First world problem:  Too much food. Both deep freezes and the fridge/freezer are stuffed, and 90% of it is meat, as it should be.

Complication:  Great deals on meat locally.

Scene: Local yuppie "organic" store, with wild caught sockeye salmon for $6.99/lb.

I say, "We'll take ten pounds."

Meat cutter says, "Ten pounds of salmon?" He stares at me as if I couldn't possibly have said that.

"Yes.  And then some bacon."

The sign specified it was "pork bacon," which is redundant, since only pork can be bacon.

He asks, "Do you just want a 15 lb box of that, then?"

"Sure, that will work."

He seems game, and tags our salmon and hands over a box of bacon.

Back at the house, there's not enough room. So, TIME TO COOK!

We now have 6 quarts of Morrocan chicken tajine, 8 quarts of tomato beef soup, 3 meatloafs, two beef and squash lasagna (since the other person can't eat grains), two more meatloafs, a whole smoked salmon and some bacon.

You know what separates us from the animals? The ability to damage entire ecosystems for dinner.

That's why we're awesome.