As usual, an event happens, and the conspiritards are right there, trying to convince themselves, and you, that they're secretly smart and know how the universe works. (wink).  If only we'd follow their clues, we'd take down the massive conspiracy that controls the world, but somehow leaves loose clues that only they are smart enough to follow.

Here we go:

According to the store clerks, George attempted to make a purchase with a fake $20 bill. The clerk refused the money.

Sounds reasonable.

George left without incident but decided to hang out in front of the store, just standing around.

Possibly he had no reason to be concerned, thinking the bill was real. Possibly he was deciding what to do with a bill that was fake.  They are all over the place, but he'd been screwed out of $20.  Possibly he knew it was fake and was looking for a sucker to "make change." FYI, Treasury doesn't bother with forging incidents under $10,000. Not worth the effort.

In the meantime, just for practice, the clerk notified the police of the incident. Yes, that's how law abiding citizens act sometimes. The police then rushed right over because, you know, police in big cities are usually free to rush over to check fake $20s from people who have already left the scene. Happens all the time.

Yes, when they're already being jackbooted thugs over illegal lockdown orders, why not?

Imagine their good fortune to find George still standing there. That’s what most people do after being caught with a counterfeit bill, right? Just walk outside and stand there.

I covered this above. Repeating it doesn't make it any more credible.

I find it odd that these two men, Derek (the officer) and George, may have known each other well. They used to work together for 17 years, apparently.

Apparently, you're ignorant. George spent more than half of that time in Houston, and some of it in jail.  The two of them at that moment both worked at the same establishment on different shifts and may or may not have known each other.  From Wiki: She said Chauvin had worked there for 17 years, while Floyd had worked at about a dozen events. She said it was not clear if they knew each other but that she did not believe so.[45][46] Santamaria said Chauvin at times had used overly aggressive tactics that led her to speak to him.[47] But everything from here on is based on a false statement.

I find it odd that the cop had his hands in his pockets while he put his knee on his friend's throat. Very odd.

You've obviously never seen a bully before, and there's no evidence of friendship. Also, his hands are by his side, wearing gloves that match his pants. Also, two other cops are holding George down.

I find it odd that they did not just put him in the back seat of the cop car. They were literally standing right next to the door.

That's because you're assuming rational, decent behavior on the part of a cop.  Reading any day's news in the last three decades should disabuse you of that myth. A narcissistic sociopath acts like that, and that's pretty much the ideal cop for current hiring criteria.

I find it odd that a man who couldn’t get air was able to yell out repeatedly for a very long period of time, and did not struggle to live. Why didn't he call for help with all those people standing around filming him? He just laid there and passively "died."

He did try to yell for help. People who can't get air in can still sometimes get it out.  If you disbelieve me, stick your head in a bucket of water.  Obviously, if you can make noise, you can still breathe, right?  This is where you're demonstrating increasing stupidity based on ridiculous logic from your false statement.  Note that the quotes around "died" create a presumption that the OP knows that George isn't really dead.

I find it odd that they just stood there and let people film this.

There's pretty much no way to stop that these days, but since cops can murder you and your family, shriek like the pussies they are that they "Feared for their life" and point out that they were never officially counseled that shooting a dog in a child's arms was wrong, or having sex with a detainee in handcuffs, and walk away because the courts have perverted qualified immunity into plausible deniability, they really don't care.

I find it odd that most of Derek’s weight is on his right knee, the one on the ground, not the left knee on his friend, George.

Once again, the unproven claim of "friend."  And a complete lack of comprehension of how human kinetics works. And another false statement, which we pretty much have to call a "lie," because there's obviously enough weight on the neck to depress it flush to the ground--a position a person can't bend into themselves. Also, if someone WERE setting up a staged event, why would they use two people who'd been "friends for 17 years"? Wouldn't that be too obvious, even to the kind of shitheads who believe this kind of stuff? You'd hire two people from different parts of town.

I find it odd the paramedics arrived on scene, approached so nonchalantly, then placed Derek’s very much alive (?) friend, George, into the ambulance without any sign of urgency.

"alive(?) is another lie, where this dishonest piece of shit is trying to persuade us how clever he is by his increasingly unbelievable false statements, half-truths, and flat out lies. There's no evidence the man was responsive. So I guess that doesn't prove he was dead.  But he certainly didn't act alive.

I find it odd that Derek’s neighbors never knew he was an officer. They stated they never saw him wearing a uniform coming and going.

Ohhh! Here we go! Why not just use the term "Crisis actor"?  Maybe because everyone not a complete shithead knows that's a term used by complete shitheads? Also, which "neighbors"? Or is this "Someone on the internet?"  And if we know who his neighbors are, then wouldn't they know what he actually DOES do for a living if he's not a cop?

PS: he's a cop. With a 19 year record including 3 kills, though the first one was probably justified.

I find it VERY odd that a cop started the riots. Thank goodness for an ex who outed him.

I find it very odd that shitheads will believe anything on the internet. The claim was based on some guy having the same color eyes and face mask as some chick's ex.  And how credible is ANYONE's ex?  No better than 50%.

I find it odd that nearly everyone who was arrested for rioting and looting were from out of state.

I'm not aware that "Everyone" was from out of state.  Certainly the news focused on those.  But the locals would also find it easier to hide or lie about their business, right?

I find it odd that the National Guard was not brought in earlier, and that they were unable to get these riots under control immediately.

I don't find it odd that a conspiritard shithead has no clue how the Guard works, because 12 hours from go is a pretty fucking impressive response time, and the Guard can't really "Control" a riot without weapons, which require federal orders, which they don't have.

I find it odd that these staged events only happen in Democrat run cities.

And now we're all the way to Full Shithead with the unsupported statement that it was "Staged," based on the oh-so-clever (actually, complete bullshit) statements of our Master Conspiracy Decoder. Or maybe "Mastur" fits better.  Though it's true that most violence occurs in high population density locales that tend to be run by Dems.  But is the latter cause or effect or both? That's a legit question, but not one this idiot has actually posed or examined.

I find it odd that this "racist" narrative happ
ened shortly after Biden's racist comment last week. I knew they were trying to distract us from something.

Our shithead conspiritard is NOT AT ALL trying to distract us from the fact that more and more cops are bad.  And which rcist comment from Biden? He makes one every ten minutes.  There was also a previous killing by a former cop. And a chokehold in Mississippi by a black cop on a black suspect.  Black people get killed by cops all the time. So do white people. So do dogs.

I find it odd that this happened just as COVID loses traction. Social distancing SUDDENLY flew out the window. Let's hope the masks and fear soon follow.

COVID hasn't lost traction among conspiracy shitheads either, despite killing barely more people than a bad flu year. Most states are still unconstitutionally locked down by their governors, though the courts have ordered a couple open and a couple of others partially.

I find it odd that COVID happened the moment the impeachment failed.

I find it odd that you could be so utterly fucking retarded that you think a real disease could be controlled to such a degree it could be dispersed on a schedule. If that were possible, why wait until now? Why waste it over such bullshit?  We could have taken out any number of nations that were troublesome.

Oh, yeah--COVID is in Australia and Bangladesh, too, among other places.  That's like "distracting" your neighbors by torching a subdivision. 

I find it odd the impeachment happened the moment that Russian hoax failed.

No, plenty of Demorrhoid conspiritard shitheads are still all in on the Russians. They're even blaming the riots on the Russians. You know, if we could get rid of all of you shitheads, the world would be a better place.

Can you see the pattern? That you're a gullible shithead who wants to be clever? How could I miss it? Will you continue to chase the well orchestrated carrots? Hey! I liked that Bugs Bunny cartoon. Or is there something in you that will stop for a minute and look for the truth? As soon as you look for the truth that you're a complete fucking idiot.

This is very interesting. No, it's boring as all shit, because it's the same fucking bullshit every fucking time.

Still a tragedy. The tragedy is that you're breathing air and forcing a tree to work to support you.


#1 Robert Allaband 2020-06-01 08:32
The DOJ put out guidelines in 1995 on a phenomena that happens to suspects that are left on their stomachs after being subdued/cuffed called positional asphyxia. In it they explain exactly how it works, things that make it more likely (drugs, alcohol, certain medical problems) and how to prevent it from happening. That cop violated just about everything in that guideline and since they announced the not just the local ME but Baden is being brought in for an autopsy I bet at least one of the rules positional asphyxia as cause of death.

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