Michael Z. Williamson
Choate Machine And Tool AR15 Hook Stock- Review

  • Choate Machine And Tool AR15 Hook Stock

    Choate Machine & Tool, Inc.
    Review Date
    June 2010

    This is another well-designed piece of hardware from Choate. The hook at the bottom works very well for supported fire, and isn't in the way otherwise. The internal compartment is large enough for a full cleaning kit, spare bolt and some other sundries. The length is the same as the A2 stock, with a slight cant forward at the bottom. For tall shooters, this makes for a very comfortable stance, especially when prone.

    I would rather the bottom was cut for a milspec sling mount, rather than having a standard sling swivel included, but that's a matter of personal taste. I was easily able to file it to fit the standard mount. There was a very little casting flash I scraped off with a steel edge. The stock I received was a little squashed, probably from storage by the retailer (it was a display model), but reverted to proper shape after a few days with the buttplate in place. It's served admirably for a decade since then. Their materials and workmanship are always first class, American made and reasonably priced.

    I recommend this for a durable, budget AR for taller shooters who want the option of accurate supported fire without sacrificing the standard ergonomics.

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