I'd like to bring up a lesson I keep trying to teach, that no one on the left learns.

"Racist!" is a pointless epithet to hurl at someone.

There are three categories of people in this context. People who are racist but don't know it.  People who are racist and know it. People who are not racist.

If someone is a racist, or has racist tendencies, and isn't aware of it, one needs to point out to them the errors, politely ensure they're aware of them and comprehend them, and ask if they can change.  Screaming "RACIST!" just pisses them off and makes communication impossible.

If someone is a racist and knows it, screaming "RACIST!" will either get you laughed at, or a lengthy "logical" (to them) screed on why they proudly are.

If someone is not a racist, and you scream it at us, we realize no rational debate is possible, since you're using epithets in lieu of any rational argument, and we ignore you. Unless, of course, you scream it as us then block us.  You accomplished nothing positive, antagonized an ally, and demonstrated that you are, in fact, stupid.

Eight years of this, accusing anyone who questioned any of 0's policies of racism, led us to where we are now.

Let me show one particular issue as example: Cash for Clunkers.

The INTENT, as I understand it, was to get rid of old, polluting cars, and give poor people assistance in replacing them. Not pointed out was that the vouchers were an advance against future taxes.

The IMPLEMENTATION required the cars be destroyed. The engines deliberately seized, the cars crushed.

The RESULT was that there were fewer old cars for people with little money, or for dealers in poor areas to make a few bucks off. There were fewer spare parts for old cars that needed cheap repair.  More new cars had to be made, involving metal founding and bunches of CO2.

So, it was a complete failure from ANY "liberal" perspective.

But failing to endorse it is "Racist" against the president who pushed it.

Had GWB pushed the same thing, would it have been a "benefit," or would he have been lambasted for wasting resources and hurting poor people?

You know the answer.

This is why you have no credibility.  By making minorities unanswerable to the same rules to which you hold "Whites" (which never seem to include yourselves), you are the racists, and you're projecting, because you're terrified that if you question a (minority of choice), it will show.

In actuality, it's blatantly obvious to everyone.

You've completely failed to get over yourselves, so you project at everyone else and try to harass them into your position. Which will never work.

This can't be fixed.  You haven't learned, show no interest in fixing it, you're just doubling down on more rhetoric.

So there's only one thing left.

Yes, Trump is going to put you personally in a concentration camp. No, you will never get a job nor amount to anything because racriarchilege.

Or rather, no, he won't, because he has no authority or means to do so, and you're just not worth the effort if he did, because you are worthless, and it's entirely of your own agency.

The only thing you can do for your country is to swallow a bottle of sleeping pills, wash it down with tequila and rat poison, chug some drain cleaner, and wash your mouth out with a shotgun.

Seriously, fuck off. And take your racism with you. Or kill yourselves.  No one cares.