This was a chart, but I could only get the thumbnail and couldn't copy it. It's a blob with statements that violate every rule of logic and are inherently racist, entitled, "The Dangers of Not Seeing Color."

And the components are:

"You're not actively dismantling your own prejudices." My prejudices have to do with intellect and hypocrisy, not skin color, so "seeing" color is irrelevant to me.  It is obviously relevant to the OP.  This demonstrates that they are racist.


"It limits your ability to appreciate individualism."  How is not judging someone by skin color relevant to judging them as an individual?  Unless, of course, their color is the significant factor in their individuality. In which case, you may be the racist.


"You can't fix something you can't see."  "Fix" their color? That's blatantly racist.  Especially as we have the hypocritical position that you must see skin color so you can stop seeing skin color, but if you stop seeing skin color you're...not seeing skin color. Which is bad. 


"It allows you to ignore the complexities of racial issues."  Are they a human being? Then I will treat them as such. I believe all human beings have capacity for intellect, compassion, and development.  If you don't, you're the racist. Ignoring color lets us GET PAST racial issues.


"It minimizes the struggles of POC in today's society."  Not seeing someone's color and treating them as you would reat anyone else "minimizes their struggles"? So you don't believe they're capable of handling the same intellectual, compassionate, and developmental matters as "White" people?

BTW, classifying 89% of the world's population as "non-white," when they are of thousands of genotypes is pretty fucking racist. You're saying that Mexicans, Thais, Yupiks and Bantu are interchangeable. You've categorized the entire world as "white" and "not white."

Also, when you say "White" people, do you mean Brits, Balts, Scandis, Gauls, Germanics, Hibernians, Italics, Iberians, Turkics, Caucasians, Bulgars, Berbers, Helenes, Slavs or Balkans?  Or are they all the same to you?


Just once I'd like to meet a liberal who was capable of logical thought rather than just parroting catchphrases. And it would help if they weren't racist.


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#1 Tom 2020-06-05 12:10
Yet you're going to be labeled the racist if you don't obsess about everyone's race.

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