A couple of weeks back, I clicked on a "featured" photo or such on Photobucket front page.

Immediately, popups exploded and insisted my system was infected, vitally important I call their toll free number, etc.

I closed fast, and luckily, my malware protection worked.  

But this was a photo they were PROMOTING.  Linked to malware.

I had another issue the week after that (which follows).  I tried to click on the FAQ button for help, and THAT triggered popups and another loud voiceover if, "We have detected your system may be infected with malware, viruses or porn. It is vitally important you not close this window, and contact our toll free" etc.  With an attempt to download, which I refused.

This time my malware protection quarantined the file.

I contacted support and informed them of this.  They asked if I had a screenshot. No, duh. However, I reported that I had the quarantined file, gave them all system details, etc. 

No response. Apparently they don't give a shit that their site is hosting threatware, possible ransomware, and other stuff. Or maybe they get a kick back? How does their FAQ button trigger malware unless their entire site is corrupted?


And why was I contacting them?

Because I got autobilled in December, and billed again in March, and I wanted to complain about it.

The December charge was $29.99.  March was $59.99.  They refunded $29.99 and told me they cancelled that plan.

I asked why that one and not March, and where had March come from?  And that I'd apparently been billed for both the year before as well.  The December bill had been in effect since 2015.  The March one started in 2018.  They asked for documentation, I sent it.

I vaguely recall I may have been told the Dec plan was going away and the new minimum was $59.99, which is why I'd been pulling images anyway, planning to shut it down and go elsewhere--I can host on my own now, cheaper.

I was using about 174 meg of a 60 gig plan. Barely enough to even show on the bar.

But, if the $29.99 annual Dec billed plan was going away, why was I still getting billed for it as well as the new one?

I inquired, they quoted the previous correspondence. They don't intend to reimburse me for anything else.

Now I'm not a lawyer, and not versed in the finer points of fraud law, but this certainly looks like it to me.

Add in that they seem to endorse ransomware on their site.

And then there's the 57,435 ads that pop up when you try to access it from a phone.

My advice?  Don't give them a cent, don't click on their site. There's no benefit, and every reason not to.

EDIT:  Oh, yeah--I contacted their "Delete my plan so I can delete my account" email twice in a week and never got a response.  I can't delete the account until I beg them to cancel the plan, which they have not done.  Almost as if they intend to keep charging me every year for service I'm not using.