The House today sent its tenth dinner menu to Harry Reid and Barrack 0bama.

"We'll try carrots," John Boehner said.  "Harry absolutely refused to open his door to brussels sprouts or fried cabbage.  Barrack gathered up his toy soldiers and ran bawling when we said we were having broccoli.  We've tried stir fried squash, celery with peanut butter and even deep-fried okra.  There's only so much left in the grocery."

Harry Reid said if dinner wasn't cake and ice cream, he wasn't coming to the table.  He said he was willing to consider strawberry, but wouldn't even respond if it wasn't at least vanilla, with the cake having chocolate frosting.

John Boehner said, "He's not being realistic.    They get to vote on the menu, but we do the shopping and the cooking.  At some point, they're just going to have to eat their vegetables.  Whining to their friends is not going to change that."