The racist piece of shit position here is that black people are just too stupid to know how to get an ID, and IDs cost money, and black people don't have money.

First of all, there are more poor whites than blacks.  The percentage among blacks is higher. The sheer numbers are whites.  But none of these racist pieces of shit complain about "poor" people, only about "black" people.  So obviously, they think black people can't do the same things white people can.

I don't hear a word about IDs being required to drive, to buy booze, to buy lottery tickets, to buy a gun, to get a library card.  All of which black people manage to do just as well as white people.

If by some miracle you don't have the ID or ability to do any of those things, you'd be part of a vanishingly small micropercentage of the population. There's a valid argument that regardless of skin color you're not actually participating in society and your opinion doesn't matter.  That's probably few enough people to not even swing Bush v Gore in Florida.  AND

You can get a free ID for the purpose.

The racist piece of shit response is, "But what if they can't get to where the IDs are?"

This is bending freductio ad absurdum into a pretzel and shoving its head up its ass.

As far as current events, voter ID is required in multiple states and most foreign nations. But MLB isn't boycotting Toronto.

So the only conclusion we can come away with from this is that liberals are racist pieces of shit.

Which we knew.

If you are a liberal wailing about "voter ID," and therefore a racist piece of shit, watch this, and see how actual black people wonder where the Candid Camera is, because your position is that fucking retarded.