Literally no one in this thread understands how the National Guard works. And few know what weapon that is.
First, some dumbass was complaining that it took TWELVE WHOLE HOURS for the Guard to deploy.

Right. The governor tells the Adjutant General he wants troops on State orders for riot control. The two have to discuss how many, what units the AG recommends, based on capabilities and location, and then the AG issues orders, WHICH MUST BE WRITTEN UP (from a standard pattern) to make it legal. Then, those orders are disseminated to the unit commanders in question, who must then write subordinate orders for their troops regarding response, etc, and disseminate.
Now, this isn't the 1920s or earlier where most troops lived within walking distance of the armory. My units were variously 5 miles, 90 miles, 75 miles, 45 miles, and 200 miles (!) from my home. So only certain troops will be available to respond. Then, some of them will have other restrictions to deal with, such as being cops or prison guards, being medical personnel in their regular jobs, being out of state on business, being stuck at home with kids because of Teh Covids, etc. So they have to find enough troops to fill out the call, or fill in from other units. Then they have to get to the armory. They have to draw gear. They have to have specialty gear (riot, medical, etc) issued. Then they have to be briefed on activity, rules of engagement, operating procedures, emergency procedures, chain of command, etc.

And then they can board vehicles and proceed to the staging area, and then to the area of operations. So, 12 hours is pretty damned good.

Back to the photo. The specific complaint in question is obviously that the weapons are unloaded.


Those are US weapons, not MN weapons, and the state may not arm them in time of peace without federal consent. Nor do most Guard armories have crates of ammo sitting around. They draw ammo for training when they go to the range, or when deployed. They keep a small amount on hand for weapon security, document transport, and MPs doing MP things to secure military perimeters.

The same idiots complaining about this would complain if there was another Kent State. Even if the troops got pelted with rocks first. As happened at Kent State, btw.

It would certainly help if idiots would educate themselves before bleating on Twitter. But if they did, of course, they wouldn't be idiots and wouldn't be on Twitter.


+1 #3 Michael Z Williamson 2020-06-01 07:10
Quoting Trimegistus:
If they're not loaded, why the hell are those soldiers carrying rifles at all?

Yeah, that is a relevant question. I wouldn't risk it.
#2 McChuck 2020-05-31 23:31
So, troops are sent out with unloaded weapons. Again.
And just like in the Rodney King riots, when confronted by mobs, the troops will hand over their automatic weapons to the mob.

"We didn't accomplish anything!"
"Sure we did. We fed it."
#1 Trimegistus 2020-05-30 00:37
If they're not loaded, why the hell are those soldiers carrying rifles at all?

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