My son Eric and I were up early on our way to the fun gun show. We were running late, but stopped at McD for breakfast.  

In the drive through, nothing was happening. Well, sort of. The guy ahead of me was talking, and had a long order.  Then the guy in the other lane was talking, and talking, and talking, and talking...

He finally finishes and I get to give my order, as he slllooowly pulls forward and rolls right into the outer left edge of the first guy's bumper.

We should note that IotD's car already had dings. Plural.

He hops out of the car, and his pants are lower down his ass, actually his thighs, than on a black comedic stereotype. He's white and in his forties.


The Hispanic guy in the car ahead gets out, while IotD does an obvious, "That'll buff out," pantomime.

The Hispanic guy shrugs and says it's fine, and IotD demands a big, flamboyant hug.

I'm going to say he was stoned off his ass.  Slow reflexes, munchies, poor cognitive function.

The Hispanic guy grabs his food and goes.

IodT pulls in at an angle to the pay window, and apparently had already forgotten his order, so repeats an entirely new order to the cashier.

Everyone else is still waiting.

I finally pull around him, with a trailer, to the front window, and say, "Since stoner back there is still confused:  Mine was two steak bagels, $11.10. Can I just give you exact change and get out of here?"

Server: "Sure, here you go. Have a good day."

"And you."

Really, it's not seals we need to be clubbing.