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Cansolidator- Review

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    February 2009

    My order for two Cansolidators was filled very promptly, and they arrived within the week.

    These are a common concept for people storing canned goods in bulk--a first in, first out (FIFO) rack. New cans go in the top, old cans dispense out the bottom.

    The Cansolidator is modular, made of a very sturdy and flexible plastic, and the rails are numbered to make it easy to set consistent widths. Each unit contains four top and four bottom rails, and five vertical rails/spacers. You can extend the rails to make wider units, and use additional bottom rail sections to build vertically.

    It was just slightly too tall for my kitchen cabinets--it wouldn't quite fit under the shelf, but may fit in newer ones. It's also fairly deep. Shelfreliance also sells smaller units intended for cabinets, and larger, freestanding units up to "The Harvest" that will hold up to 600 cans, and can be adapted to fit a smaller number of #10 cans.

    I managed to adjust the unit to fit three slots for standard cans and one for smaller cans (fruit cocktail and beanie weenie sized cans). A standard modular plastic shelf system will fit a Cansolidator section 6 cans wide, with enough room atop to fit a flat of additional cans between it and the next shelf up. This dramatically improved the cubic efficiency of our canned goods storage.

    My only criticism is that a basic unit is not quite wide enough, by about 1/2 inch, to fit four rows of regular cans.

    I will definitely be getting more of these, and one of the larger freestanding racks, to improve our food storage.

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