A friend asked about the site I have screenshotted here:

Someone asked me about a page on this site:

Here is my response:

Complete bullshit.  MRE orders are standard for keeping on hand for disasters, and after 7 years get rotated so need regular replacement.  Fiscal year starts 1 Oct, so it's a handy time to use unused budget.  I've heard of no such activity in the Guard with a sudden schedule, and it's a regular requirement anyway.  Most Europeans speak English. 380K UN pussies with no logistics train would get exterminated in about a week, even if they were coming over, and how much English can they learn in that time?  I'm quite sure troops have leave in that time, as I'm scheduled for an event in Germany and I know several who are on the list to attend.

 Typical Conspiritard crap.

As soon as you see "Chemtrails" or "Agenda 21" "Freemasons" "HAARP" "Illuminati" "MK Ultra" "Pole shift" "Rothschild" "Templars of the Crown" or "weather Modification" you can safely ignore anything else the site has to offer.  And I don't even know what half their other bullshit is.
If I had no morals I could get rich off that shit.
Absolutely nothing will happen.

BTW, if you are in the Guard or active duty and can help debunk this crap, please email me.

Attached is an image of what they posted.  Feel free to bet me it will happen. I need the money.