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ATI Talon Shotgun Fore End Rail Package- Review

  • ATI Talon Shotgun Fore End Rail Package

    ATI Gun Stocks
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    July 2010

    This is a replacement fore end for Mossberg, Remington and Winchester pump shotguns. The kit contains the fore end, adapters for all three brands and most models, nine 2" Picatinny Rail sections and plenty of machine screws for mounting.

    Installation was very simple. The instructions are clear, the adapter sections are marked M,R,W for brand and F,R for front and rear. All that's involved is unscrewing the fore end nut, sliding on the ATI and appropriate adapters, and tightening the nut. It took a few seconds with a file to improve barrel clearance (and the instructions state this might be necessary).

    The Picatinny Rail sections install with two machine screws each. You can install one either side, bottom, or at the 45 degree lines. Combinations are possible, but there obviously isn't room for accessories if you mount both 45 and 90 side by side.

    I liked the handling, and it made for easy mounting of lights on both sides and bottom, reachable by hand while manipulating the slide, and for a quick detach swivel mount. I found the mounting strips offered a great grip, positive and comfortable. It also looks very slick and modern.

    On the down side, it twists a bit more than a factory fore end, since it has a bit less contour around the barrel. I didn't find this to be particularly significant, but it is noticeable. I also wish ATI, and all other manufacturers for that matter, would round off edges on "tactical" products. The crisp machining looks great, but sharp corners ding hands. This is fixed in a few minutes with a fine file and a black marker, but I'd like the factories to anticipate this need.

    If you have a tactical shotgun, this American made, lifetime warranted product is a great choice for mounting accessories. MSRP is $165, or $100 without the rail package, allowing you to attach other sections.

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