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Sharp Pointy Things Mike's other job.
Sicque Philosophy for a Sicque World I have a blog I shall rant in periodically. Stop by and join the outrage.
Keep and Bear Arms:
An index of my articles and commentary on the subject of firearms ownership and self defense.

Author/Artist Links

Steven Barnes writes for screen and page, and has both Emmy and Hugo awards for his efforts. He's a great source of information for the aspiring writer. Check out the lessons on his site.
David Drake is one of the founders of the military SF genre. Often gritty, always thought-provoking. He also writes historical fantasy and occasional humor.
Eric Flint: Machinist. African historian. Union organizer. Trotskyite. Gun nut. A fascinating man who writes some unique stuff. Check out "1632," available for free through the Baen Free Library.
Naval Academy graduate Robert A. Heinlein's books for juveniles got me hooked on SF back in 1980. It's all his fault! Be sure to check out "Starship Troopers," not to be confused with the bad movie of the same name. It's one of the most acclaimed SF novels in history, and is highly recommended for insight into the military mind.
Mercedes Lackey has brilliant a mind she uses to write fantasy, rescue birds and serve as a volunteer firefighter.
David Mattingly is renowned for work on album covers for the Commodores, matte work for Disney's Black Hole and Tron, the atrium and plaza scenes in I, Robot, and the great covers for David Weber's Honor Harrington series. I feel privileged to have his artwork gracing the cover of Freehold.
Kurt Miller is the artist for the covers of The Hero and The Weapon. He has done hundreds of book and game covers, and his works are packed with detail and imagery.
John Ringo is a former paratrooper. His books feature a body count Genghis Khan would dream about, yet are witty, thought provoking, hysterically funny and chilling all at the same time. I collaborated with John on "Hero," which can be ordered at Amazon.
Jessica Schlenker is a web designer and new artist with a dark yet vivid style. She has no major credits...yet. Watch carefully, as I expect her to become quite popular in the future. [Webmistress' addition: She also notes (just because she can) that she would really like to make sarcastic comments, but will behave. For now. :P]
Wilson Tucker -- "From the clickity clack of the his old manual typewriter to the electronic touch of his computer, it is possible Wilson is one of only three writers living today that wrote science fiction in the 30s."
Lars Walker writes Viking era fantasy and modern fantasy with a fundamentalist Christian viewpoint. Profound and entertaining, Lars is another person I frequently disagree with and greatly respect.
David Weber is the author of the Honor Harrington series, some of the best space opera ever written. With John Ringo, he co-writes the Prince Roger books. Delightfully twisted.

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Something Positive

I used to think about doing a philosophical commentary on people and the world. It's easier to read S*P and Schlock Mercenary. Enjoy.
AF Blues Farva's strip is funny because it's true. Not just for Airmen. Our surface based services will like this, too.

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Firearms Activism


Airline Pilots' Security AllianceThe government trusts pilots with the lives of millions of aircraft passengers, but would prefer to shoot down a hijacked plane than trust a pilot with a firearm. Armed pilots are common, even standard throughout the world, yet the US Government is fighting this eminently reasonable concept. Join the fight against bureaucratic stupidity.

Armed Females of America

Coven of Firearm OwnersTo join this Wiccan/Pagan gun owners news group send an email to Hunter Rose

Geeks with GunsThis ain't your Father's 2nd Amendment Website.

Gun Owners of AmericaIf you aren't a member, you should be. The group that cost McCain his presidential bid in 2000, whom he took revenge upon with "Campaign finance reform" so they couldn't tell the truth about him within 60 days of an election.

Think they're going away after that? Hardly.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Liberty BellesPutting the 2nd Amendment First

National Ammo Day"A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."

Pink PistolsThink the self-defense issue is a white Christian male one? Think again. The Pink Pistols are "a defense rights group for gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Pick on someone your own caliber!"

Second Amendment Sisters

Zombie Squad

Zombie Squad is an elite zombie suppression task force ready to defend your neighborhood from the shambling hordes of the walking dead. We provide trained, motivated, skilled zombie extermination professionals and zombie survival consultants. Our people and our training are the best in the industry.

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Other Politics

Religious zealots are attacking free speech in Denmark. Help support the Danes' right to free expression.

Lakota WarriorA tribute to a fallen soldier. The translation should be obvious in all languages.

The Pacific Northwest Tree OctopusMike's favorite wildlife Conservation Organization. Help save the tree octopus (Octopus paxarbolis) from extinction!

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Action StudiosAction Studios is a professional forensics, evidence, archive and combat photography studio that can also handle dangerous things like family reunions and kids' portraits. It's run by my wife, Gail Sanders, who is a veteran military photographer and honor graduate of the Defense Information School.

Arizona Gun RunnersStocks, slings, holsters and other accessories, decently priced and decently made.

ArmaLite, Inc.I buy my forged AR rifle lower receivers here.

ASAT CamouflageForget the digital and the ooh-ah factor. This stuff is invisible. Pattern disruption at any distance, neutral color and contrast. Everything you need. I'm not just an endorser. I'm a distributor.

Bayonets of the WorldGreat resource for the collector or writer.

Cloak and DaggerThe resource on blades is...me. Hey, I've learned a bit about things sharp after 27 years making them. Custom, commercial, antique, tactical, whatever it is, I have it or can get it.

Ed Brown ProductsExcellent game rifles, and the best pistols anywhere. You could get a 1911 pistol from someone else. But then you'd have to bet your life on it.

EOTechHolographic Head Up Display sights for weapons. Used by Naval Special Warfare, Marine Force Recon, DEA, SWAT teams and my daughter (don't snicker until you've seen her shoot).

Modern FirearmsMax Popenker's site is a remarkably accurate collection of small arms and data. Recommended.

Olympic Arms, Inc.Another excellent source for AR rifles and receivers.

veriSEAL.orgThese are a great bunch of guys, former SEALs who will access the BUD/S records and tell you if a "former Navy SEAL" is real, or blowing smoke up your ass. And no, there are no "secret" SEALs (if they're secret, why are they talking about it? Duh. And how could they collect veteran's benefits if there were no records of service? To get the bennies, to be authorized the awards, there MUST be a record. There's always a record.)

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Music by Bjorn Lynne

Southern Culture On The Skids. A GREAT blues band, very hillbilly and amusing in outlook. They'll make you walk like a camel.

The Great Escape Stalag Luft III
Sagan March 24/25th, 1944
by Rob Davis

Tech support outsourced to India I found this to be so truthfully funny I almost spilled my drink.

A neat site that explores how to destroy the Earth. As I managed to off 6 billion starving peasants in Freehold, I need to up the stakes for next time. Some good ideas here.

Support our Snipers.

Help an extremist meet Allah.

A very cool restoration project of a 109 year old schooner. It's underway at last, and support is needed. Commodore Dewey's flagship also needs refitted. The Olympia is an important piece of American history.

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