Let's talk about the sole stupid twunt counterprotester at the May 1st protest. I feel no need to be polite because she was selfish, ignorant, and stupid.

She wore a crappy home-stitched mask they've proven to be worthless.  She had about four stickers that seem to be from some medical organization, but which one I couldn't tell. Her sign was hastily made on a box end, and said, "Keep us closed and safe."

She made a big deal that the mask was "for your safety. I don't want anyone to get sick." She also claimed to be infected, which I expect was a lie, but if so, what was she doing out among us, even with a mask? Why is she working in medical facilities? That's bioterrorism, you little bitch.  Though none of us are sick, so so much for Teh Covids.  I assumed she was lying or I'd have had the cops on her right there.

I asked what she was doing at home, and she admitted she was not at home, but working. Oh, so it's keep EVERYONE ELSE home.  Destroy their businesses and lives, fuck everyone, what about meeeeeeeee!

Previous generations survived the Depression, WWII and Korea, put men on the moon and invented computers, and my generation and the millennials are determined to destroy civilization over a fucking cold.

Take your bullshit "Science" that says you can have four people in a car but only two on a boat, 500 people in WalMart but none in church, people on East Coast beaches but not West Coast beaches, that people camping in remote locations are "endangering" others, your fetish masks and all the other bullshit, and shove it up your fucking ass.


#1 Uchuck the Tuchuck 2020-05-26 05:08
Glad to see your site back up and running. For some reason I couldn't access it for most of last week.

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