I had another group queued up, but let's skip ahead:
c5w5CoIJJsiod-yHzLKHrxxJ9Wyc">https://www.courant.com/breaking-news/hc-br-state-police-exonerated-michael-picard-videotape-arrest-20171102-story.html?fbclid=IwAR2WEEyQ-Q8GG7X-xKqDIvhsqK1K_ eek c5w5CoIJJsiod-yHzLKHrxxJ9Wyc

"Barone told the investigator that he was trained to always create some sort of documentation such as issuing an infraction any time he puts his hands on someone, and "that 'cover your ass' is merely an expression which he has created over the years," according to the investigator's report."

""The internal affairs report was completed nearly a year ago, but the state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, which includes the state police, would not disclose it, citing a provision in the union contract that allows troopers to object to the release of any personnel records they believe would violate their privacy,""

So, these pigs conspired to violate a man's rights. Upon finding out he was absolutely within the law, they lied and violated his rights further, then conspired with other pigs to fabricate false charges against him. They're so fucking inept they couldn't even do that right, came up with two bullshit charges that got tossed out in court.

But other pigs investigated them and determined well, hey, that's all perfectly cool, for reasons, and union.

So the state will be coughing up a huge settlement the taxpayers pay for, while the perps get pensions.

And the obvious question is, since this is OFFICIAL POLICY, how many other people have had their rights and freedom violated by this literal street gang? Is it possible for a "good" cop to exist in either of these departments, spanning most of the entire state?

Also, you'll have a hard time finding a cop who'll denounce all this and do anything about it. Oh, a few might admit that this was wrong, but they will IMMEDIATELY add "But that's not most cops."

Yes, it fucking is. We keep finding department after department where POLICY is to rough people up, steal property, plant evidence, and even fucking jail (NYC) and murder (Houston) people for cred.

Remember: When a pig eats a bullet, he probably deserved it.

CT Police: You are the Cockholsters of the Week.