Michael Z. Williamson

    When younger I attended science fiction conventions and historical re-enactments almost every weekend.

    I'm not as young, but I do have a young family again, and a very hectic writing schedule. As a result, there are fewer events I'm able to attend. I weigh distance vs income potential and fun factor before comparing to my workload.

    Note that neither my wife nor I can wear bitch masks for multiple reasons, and we won't force our children to. If your convention requires bitch masks, don't waste time contacting us. If you're that afraid of breathing fresh air, perhaps skip the event or seek counseling.

    Likewise, details of our medical background are none of your goddamned business. Nor will I ask, nor do I care to hear, about other people's medical backgrounds. That's about the least interesting subject possible.

    Events outside my normal radius are more accessible if I'm furnished retail space or expense offsets. Though I have gone as far as New England and Texas for things that looked interesting.

  • Convention Location Dates Appearing as / Notes
    Pennsic 51 Coopers' Lake Campground
    Slippery Rock, PA
    July 26 - August 09

    Please check back for events.

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