I was at the Christmas Party for the Indiana Filmmaker's Network and the state film commission.  And my badges says I'm a military consultant, among other things.

Grizzled Old Fat Guy With Beard:  "What qualifies you to be a military consultant?"

Me:  "Lots of research, and 25 years of service."

GOFGWB:  "What branch?"

Me:  "Army and Air Force."

GOFGWB:  "Oh, I'm sorry."

The following went through my head in .0035 seconds.

Gee, let me guess, you used to be a Marine, right?  One term of service, four years, in a support MOS, during the Cold War, with no trigger time, nor even any time in anywhere remotely hot.  And you never actually did anything with the Air Force, you just want to jerk your dick about how you were once a Marine, trying to recapture the glory that 80 lbs and God knows how much booze has stolen from you.  I mean, I've been downrange twice, in support, and don't make a big deal about it, and cleaned up after a major national disaster, and put in 6 years active and 19 Reserve, including a bunch of extra duty I didn't need to, as well as volunteering for said mobilizations.  I'm Retired Reserve, still subject to recall, and can still meet the physical requirements and pass the PT test for both branches. But you used to be a Marine.  So I guess that shows me.

Two minutes of polite conversation proved I batted 1.000.

Hey, Usetabe:  Fuck you.

No, they didn't.

I just had to cover this with friends who don't believe me.

The story is bullshit from beginning to end.

Okay, NSA information may be in the public domain. It remains, however, "classified." If you download it onto a computer, they can, in theory, have a problem.

This doesn't matter to most users.

_IF_ you have a gov't computer or contract computer with NIPRNET access, you MAY put the stolen classified information onto your secure USAF computer.

At this point, there has to be a nerd slapfight between USAF computer security, assuring NSA computer security, that the information has been removed. USAF can't let NSA search its classified data, and NSA can't take their word for it, and can't tell USAF exactly what is at risk.

IOW, nobody wants to do the reams of paperwork involved in a menage a trois security leak that probably isn't anything to worry about anyway.

So they're saying, "Don't use your controlled access to reference ANYTHING to do with this case."

It's closing the barn after the horse escaped, but it's a necessary CYA.

Feel free to contact the unit (it's a single unit) PAO and ask for clarification.

Oh, and watch for black helicopt

On the military.com fora*, in regards to the disappearance of DADT, someone shared this gem of insight:

26419217 said:
Mar 21, 2012 12:55:17 PM
There is not an Okay from the commander, that destroyed two complete cities for their openess to GAY lifestyle. If you have Men & Women, that will not fight next to a person with that idea, then you have a hole in your defenses. The enemy has won the battle because the people that will not fight, will shoot their fox hole mate before defend their line. I ,for one, would shoot the person in the defence line if he looked or said something that calls for a romantic response. I am not Gay and will not save a Gay person. I will pray that God does not allow me to be in that situation. I pray for their(GAY) eyes to be open and leave that style of death


If I were a praying man, I'd pray for your god to teach you literacy, comprehensibility, logic and tolerance.

Even as a non-praying man, I'll pray that, if you actually are in the military, your subordinates' gods give them the gift of tongues to understand what the hell it is you think you said.


Seriously, I'm at a loss for the ecclesiastical, logical and grammatical content of this comment.  All I can say is, if they allow gays in the military, what's next?  Women?  Blacks?  Mexicans?  INDIANS?

*BTW, half the people on those fora have never served.  The other half are big damn heroes with 27 decorations for bravery armed only with a toothpick, and proud of it.

PFC Dan Gronde was the victim of an I.E.D in Afghanistan on July 24th. He suffered fragmentation wounds to his abdomen and back. His buddy suffered knee damage. With a very grateful and troubled look he tells me feels lucky. Most of the casualties in his unit's area suffer limb loss or death.

Dan is on medical leave here in Indianapolis, and got treated to a meal at Chili's. He didn't realize that while he ate, a small crowd of family, friends, vets and even a member of the Young Marines were gathering outside to greet him.

There were cameras, hugs, handshakes and Dan graciously accepted all of it, looking a bit embarrassed at all the attention.

Then it was time to go to the Legion Hall, with a police escort. There are lots of ways to travel in style, but his family found something unique. Dan is a big fan of Batman.

Mark Racop of Logansport builds officially licensed 1966 Batmobiles.



Quite a few thousand locals must have wondered what kind of emergency required the attention of police, Batman and Soldiers.

I have to admit, it was fun being in one of the chase cars, watching people pull over, and the expressions on faces, especially of young men in their rice burners. Sorry, son, but no matter what you do to your Honda, it will never be as cool as a 1966 Batmobile.

The Legion had their own greeting ready.



Dan was very gracious and modest, with strangers and children, and was a gentleman with maturity and manners far beyond his 20 years.



By the way, just in case you ever wondered, the secret to the Batmobile is a Chevy engine


And rockets for backup

Please extend wishes of recovery and good luck to PFC Gronde, and thanks to Chili's, the Zionsville Police and Fire Departments, the American Legion, and Mark Racop of www.FiberglassFreaks.com.