A cape gun is a combination gun with one smooth and one rifle barrel side by side.  IIRC, they're named after the Cape of Africa, where they're popular for simplifying carry--one gun, two purposes. They're also found in Europe more than the US.

This example is German, from about 1800.  It was some family's beloved hunting arm for close to a century, judging from the wear.

Probably in the 1970s, some jackass JB Welded a veneer over the cheek rest, but didn't prevent worm infestation.  I removed it.

There are seven repairs to the stock, and it was converted from flintlock to percussion, probably about 1840. Let's look at it and the work I did.



I scaled and rebrowned the barrels. I didn't try to make them look new, only to make the finish functional.  Once browned, I glazed them in linseed oil and baked it.

I replaced a missing piece of wood below, and filled/fixed two cracks on the right side.

Which matches with a much larger repair and repair to the repair previously done on the left side.

I did three minor repairs to the wood underneath. I am unable to dismount the trigger mechanism, and ultimately that will mean a replacement stock.

A bit of cleaning revealed the inlay in the breech.  It should be noted throughout I did minimum cleaning and sanding.  I see guns sanded down untill all wear is gone, by which point they're a quarter inch smaller. Don't do that.  Steam dents, use mineral spirits to clean varnish (who put that on?) and sand as little as necessary.

I dressed and reinstalled the rear sight. The barrels were cleaned and rebrowned, but not "restored." This is maintenance. Notice the previous repair to the rib between barrels.


You can see silver pins where the cheek piece was a later add on, and a repair to the heel of the stock.

I made a complete replacement for the delaminated cheekpiece, and fit it as best I can.

Ultimately, though, that worm damage means this stock will have to be duplicated in new wood.

Still, it's a .61 caliber hunting arm, and I have located powder and balls. It's still sound and shootable and will be back in action shortly.