So, today I made a tacky joke.

Try to contain your surprise.

It was like many of the thousands I've made before, and was received across the spectrum with, "Woah, good one."  "Clever but too soon."  "Ouch. I'm going to hell, but I'm laughing."  "My god, that's dreadful," and "No, not funny.

Which is how my jokes are usually received.

Then it went semi-viral.

All of a sudden, a professional acquaintance I'm on decent terms with quotes it and asks into the ether if I'm the kind of person who (supports something bad).  Said acquaintance should know better, and should have tagged me, if he wanted a debate, rather than to just have online troglodytes hurl invective.

I enjoy the discussions with said acquaintance. I find them informative, and I appreciate the differing viewpoint. I understand he was offended to the point of bypassing that.

He then basically wanted me to sign a manifesto he wrote by means of expiation.  I have stated my position, vs my humor.  Being forced to sign someone else's statement would be disingenuous and prove nothing. Request respectfully declined.

The thread itself was most enlightening. Comments included things like (paraphrase):

"So, you just like to make things all about you."

Well, since the thread cites me by name, it sort of is about me.

"I know from that comment that you're the worst kind of monster possible."

No, the worst kind of monsters shoot up churches and schools, or feed people into gas chambers. They don't make jokes on Facebook.

"You'r e a racist.  I might tell a joke like that, but only in private."

Ah. Hypocrite.

"I do laugh at Blazing Saddles, but uncomfortably, because I know the humor is racist." 

So, finding that humor funny doesn't make you racist, just "uncomfortable."  Not finding my humor funny means you're not a racist, but I am, but Mel Brooks is not.  Fascinating.

"You can't actually have any friends."

No?  I may need to consult a therapist. I was sure I did and do. They say they're my friends, and support me.

"That comment tells me you're an ____, _____ and ___ with _____."

Fascinating. You can determine a stranger's entire personality from a single online comment? Have you consulted with scientists on this ability and had it tested? It could prove very beneficial and profitable.

"Comedians never joke about things like that."

Well, I'm not really a comedian, but a fictioneer.  However, Monty Python did.

"They never joked about things like that, or the Holocaust, or..."

Excuse me, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?  Monty Python took the piss out of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING just because they could.

"You're not Monty Python."

So, do they have Fame Privilege or Wealth Privilege that makes this double standard?

"Get ready to lose readers."

Unlikely. I expect most of my tens or hundreds of thousands of readers will never see my jokes.  In fact, most of the 5000 on Facebook won't.  Nor would most of them do more than just sigh or move on to the next post.

"You can't exploit something so soon."

Why not? The politicians and news whores are.

"Everything you say just proves you're MOAR RACIST."

Well, if you go looking for it, you'll probably find it.

"You're denying racism exists. THAT's RACIST!"

A: I am not.  2) See above.

There was much more.  but that's the more amusing ones.

I hope this answers all your questions.  If you've taken offense, then by all means find other entertainers.  I would never suggest you shouldn't. For myself, it takes more than an off-color joke for me to dismiss an entire body of work.