Someone was disputing the means of dealing with Lil Fat Phuck in Korea. I said he should have been ignored. They asked why police have negotiators instead of ignoring an asshole with hostages and a weapon.

He wasn’t an asshole with a weapon until recently. Pussies kept giving him street cred and money. They should have let him wail and tantrum (and his dynasty before him) and ignored the pacifier-spitting.

Trump publicly said, in effect, "Lil Fat Fuck, touch that button and South Korea will be Only Korea, it will be an island, you will be dead, glowing vapor and remembered as an irrelevant piece of shit in the midden heap of history. I personally control more wealth than this shitshow you jokingly call a “nation.’”

And gee, suddenly Lil Fat Phuck is considering negotiation. 

You don’t negotiate with toddlers or terrorists. You explain the rules, you punish them.

The route taken here is the same route Carter took with Iran. You can't appease a sociopath with rewards.  It just makes them triple down.

Carter's response should have been, “You can’t get our people out of the embassy because of a riot you can’t control? Wait one.”

SPECTRE cuts an orbit, shreds every living thing around the Embassy into graunched hamburger.

“We’ve cleared the riot for you as a favor. Can you now ensure our people make it to the airport? If not, we can send more freedom.”

And that would have prevented EVERY Middle Eastern problem we’ve had since. Some areas of the world--the Middle East, parts of Africa, parts of Asia, ONLY respond to strength. There is no "peer" in their culture. Only the top, and the bottom.  You must command, or you will be subjugated. Show that you're willing to kill them in job lots, while making them aware they can do nothing in response, makes you the top, and them the supplicant.

When violence IS the answer, pussy-bitchism is not a workable substitute. You use the violence. You use it decisively. You use it effectively.

Especially when you can literally escalate to genocide without even leaving your office.

As to that police negotiator? He’s doing two things. Trying to get the punk to surrender, while keeping him busy until the shooter is in place. If the punk hasn’t surrendered by then…