Congrats. I have to hand it to you. It takes dedication to focus so exclusively on my Fecesbook wall you can catch things to be offended by, like this image I posted:

Or, you know, you could just go to the Humorless Pussy Little Bitch section of Fecesbook.

But that's nothing. You were dedicated enough to scroll back through an ENTIRE FUCKING YEAR of comments, not posts, to find something even older to get offended at. One that used "faggot" in its correct usage referring to a bundle of sticks, and even used the format of "A faggot (a bundle of sticks) of wood."  Thus proving that the Fecesbook monitors are retarded as you are obsessive.

Of course, that 12 hour ban was subsumed by the 30 day ban for the image above.

Not to rest on your laurels, you then went back to about the TWO YEAR MARK to find yet another comment to be offended about.

Now you're getting creepy.

Seriously, have you nothing better to do?

You went through possibly 50,000 comments.  You COULD have been researching how to cure a terrible disease.  You could have been creating great art.  If you were worth anything at all as a human being, that is. Since you're clearly not, you could have been masturbating to My Little Pony bondage porn.

Nope. You have nothing better to do with your life than read tens of thousands of my comments trying what, exactly? I have three backup IDs, and any number of people who'll post on my behalf.

You are truly the most worthless piece of shit the human race has ever produced. There's nothing I need to do in response to you. You've long since done it to yourself.

And may God continue to wipe his ass with you.