Michael Z. Williamson
  • I attend a number of events throughout the year for promotional, research and business purposes.

    If you would like me to attend your convention, but it's not in my usual circuit, I will be happy to, schedule permitting. For this, I require transportation or mileage, a basic hotel room and enough per diem for basic sustenance. Alternately, if we can negotiate tables in the dealer/exhibit hall, I'll pay for them and absorb the per diem. Obviously, more generous offers are welcome. I will attempt to do at least two hours of panels a day, and have been known to do as much as six hours a day.

    If I am attending your convention, I am always happy to meet with fans and sign autographs. In order to officially be listed, and to participate in programming, I must have a complimentary badge. This should go without saying, but a small number of conventions now expect pros to pay to participate, or offer "discounts" off the standard rate. However, I will not pay for the privilege of letting you use my name to draw attendees, and then entertain and educate them. This is not a "loss" for your convention. At most, I will eat a few snacks in the Green Room. If you gain even one additional attendee because of my draw, the convention is ahead. If I have to pay for the badge, I will still attend if it suits me, but I'll attend for my own purposes.

    I do not attend NorWesCon. Staff members have stated publicly they discriminate against guests based on race, sex and orientation.

    I do not attend Origins. They've made it clear that they're not interested in promoting a Latino-friendly environment.

    I do not attend Penguicon. They expect billed guests to appear at their own expense.

    While the so-called "World Science Fiction Convention" is run by a different committee each year, the last several years have all featured specific exclusion, denigration, and written attacks on Latino authors, and at least one trans guest. I will only consider attending when this behavior stops and the WSFS apologizes for it, and prohibits said behavior moving forward.

    I probably still won't attend, though. Little of substance occurs there, and it generally conflicts with two much larger events.


    New York City, the District of Columbia, San Francisco, New Jersey, Maryland, North Korea. If your event is in these locations, I wish you well but will not attend.

  • Convention Location Dates Appearing as / Notes
    Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show Indiana State Fairgrounds
    Indianapolis, IN
    October 15 - 17
    Dragon*Con Downtown Atlanta, GA December 31 - 31

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