Dennis Mallory

Same old ignorant rhetoric from AMMO-SEXUALS! 
For them, NO efforts to control the proliferation of GUNs will be acceptable. They serve their lord and master, the NRA. 
No matter that men, women, children are being slaughtered in the streets.
Doesn't look like all those (any of those) 'good guys with guns' are stepping up to protect either!!!
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Shawn O'Loughlin
Lol! You crazy lefties with your altered perception of reality.
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Dennis Mallory
Shawn O'Loughlin but you can't dispute the comment can you?

Hard to believe there are adult human beings as DUMB as YOU!

I hope the heifer ur huggin' has at least half a brain--but NO--she hooked up with YOU.
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Sheldon Steinlauf
Dennis Mallory Nonsense.
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Michael Z. Williamson
If guns in Indiana are the cause of the problems in Shicago, why is crime lower in Indiana?

The rest of your bloody-shirt bleat is ignored. Especially the hilarious claim that the NRA does anything to stop gun control. They've endorsed every major federal gun control law in the last 80 years.
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Dennis Mallory
Sheldon Steinlauf why Sheldon? Can you dispute the FACTS? I guess not - - therefore your comment is WORTHLESS!
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Eric Eslinger
Dennis Mallory remember prohibition?
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Dennis Mallory
Eric Eslinger point?
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Dennis Mallory
Eric Eslinger we're not speaking of BOOZE! FOCUS.
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Dennis Mallory
Eric Eslinger get your sorry ass back out in the woods to abuse some defenseless DEER--u have zero chance of matching wits with ME!
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Paul Bartels
Dennis Mallory 
Why don't you do a mike brown and attack a cop?
You'll get a memorial that looks like a pile of garbage
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Paul Bartels
Dennis Mallory 
With all the black babies that get murdered why could you have been one?
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Dennis Mallory
Paul Bartels I was spared to fulfill a MISSION--to confront ignorant, bigoted, racist BUTTHOLES like YOU! Now GET LOST, punk!
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Michael Z. Williamson
Dennis Mallory let's educate you again, public school grad:

Same old ignorant rhetoric from AMMO-SEXUALS! --no fact in evidence, ad hominem attack'

For them, NO efforts to control the proliferation of GUNs will be acceptable.--no fact in evidence, ad hominem attack. Also false dichotomy (either this or that, no nuance or multiple options accepted).

They serve their lord and master, the NRA. --no fact in evidence, ad hominem, boogeyman, no evidence provided that the NRA is involved in this debate, or that it opposes gun control (it doesn't. The NRA specifically ASKED for the bumpfire stock ban, for example, thus completely negating the claim).

No matter that men, women, children are being slaughtered in the streets.--"Waving the bloody shirt." No facts in evidence that changing the laws in Indiana will affect crime in Chicago. Especially since, as noted in the article you didn't read, existing gun control makes it ILLEGAL for a Chicago resident to buy a handgun in Indiana. Further, if Indiana's "weak" laws led to crime, then logically IN should have worse crime than Shicago. As it does not, logically the presence of guns is not the cause.

Doesn't look like all those (any of those) 'good guys with guns' are stepping up to protect either!!!--unsupported claim. A quick google finds this:

So to reiterate: Everything the socialist and his friend have said is provably incorrect, is unsupported hyperbole, is logically inconsistent, is ignorant of the facts, and is emotionally-charged ad hominem.

FYI, I'm an immigrant who was educated in a church-run school, though I'm no longer religious, and a veteran.

And who are you other than someone who hopes to be a leech on society?

Also, as far as our laws in Indiana, which come from our government, last I checked, you drive on roads. Since the government provides those roads, I don't see that you have any basis for argument. If you want to live in a society without laws and roads, why don't you move to Somalia?


Dennis Mallory
Pretty much EVERYTHING americans take for granted and benefit from, is based on Socialist Theory and implemented by Democratic Liberals -- all americans--all states. Here's a few things: social security, medicare, interstate highway system, most infrastructure (bridges, buildings, dams, tunnels etc), 40 hr work week, workman's compensation, unemployment insurance, city/county police and fire depts., public education/libraries/health.

Now shut the fuck up and consider yourself SCHOOLED! No need to thank me, I enlighten the DUMB as a hobby!
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Dennis Mallory
Sheldon Steinlauf it ewas funded by the taxpayers for the purpose of TRanSpORTATION for ALL. It was pa-d for by all for the benefit of all. It has been used for the benefit of all ever since--thats SOCIALISM.

Now get lost PUNK!
Michael Z. Williamson
Dennis Mallory Going through your drivel:

social security--pyramid scheme created by a fascist who put people in concentration camps, stole property, banned Jewish refugees, endorsed eugenic sterilization of native peoples, and ordered the US Navy to fire on German ships fighting the British, thus getting us into WWII. If that's your hero, you may as well shout "Sieg Heil!"

medicare--proof that government health care doesn't work, if you've ever used it.

interstate highway system--Eisenhower was a Republican. Its primary purpose, as others have stated, was strategic. It's also paid for by a mix of state and federal funds. There are also a goodly number of toll roads, thus proving there are valid ways to accomplish the same thing with less government. Your claim is completely erroneous.

most infrastructure (bridges, buildings, dams, tunnels etc)

Bridges, dams and tunnels predate the existence of "socialism" by thousands of years, and became popular during the Palace Economy of the Late Bronze Age, for the purpose of bringing taxes to the Emperor, not to help the people. Your claim is ridiculous.

"Most buildings" are not built by the government. Yet another fail.

40 hr work week--created by negotiations between union and management. There is no codified "40 hour work week" in either state or federal law. Fail.

workman's compensation, unemployment insurance, -- see above. 

city/county police and fire depts--predate socialism by millennia.

public education--look how well that's worked for you. You're 0 for 13 so far.

libraries/--Benjamin Franklin invented the concept long before socialism. There are numerous private libraries in both communites and universities.

health.--the public health service does very little that can't be accomplished, and is accomplished, by consensus in the medical community.

You're 0 f0r 15.

Socialists, just like socialism, create nothing, and merely attempt to claim the product of others as their own.

Now why don't you stop wasting time on the internet and go get a second job to pay for my free health care I'm supposed to get.


They'd be pathetically hilarious if it wasn't legal for them to vote.