I'm going to preface this by saying I DO NOT blame Archon's concom (yet).  They got handed a bag of feces and really don't have any options.

It started when Tim "Uncle Timmy" Bolgeo was invited as Fan Guest of Honor.

Some anonymous (of course) hero read through his newsletter The Revenge of Hump Day to find a racist comment, out of context, copied and pasted from another source.  Apparently, said crusader wasn't bright enough to realize that the phrase "tacky alert" is the intellectual and non-pussy little bitch version of "trigger warning." (Oh, did I offend you?  That's nice. Fuck off, pussy.)

So, it was a race-oriented joke in poor taste.  What kind of monster does that?

Other than every comedian in the country and half the internet?

"ZOMG!  What would happen if the press found out we invited A RACIST!!! To our convention???"

Honestly, the press could give two shits about something like Archon.  It's not ComicCon, not DragonCon, not even a horror con.  I'm sure they have better things to do than troll through old internet posts looking for tacky jokes of someone they've never heard of attending a thing they've never heard of. Don't give yourself too much credit for relevance.

And then EMCS or whatever his name is spit his binky, shit his diaper, screamed for mommy, and demanded Uncle Timmy be stricken from the list.

Lots of other sandy genitalia piled on, in an orgy of bliss. AHA!  We have someone to hate!  Life is good!

The Gold Medal goes to the person whom I won't embarrass by name, who said, "Well, I don’t know who he is or what he said, but I guess this is for the best."

"Liberal" "Tolerance" in action. Someone said he said something bad, BAN HIM!

BTW, the ORIGINAL source of the tacky joke seems to be Saint Louis' Craigslist. Guilty consciences?

I commented that Mel Brooks certainly wouldn't be welcome, with his jokes about Jews, gays, blacks and rape.  I got snidely reminded that "You do realize that Mel Brooks is Jewish, right?"

Oh, right. That TOTALLY justifies racist, homophobic and rape culture humor.  Silly me.  So, what jokes can blacks tell? What jokes can gays tell?  We already know white people can't tell jokes at all (even if the Klan DID go after Tim's Catholic, Italian ancestors). 

I got no answer.  Apparently, it's okay to make offensive jokes if you're something, but not if you're something else, because racist.

Predictably, that thread turned into…a thread of racist, sexist and homophobic jokes.  Last I checked, it was still there.

So, Archon has no problem with that kind of humor.  Though it's possible the mouthpiece in question hasn't brought it to their attention yet.   So, what's the problem with Uncle Timmy?

Probably because he's conservative and Catholic.  The commentary does in fact suggest frothing religious bigotry and political bias. 



Andy Hamilton

53 mins

so many sad old white people grasping at straws! I'm glad this controversy happened so that all of the closet Archon racists have come out of the woodwork, and will I know who to avoid or mock in the future, if I ever do come back to the con. A lot of you probably don't realize your own racism and are simply old and out of touch conservatives, frightened by the rapidly changing world and the looming end of white privilege, and I feel sorry for you. I'm consoled by the fact that most of you are of an aging generation that will be dying off in the next few decades. anyway non-PC jokes are one thing, but the quotes from uncle timmy's newsletter to the effect of 'black people don't learn the same way whites do' are beyond the pale (no pun intended) and Archon did the right thing by uninviting him. Now it's just a waiting game while the rest of y'all old racist a-holes die off so we can move forward as a species.

Michael Z; Williamson:  "sad old white people" is ageism.

John Mitchell And oh yeah, thanks for rubbing my nose in my own mortality by reminding me I'm part of "an aging generation that will be dying off in the next few decades". Bonus point for sensitivity...

13 mins • Like • 4

Andy Hamilton your the one defending a racist. i have no obligation to be sensitive to anybody's stupid beliefs and i dont have to tiptoe around the issue. you're basically already dead. deal with it.

Michael Z. Williamson:  Wow. What a tolerant little fuck.

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Chad Amberg

Mike Evans

Andy Hamilton

Get that?  HE LIKED my comment.  He's proud of it.

By the way, Andy is not racist—his wife has a black cousin.

Now, Brad Torgersen has a black wife, and he's racist (per the SJWs).  Tom Kratman has a Panamanian wife and he's racist. Larry Correia has Portuguese (Latino) ancestry and he's racist. Sarah Hoyt is from Portugal itself and is racist. And of course, since I'm white, I'm totally identical to American whites, and therefore racist.  As long as you're a conservative, or even worse, a libertarian, you're racist.  A liberal can have black friends to prove they're not racist, but a conservative, well, you're racist, because you just are.

Oh, did you note that Andy isn't even coming to the con?  So what's his point?

Oh, BTW Andy:

"but the quotes from uncle timmy's newsletter to the effect of 'black people don't learn the same way whites do' are beyond the pale (no pun intended)"

Well, Andy, you should probably contact the Dept Ed, George Mason University, and the NYT and tell them how racist they are, for saying that people of different ethnicities, cultures and languages learn differently:




So it turns out you're ignorant, stupid and full of shit as well as a racist, ageist, fat-shaming "tolerant" "liberal."  Whose wife's cousin is black, thus proving you're not racist.  Or something.

The entire wall is full of frothing vitriol, hate, racism, ageism, fat shaming, anti-Christian sentiment, anti-conservative sentiment, threats of violence, threats of harassment, and god knows what else. From "tolerant" "liberals."

Way to be tolerant and diverse, "liberals."  You make me proud.

I draw attention to this comment:

Christopher D. Cyr Just harass him a bunch. Then when he reports you, say he's lying. Then security will escort him off premises. Yesterday at 10:20am • Like • 5


This violates the Archon harassment policy, to whit:

“All attendees at Archon are expected to treat other attendees, guests, staff, and the general public with respect. Harassment of any kind, including physical assault, deliberate intimidation, stalking, unwanted photography, or unwelcome physical attentions, will not be tolerated.

Any attempt to have an innocent person removed from the convention by falsely accusing him or her of threats will be itself treated as an act of harassment and will be dealt with appropriately. The responsibility for settling interpersonal disputes lies solely with the individuals involved, and Archon will not tolerate being used as a leveraging point in such disputes.”

I do expect Archon to ban this Christopher D. Cyr from the con AT ONCE, since he's stated an intent to cause trouble, harass people, and violate policy. (Got a screenshot, btw, in case anyone wants to claim I'm making it up.)  Unless they're lying hypocrites who don't actually have an harassment policy, and endorse such behavior.

Also, I can't help but notice that every crusader I see is…a middle class white person. No doubt fighting for those poor minorities who just aren't capable of comprehending the slight done to them.

Oh, it turns out that several people of various racial and ethnic makeups went to bat for Uncle Timmy.  Guess what? Yeah, they're racist, too.  This was libsplained to them.  Denying you're a racist makes you a racist.  White people know this (if they're liberal).

What seems obvious to me is:

Archon's attendance, management and guests are overwhelmingly (90%+) middle class white people born in the US.

They feel guilty about this.

Rather than do anything about it, they're attacking a third party to try to prove they're not racist.

Cool story, white guys.  You've definitely made the case.



You bigoted fucks.