Dennis Mallory

Same old ignorant rhetoric from AMMO-SEXUALS! 
For them, NO efforts to control the proliferation of GUNs will be acceptable. They serve their lord and master, the NRA. 
No matter that men, women, children are being slaughtered in the streets.
Doesn't look like all those (any of those) 'good guys with guns' are stepping up to protect either!!!
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Shawn O'Loughlin
Lol! You crazy lefties with your altered perception of reality.
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Dennis Mallory
Shawn O'Loughlin but you can't dispute the comment can you?

Hard to believe there are adult human beings as DUMB as YOU!

I hope the heifer ur huggin' has at least half a brain--but NO--she hooked up with YOU.
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Sheldon Steinlauf
Dennis Mallory Nonsense.
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Michael Z. Williamson
If guns in Indiana are the cause of the problems in Shicago, why is crime lower in Indiana?

The rest of your bloody-shirt bleat is ignored. Especially the hilarious claim that the NRA does anything to stop gun control. They've endorsed every major federal gun control law in the last 80 years.
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