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    • Confirmed Kill

      Third book in the Target: Terror series.

      September 2005



      Army Rangers Kyle Monroe and Wade Curtis are the best at what they do: eliminating their nations' enemies from a distance with one well-placed bullet to the head. When Intelligence catches wind of a terrorist plot unfolding in the jungles of Indonesia, Monroe and Curtis are the snipers assigned to take the killers out. Failure is not an option, since al Qaeda-linked fanatics plan to blow an oil-rich province sky high, taking hundreds of innocents lives, many of them American.

      But the military brass is saddling their operatives with unnecessary and potentially lethal baggage-an overweight, under trained colonel whose ineptitude could prove disastrous. And when their mission goes all to hell, two crack snipers are suddenly transformed into targets caught out in the open...facing an army of terrorists murders pouring out of the trees and with nowhere to run.

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