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September 30

Because He Deserves No Less

PFC Dan Gronde was the victim of an I.E.D in Afghanistan on July 24th. He suffered fragmentation wounds to his abdomen and back. His buddy suffered knee damage. With a very grateful and troubled look he tells me feels lucky. Most of the casualties in his unit's area suffer limb loss or death.

Dan is on medical leave here in Indianapolis, and got treated to a meal at Chili's. He didn't realize that while he ate, a small crowd of family, friends, vets and even a member of the Young Marines were gathering outside to greet him.

There were cameras, hugs, handshakes and Dan graciously accepted all of it, looking a bit embarrassed at all the attention.

Then it was time to go to the Legion Hall, with a police escort. There are lots of ways to travel in style, but his family found something unique. Dan is a big fan of Batman.

Mark Racop of Logansport builds officially licensed 1966 Batmobiles.



Quite a few thousand locals must have wondered what kind of emergency required the attention of police, Batman and Soldiers.

I have to admit, it was fun being in one of the chase cars, watching people pull over, and the expressions on faces, especially of young men in their rice burners. Sorry, son, but no matter what you do to your Honda, it will never be as cool as a 1966 Batmobile.

The Legion had their own greeting ready.



Dan was very gracious and modest, with strangers and children, and was a gentleman with maturity and manners far beyond his 20 years.



By the way, just in case you ever wondered, the secret to the Batmobile is a Chevy engine


And rockets for backup

Please extend wishes of recovery and good luck to PFC Gronde, and thanks to Chili's, the Zionsville Police and Fire Departments, the American Legion, and Mark Racop of www.FiberglassFreaks.com.

May 10

When Aliens Attack...

UK fans can catch my props, weapons and military/preparedness advice(what they took), my location scouting, and my daughter's lead acting (and my son as an extra), in this show, May 20th. US release to follow soon.

Morrigan is the girl in the red shirt in the promo shots.

Film location was Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, where my wife was a plankowner. One of the neat things about the place is that you can destroy almost anything on site as long as you pay to repair it.

I provided uniforms, helmets, armor, gear, 100 weapons from old double barrel shotguns and a sporterized MAS 36, all the way to AKs and M4s (though they didn't use even close to all of them). I was on set as armorer and military adviser, and my daughter is the girl with the alien artifact. Eric is in several scenes as a casualty/victim/fleeing child, etc.

April 08

Special Editions of Rogue for Pre-order!

With the gracious and expert help of Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore, we are starting the advance order for "Rogue." This is the first hardcover edition, and comes with a tipped in (glued) sheet printed by Baen, and signed by me. These will be cover price of $24, plus any shipping. You may pick up your copy at the store for no additional charge if you wish.

Uncle Hugo's is one of the stores monitored by the New York Times Bestseller list, so copies here count toward my sales rank for that. Just think, you'll be able to tell lesser personages that you correspond, drink beer, or even shoot guns with a New York Times Bestselling author.

In the checkout, you may also mention in the "instructions" how you'd like it personalized, and I'll try do that at the store, when I drive up in September for the release. I can't promise to get to them all, but will try my best, and of course, I can always handle special defacement at conventions or other personal meetings.

This means you'll have limited edition, personalized proof that a NYTBA actually knows your name, calls you by it, and has something particular to say, not just, "to my good friend," as the cliche goes. Your inscription might read, "You still owe me a beer from LosCon," or "I like Glocks, too, but I prefer the 1911," or even something cryptic such as, "NOTHING!!!" (You know what that means if you are who it's meant for.)

I'll also try to have some extra goodies on hand for those in the area, and may slip some into the books, time and quantity permitting.

You also get to add yet another rabid right wing, meat-eating, unPC gun nut to the roster of bestsellers. When Armageddon happens, which authors do you want on YOUR side?

Click now, click often!

February 02

Coming this September, the long-awaited sequel to The Weapon.

January 27

Our crew in Germany for the wounded at Landstuhl, featuring several great people, and me, too.

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