It seems the GOP can learn eventually, after enough idiots legitimately rape their own party's chances.  Very few of them mentioned abortion, rape or god crap this time around, and they won. Hopefully the lesson sticks.  People don't want to hear about abortion, rape or god crap, and no one really cares if teh gheys marry.

And there's a point here.  With those issues gone, the DNC had very little to offer, and got beaten like a cheap rubber doll at a sadists' convention.

A "Friend" of mine who identifies as "liberal" was bleating all week about the need to beat the "teahadis" and "libertoonians" who wanted to "Destroy America."

Point A:  I doubt she actually knows any Tea Partiers, only what MSDNC has told her about Tea Partiers.  Quite a few of them are pro-choice, support marriage equality (or don’t care either way) and are females who adamantly oppose sexual assault and discrimination.  Attempting to compare them to Muslim terrorists is ridiculous, inaccurate, and racist (using the left's own logic of "racializing" cultures that are different from our own)(while in a weird bipolar disconnect, insisting such cultures are every bit as good as our own)(oh, right, I get it—they're just as good from THEIR POV, but not from OUR POV. This Is Not Racist(when a "liberal" does it)).

Point 2)  I'm not a "libertoonian," but since I doubt she actually knows the difference between an anarcho-capitalist and a libertarian, I'll speak for our collective selves.  It turns out most of us agree with her on pretty much every social issue, if not the approach to said issues.  This Is Not Good Enough.  How dare we not march in the same formation in the parade?

And this is one reason why the left must be exterminated, by actual violence if necessary. They don't actually tolerate anything.  You are free to agree, or be an enemy of the state. In this regard, they are more dangerous to American than idiot Christofascists, almost as dangerous as actual Jihadis.  Projection projects from their every statement.

Point c]  A complete lack of tolerance for dissenting POVs is not in any fashion "liberal."  Liberals are supposed to endorse social support, the exploration of new ideas, and freedom for individuals.  Conversely, conservatives conserve, and hold to existing systems that work. A balance between the two is necessary.

Point IV. If we assume for sake of argument that America works, has worked for a couple of centuries, and does so better than most nations on the planet or in history—readily provable with an examination of GDP, lifespan, and the Bill of Rights—then the people who want to stick with that system are not "destroying" it.  Now, had she specifically referred to Christofascists, I'd agree with her.  But, "not instantly adopting the curious combination of Fascism and Stalinism endorsed by the DNC" is not "destroying America."  The Curious Combination of Fascism and Stalinism endorsed by the DNC is what's destroying America. And we've held the line against it…for now.

And this is why one should not confuse actual liberals, who are a useful, necessary and productive part of any healthy society, with fascists.

So what should we of the evil right wing do tomorrow and moving forward?

Well, first, I'm going to have my driver deliberately detune the engine of the limo to produce as much CO2 as possible.  Then, he's going to drive me to McDonald's, where I hope the cow was waterboarded before being slowly raped to death, to be mixed with worm and soy by someone earning $2/hr and chained to the machine.  On the way there, I may shoot at homeless people with readily available ghost guns from the NRA Store's ice cream trucks.—This seems to be what she expects proper "teahadis" to do.

Sadly for the DNC, with the GOP in control of both houses, they will not be able to repeat their famous acts of putting an entire race of people into concentration camps, sterilizing the "unfit" or keeping black people as slaves.—This is some of what the Democrats actually did when they were in charge.

GOP:  Learn from 2014 for 2016.  Tell the idiot god-nuts to STFU, and deal with the problems people actually care about.

DNC: Try actually being liberal. America needs that.