Comments at the end, though I don't think any are really needed.

So, to summarize:

He gets to fuck all the women he wants.

She needs to find some magical 100% effective form of birth control, or she's a slut.

Poor him shouldn't be stuck with child support for the crotch fruit he helped create.

Also, he shouldn't have to pay taxes for welfare for said crotch fruit. That slut.

If she and it starve to death in the gutter, well, that's not his problem. She was a careless slut.

Because he respects human life.

And aborting a fetus is murder, but as long as you screenshot the ultrasound, A-OK. No one would ever question it, no need for any kind of investigation, it's magical!

And this is how every fucking one of those retarded pieces of shit I've interacted with thinks.

And if you're thinking that we're friends, and it's awful of me to think of you and call you a retarded piece of shit, well, stop acting like one.

You belong in a logchipper.

Because my respect for human life has specific definitions of "Human."