The ongoing epic meltdown over Trump's election, BLM, pipeline rioters, etc, simply proves that large numbers of people are, in fact, inferior, a dredge on our society, and that we'd be better off without them.

An emotional part of me would welcome them being scooped up, a la Soylent Green, shoved into camps, and exterminated. Just so they SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop wasting things we need, like tax money, food and air.

The rational part of me understands that once that line is crossed, it never ends--there's always someone else "unfit" who needs eliminated.

So if such righteous justice were instigated, I'd be put into the position of opposing it.

And thus I'd be forced to defend those "liberals."  

And I have zero desire to defend the most degenerate, worthless shit the human genome has ever produced.

They are bringing it on themselves, and they have made it our problem.