Boris Karpa says: Trump's life experience is - so far, this is what Trump knows from his actual personal life - that you can do all of the things that for many years people have told us you cannot do if you want to have a career in business, much less be President.

 can party with cocaine and have threesomes with barely-legal supermodels. You can cheat on your supermodel wife with another supermodel and then marry another supermodel.

You can make a cameo in a porn film. Your wife can be an erotic model [and some say possibly an escort].

Again - none of these things I hold against Trump. I THINK THEY ARE AWESOME. If it is proven tomorrow that Trump's wife was really an Escort *I WILL ONLY RESPECT HER MORE*.

But for many years the media taught us doing these things will destroy anyone's job, much less career. 

Then Trump insulted the media - not just 'said controversial things,'  he deliberately trolled, insulted, and humiliated most of the nation's mainstream reporters.

He also said things that he knew would be seen and portrayed - by a media he deliberately made hostile - as being racist.

And now not only did he not suffer any consequences - he is, in terms of personal success [I'm not passing any judgement on his policies] THE MOST SUCCESSFUL HUMAN BEING ALIVE.

He is a wrestler, TV star, billionaire President with a supermodel wife.

And as he looks out upon his enemies, he sees they're not just defeated, they're having epic breakdowns. Some leftist pundit has actually DIED of heart issues due to his winning. Thousands of his enemies are literally requiring therapy right now due to him merely being elected.

How the hell are you going to take a man who ha ascended to the highest level of personal success experienced by any person alive, while breaking all the rules of politics - and now INTIMIDATE him into being scared of people who are literally CRYING AND NEEDING THERAPY due to the sheer shock of him defeating them?