yourself insisted on threatening or attacking people who were obeying the law and happened to be armed.  This proves you really weren't afraid of them shooting you, or you'd have run screaming.  

So what you're saying is, "It was peaceful because I didn't throw a panty-shitting tantrum over my fellow citizens living their lives in a way I don't approve of."

How special for you.

Moving on--how do you KNOW there were no guns?  I keep mine concealed, and it's easy to confirm that I really know how to use it.  You'll never see it unless I actually need it.  But it's there.  And I was in my local Starbucks.  So there were, in fact guns in Starbucks.

I guess you think that little letter they sent out, that someone photographed, means something.  Let me explain the law to you:

A corporate policy letter has no legal weight on private citizens (and isn't your side the one that hates corporations telling people what to do?).

Unless there is a sign on the door, the policy doesn't exist, from a legal perspective.

Even IF there are signs on the door, that only matters in states that have such a law, which specify the size, wording, color, placement and height of said signage.

In most states, the sign STILL has no legal weight.  Unless and until the staff actually determine I'm armed, AND ask me to remove my weapon from the premises, I'm perfectly legal.

So there are going to be guns there EVERY DAY.

In fact, I'm going to make it a point to carry a gun into Starbuck's every day from now on.  Even if I just walk through and say hi and keep walking.

So there are guns in Starbuck's.

And you'll never know which customers have them. :*

Just as a final note--those signs and letters don't stop actual criminals.

So yes, it really comes down to, "I want to stop people from living a lifestyle I don't like."

Congratulations.  You and Fred Phelps are in good company with the Klan and the gay bashers.