Survivors, a Novel of the Coming Collapse by James Wesley, Rawles, editor of Survivalblog.



 audio edition

"Survivors" runs concurrently with "Patriots."  You need not read "Patriots" first, though of course, I would always encourage buying more books.

These books are narrative training scenarios--How to guides written as fiction.  They do have a story, but the reason to read them is for the information they impart and the consideration they provoke.  It's much easier to remember a story than dry facts in a list.

Order or buy Tuesday, and you'll get to hear the pollyannae scream as a nice bonus.

Rogue is in stores nationwide, on Amazon, on, everywhere.  If you don't already have an order in, now is the time to do so--sales velocity in the first week is what counts for bestseller ranking.  Amazon has it at about 40% off the cover price, which is a great deal.

Rogue is a sequel to The Weapon, but it does stand alone, so you don't need to buy The Weapon as well if you don't already have it.  Of course, if you choose to buy it, Baen Books and I will completely understand.

Also, this weekend I will be personalizing the signed, plated edition of Rogue at Uncle Hugo's SF Bookstore in Minneapolis  They still have a few copies you can order, and I'll be happy to personalize them if you tell them how.  And if you're in the Minneapolis area, I'll be glad to meet with you at the store.  Stop on by.

Please feel free to download and share.

I will be in Minneapolis on 10 Sep, signing books at Uncle Hugo's SF Bookstore, including the signed edition of Rogue.

I'll have a little time on Friday night, Sat evening and possibly Sunday to catch up with fans I haven't seen in several years, and take care of other business.

If you're in the area, do please swing by the store and say hi.