American liberals are simultaneously never happy with the privilege they have, and perpetually pretending to be ashamed of it while avariciously trying to acquire more. Frequently, they do this by wailing that they're actually the victims in society, rather than the most privileged members of the most privileged society in human history.  At present, this pretense takes the form of riding on the coattails of real victims, like say, blacks murdered by police.

            The latest bleat is that they're being "mask shamed" for wearing their fashion, fetish, and/or fourth rate fake medical masks in public.

            Now, there are legitimate reasons to wear a mask even without a hysteria-laden virus floating around.  They can help with severe pollution in some areas.  I know two recent transplantees who are immune compromised, and some octogenarians. Also, a couple of people who are delivery/messengers/assistants for same.  So when I see someone wearing a mask, I try not to be judgmental. Though when it's covered in sequins, it's pretty hard not to.  That's not safety, that's costuming. And sure, no reason not to dress it up if you have to wear it, but those are usually people at zero statistical risk who are obviously seeking attention.

            BTW, if you are under 60 with no comorbidities, you are statistically near zero risk for dying from Teh Covids.  Last I checked, it was fewer than 700 people out of our third of a billion population.  Plain old common colds are deadlier. This is a disease that largely affects the elderly and already sick.

            But, even if they were being "mask shamed," for which I've seen zero evidence, so what?  The epithets, vituperation and condescension they toss about to everyone else make it an egregious case of the pot calling the Queen's fine china black.

            I pointed out in the middle of one of these orgies of self-flagellation and self-aggrandizement (which is an hilarious combination, and most original. Typically, masturbation is done in private) that they're majorly ableist, while pretending to be victims and trying to shame those of us who can't wear masks.

            I was derisively informed that not only is there LITERALLY NO ONE who can't wear a mask, but claiming so makes THEM the victims, somehow.

            Now I'm going to be vivid here, so this is a bona fide trigger warning for the sensitive.

            My wife was brutally raped at age 5, with a cloth over her face. And due to the culture in that particular Florida county, the Sheriff delicately advised he wouldn't press charges, because the jury would probably believe the 5 year old was "asking for it."

            Asking her to put anything over her face, even a scarf at -15F, reduces her to sobs, incommunicability, and shakes.

            So, yeah, "Mask-Shamed" "liberal"?  Go fuck yourself, you vile, privileged, elitist, virtue-signaling piece of shit.

            I used to swim competitively up to 5 miles, and was a professional athlete for several months in the military. I had a 7 liter lung capacity and once ran a 4:30 mile.  Then asthma came along, and while in the National Guard I deployed to what we call the Sandbox and endured what was basically a 35 day sandstorm--115F, 35 mph winds, blowing sand, nonstop. That "sand" is fine clay, and nothing filters it (we had scarves), and I was advised to retire after that deployment, because my lungs are nowhere near normal function now, even after a decade of therapy.  In fact, if I put a mask over my face, I'll be re-breathing humidity and whatever crud is there, and I'll be in a coughing fit on the floor, hacking up phlegm, pulse hammering around 150, and you'll be convinced I not only have The Covids, but am about to die.

            So I will not be wearing a mask over my face. Ever.

            Then there are the deaf, hard of hearing, and those with either auditory processing issues or what is called "face blindness." If they can't see your mouth move, they have either a lot more trouble deciphering your speech, or they can't at all.

            So, yes, demanding everyone wear a mask is ABLEISM, and mocking those who can't is BIGOTRY, which is par for the course for the modern "liberal."

            Besides which, the masks don't stop anything going IN, and are only partially effective going OUT.  If you're infected you should be at home. If you're not, it doesn't matter.  And if you're not, but get a whiff, then the mask might actually retain it long enough to take root in your lungs. You're much safer off without. (Proven fact, easy to find online, and it's not up to me to do your research for you, when you're the one lecturing the rest of us.)

            One I've seen a couple of times is that by not wearing a mask, it's literally the same as if I pointed a gun at them and pulled the trigger. Which is pathologically insane, and indicative of a need for serious psychiatric help.  I know of people who will be happy to point a gun at you and pull the trigger.  So I'll stand in the next room, and you can choose which of the two you'll enter to face your demise.

            Do you feel like an intellectually pathetic and morally bankrupt failure of the human genome yet? Because you should.  Please don't reproduce. Please don't vote. You contribute nothing to the human condition, and do so very loudly.

            Then there was the claim that "medical workers have been wearing them nonstop since March."
            Yeah, bullshit.  I've seen my docs about ten times in that timeframe to know they're slipping them down the second they're not around patients, and so are everyone else's, so don't pretend your docs are special. That's on top of the fact that bunches of non-docs, including nurses and "assistants" are wearing substandard masks, frequently with their noses uncovered, providing zero benefit to anyone.  Besides which, they're checking temperature every morning, and shouldn't be going in to work if they feel sick.  In fact, none of you should be out if you feel sick. And see above about statistical zero risk if you do.

            And I can assure you most of them are not wearing them when they go to Kroger. So, no, they are not wearing them "all the time." And even if they were, so what? That's always been part of the profession they CHOSE.

            Oh, and the forcing children to wear masks thing: The number of people under 20, without comorbidities, who have died, can be counted on the fingers and probably have some left over.  Not only doesn't it  kill them, it doesn't infect them, and there's no evidence they're even effective carriers.  It's a non-issue.

            Finally, I'll bring up the poster child I brought up before, which was the SINGLE counter-protester at our second protest (which had nothing to do with haircuts and everything to do with businesses going bankrupt and the economy tanking.  But enjoy your food when it doubles in price. We're a producer and our three freezers are stocked.  That's MY privilege).

            She was carrying a hand-written cardboard box with, "Keep us home and safe." When I asked what she was doing at home, oh, she was ESSENTIAL! (Probably a cashier, given how many medical company stickers she'd made sure to slap over her shirt.)  So she wanted US to stay home and go broke while SHE went out.  Also, she was at the same protest we were, and in real science (vs liberal science) was at the same risk of infection she claimed we were at. Luckily, that risk was effectively zero. (Look at the trend on the CDC site, even after all these protests, riots, returns to semi-normal, etc.
            And if you're professing to be concerned, why aren't you monitoring that? Here's a site with a raw count, btw, which slightly overstates until the CDC confirms actual numbers:

            At which point she claimed the mask was for our protection, because she was which case she was committing bioterrorism.

            It was really bad in April, it's effectively over now, and worst case will steady state like other colds, and influenzas, and will kill a few thousand people every year just like they do.  Best case, it tapers out and disappears due to herd immunity penetration, with the occasional flareup. (SARS and MERS were Coronavirii, since you probably didn't know that if you're freaking out.)

            Oh, yes, and as far as the claim that protesters "stormed" the Michigan capitol: It's perfectly legal to be armed in the Michigan Capitol, and they didn't "storm," they walked.  No damage. As far as politicians freaking out and buying body armor, first, why didn't they already have some? Second, good, they SHOULD be afraid of their constituents. And third, YET MOAR VIRTUE SIGNALING.

            First it was claimed it was about haircuts. Now it's claimed it's about masks.  I swear we've just found the cause of climate change--all the strawmen the liberals keep burning.  No, it was about LETTING SMALL BUSINESSES GET BACK TO WORK, so their owners and employees could pay the bills, rather than all their business going to WalMarx, which, per liberal "science" is apparently immune to Teh Covids, even if you pack all the elderly and compromised in at the same time. (Actually, how many WalMart cashiers have died after being exposed to millions of customers? Oh, right, almost zero, if not actually zero.)

            Nor is there any evidence at all that any medical vehicles were hindered by the driving protest.  In fact, photos and video show the hospital route nearby was kept clear.

            And even if that was a thing, do racist liberals apply that same standard to the BLM protests? Or don't they think black people are smart enough or relevant enough to worry about? And then there's all those Occutard and Antifa protests who did not only block roads, but chain themselves across freeways where ambulances were trying to pass.  So stop projecting your own borderline terrorism onto normal human beings.

EDIT:  Oh, yes, there was also some ludicrous claim that not wearing a mask is basically being anti-vaxx. This is ridiculous.  The purpose of vaccines is herd immunity. There is no vaccine for Covid, but herd immunity can be achieved if enough of the non-susceptible develop antibodies. So in fact, wearing the mask if you're not at risk or dealing with them is the anti-vaxx action.  Thank you for playing.

            So I'll tell you what: If you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. Or a tutu. Or a Superman costume. None of my business if you're not hassling me.  It's a free country.  And I'll wear what I want, which includes this T-shirt:


            And if after all that you don't feel safe, then just stay home.  Your problems are yours to deal with, not everyone else's.




#4 Eric Esper 2020-06-26 01:54
Agreed :lol:
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Hi there! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which blog
platform are you using for this site? I'm getting tired of Wordpress because I've
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another platform. I would be great if you could point me in the direction of a
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It's a variation of Joomla, per the WebNinja
+1 #1 tweell 2020-06-24 14:15
My work is requiring us to wear a mask if not alone in a room. It's a temporary gig, but the money is very handy, so I'm 'complying'. I wear a bandanna around my neck and pull it up over my nose when I have to. I've also switched from my normal ball cap to a sombrero. Any resemblance to a western outlaw is purely intentional.

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