As usual, I shouldn't need a disclaimer, but people are stupid.

I support the cops, WHEN THEY ARE IN THE RIGHT.  This includes shootings that outrage a lot of people. Mike Brown, for example.  Good shoot. Punk had it coming.

So let's look at this one and detail why Philip Brailsford is a retard, a sociopath, and deserving of the worst fate imaginable.

Video here: (Note that I don't like this reporter. In this case, though, he's got the source info.)

Now, here's the pig in question.  Looks like some hyped up CoD player trying to be a badass:

The press, btw, chose to edit the photos not to show the tattoos.

"The judge did not allow jurors to hear about an etching on the dust cover of the rifle Brailsford used to shoot Shaver, which said  "You're f--ked," because he felt it was prejudicial."

It should be prejudicial. If you or I had that dustcover on a rifle, it would be considered provocative.  And note, he modified his issued duty weapon with this. That takes tools, it's not just a drop in, and is against department policy. Only the armorer gets to modify weapons. EDIT: apparently his personal weapon, which is supposed to meet specific department standards. Since they cited the dust cover as part of the reason for his firing, clearly that wasn't within standards.

This is a dickless little pussy, trying to look like a badass, with a hardon for shooting someone.

Now, watch the video above.  What should have happened:

Suspect lies down.  Officer gets good clear field of fire. Second officer approaches and cuffs suspect, then searches him. This takes seconds.

What did happen was five minutes of "Officer says stand up, officer says get down. Officer says raise hands. Officer says lower hands.  Now crawl.  I didn't say 'officer says.' BANGBANGBANGBANG!"

Interspersed with threats to shoot him if he doesn't perform some odd contortions that a trained gymnast can't do.

The department found his behavior, and the modified weapon, against policy to be grounds to fire him.  Clearly, they did not think it was a good shoot.

Now, pay attention to the shot. Well, actually, it's a burst, which is criminally negligent under the circumstances, since there are lots of walls and lots of potential collateral casualties behind thin walls.

After the shot, does the pig say, "Fuck," or "Goddam," or even "Now I have do paperwork"?

No, he's placid.  Like shooting someone is just second nature, like walking past them on the sidewalk. He's completely unfazed. It's like he was shooting targets at the range, waiting for the next popup.

The body cam doesn't show his massive erection.  "Massive" relative, 
because you know it's possibly 2" long.

The suspect in question had no weapon. Someone had reported seeing a firearm through the hotel window, which is, (gasp!) legal in Arizona. In fact, it's legal to carry a gun openly in AZ with no license.  So they shot this law abiding citizen for not doing anything illegal. (It was a pellet pistol he used for pest control, professionally.)

I won't comment on the other cop who's too stupid to know which way a key card goes in a hotel. As someone else noted, apparently his hookers come to the house.

Now, per existing law, "I'm an incompetent, retarded, trigger-happy shithead who created a bad scenario and twitched, despite overwhelming firepower" is actually a legally valid defense for a pig. Don't try it yourself. You'll get life. (Unless you're an illegal alien in San Francisco, but I digress).

But it doesn't change the fact that this tatted up, sociopathic pig went into this event just begging to shoot someone and got his wish. He can have his mouthpiece claim otherwise all he wants.  The evidence is there.

Which is why I will cheer if someone hunts the fucker down and assfucks him with a shotgun.

In the meantime, the victim's family is going to sue, and own Mesa's budget for the year, and the taxpayers will pay for the bad judgment.

And his murder victim is still dead.

At least the department fired him. I credit them with decency for recognizing the fuckup. And note again, they obviously thought it was a problem.

Then, how often do prosecutors bring charges against their cop partners? Not very often. They obviously thought it was a problem.

Yes, there's a loophole that allows a cop to murder people and say "My bad!" and walk away. That does not make it a "good" shoot. There was zero reason to have a fucking dance with the suspect.  The longer that dance goes on, the more likely it is someone will die. 

Which is what this little pussy (and possibly his partner) was just BEGGING for.

Per other articles, he's not sure he wants to play cop anymore. I'd suggest he find a job more suited to his personality, like kitten snuff for a Bulgarian porn site.

If you're a copsucker and this post offends you, go on Grindr and find some cop cock to suck. There's plenty.