This is from a writer who is unnamed, but some of you may identify. He's talking to a friend of mine.  Now, to give him his due, he's not just blocking people who disagree like so many of the pussies are.  Still, the sneering condescension, self-aggrandizement and posturing is almost tin-pot:


Behold! He risked his life as a civilian government employee in the depths of a TOC, analyzing how best to drop drone-bombs on illiterate peasants who threaten our precious, bodily fluids. His entire adult life has been devoted to a system whereby SecState can define whatever SecState wants as a terror threat and ban the domestic production thereof (ITAR), with secret watch and terror lists, exempt herself from the same security protocols he and everyone else is held to, confiscatory tax regs, imposed fascist health care and literal hordes of illegals. He worked really hard for that vision of America, and Trump wants to end it!

Wait, did he actually mean that? Because that's certainly what his history SAYS.

Besides, those drone strikes are still happening: "The strikes, which were later confirmed by the Pentagon, did not require Trump to sign off on them. Under then-President Barack Obama, the authority to order such strikes in Yemen was devolved to the four-star commander of US Central Command, Gen. Joseph Votel."

But I guess Trump might stop them, that monster!

And we're so polite while we talk about it.

That's because we're not the fucking Nazis in this debate, you Nazi piece of shit. The fucking Nazi lost the election, but your side refuses to accept the legitimate process, and is re-enacting Kristallnacht to show how bad your opponents are...except you prove exactly the opposite.

And he really believes he loves and bled for the previous administration (because he certainly isn't talking about Bush and he's not old enough for Reagan) and all the great things it tripling the debt, MOAR drone strikes, three more wars we really shouldn't have gotten involved in, but are somehow more ethical than two other wars...hyperbole much?

Also, a lot of other people fought, and bled, to avoid the utopia he's achieved and keep that fucking Nazi from winning the election, but of course, they don't count, because only one side can be utterly evil and have apologists, and he'll tell you which side it is. So politely.

Note that he can't actually detail what Trump has done in under a month that is so devastatingly terrible. None of them can. In that month, Trump has done some good, some bad, none of it amounting to much yet, because the President is relatively limited in power scope and these things take time.

What he means is he'd have sucked Hillary's cock if she had one. And he's willing to overlook anything utterly evil she might do. Only the other side is held to account. That's the real danger of extremists on both sides, and how we got into this mess. Which he fought and bled for. (Where's his Purple Heart, btw?)

And then like a textbook narcissist, he projects his own blind worship, devoid of criticality, onto the man who says, "People have different viewpoints." Apparently, saying so is refusing to "own" the "Fact" that Trump is Hitler.

I guess it needs to be said again, and often, because the actual fucking Nazis in this debate can't grasp it: You're the fucking Nazis (yes, that's a two-word noun) and the fucking Nazi lost the election.

And I for one will be very glad if everything you "worked so hard for" is flushed down the shitter.

Because it doesn't matter how hard you work for evil. It remains evil.