Michael Z. Williamson
Choate Machine and Tool M1 Carbine Military Folding Stock- Review

  • Choate Machine and Tool M1 Carbine Military Folding Stock

    Choate Machine & Tool, Inc.
    Review Date
    June 2010

    This also fits the Plainfield brand of carbine, the Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine and some Universal (early 1950s models), but will not fit the later Universal or Iver Johnson carbines.

    Installation is drop in, though it was a snug fit, which is good. The stock has positive tension when folded but doesn't latch. It latches in the open position very positively. The stock swings open handily, and the release button is easy to use. Construction is glass-filled nylon with blued steel hardware and sling swivels. Robust, durable and very well made. It's shootable when folded, and I could still reach the safety and magazine release with my finger, and the bolt release with my thumb. Those with large fingers might find it a bit tight. However, the positive tension, rather than locking, folded action means even large fingers can operate the controls with little trouble.

    Ergonomically, I found the tapered pistol grip very comfortable in size and angle, and the stock very pleasant for a folder. It didn't really feel like a folder, actually, and I was easily and comfortably able to get a good cheek weld and sight picture. It was also acceptable to my wife and daughter, who are both shorter than I with smaller hands. The butt is a little narrow, but the M1 doesn't have enough recoil for this to be a problem. Balance is right at the magazine when open, about an inch forward when folded.

    The top and side mounted slings are great for either shoulder or subgun carry modes, or a single point sling.

    I don't really see a need for the swivel on the pistol grip, and would rather they converted the hollow area to storage with a trapdoor. I took off a couple of sharp corners with a few file strokes. Those would be my only criticisms of this fine piece of hardware. It is American made and well worth the money.

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