Michael Z. Williamson
  • Greetings, and welcome to my site.

    I am THE Michael Z. Williamson. There are no others, and there are a great many people thankful for that fact.

    I'm a writer with an eclectic body of work. That means I've never pinned myself down to one genre. I apologize to the marketing people, because I know they hate that and I hate to see them cry. It also makes it hard to categorize my works for my bibliography. However, subjects I've written in do include politics, firearms, the military, science fiction, military fiction, fantasy, humor and nonfiction. Most of my articles aren't cataloged--there are too many.

    If you came searching the web for me, welcome! I appreciate the interest and support. Look around, and feel free to email me. I appreciate feedback on my work. I especially appreciate useful negative feedback--I prefer honest criticism to ego-stroking. I learn more from it.

    This site is in a constant state of upgrade -- I prefer to spend my time writing, and I believe my readers do, too. If you find any glaring errors, do please let me or my webninja know.

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