Michael Z. Williamson
Beef Chunks, 27oz.- Review

  • Beef Chunks, 27oz.

    Grabill Country Meats
    Review Date
    February 2009

    A case of 12, 27-ounce cans of beef cost $63 plus shipping. I called to order, didn't have to wait, and they processed me in about two minutes. The case arrived as fast as UPS could deliver, double-packed in sturdy cardboard and well-labeled. The meat is cooked, lean, in juice, and quite tender and tasty. A test of chili and of emergency stew from canned goods in the pantry gave quite good results--once shredded, the texture and flavor were good. The labeling and site are very plain. You're getting quality, not advertising. I recommend keeping a few cases on hand for natural or economic disasters. You'll still eat decently well at a very inexpensive price.

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