Those people who see every mass shooting as some conspiracy on the part of 0bozo and company.

So, here's your theory:

A "shadow government" is able to keep its existence secret even from Edward Snowden, who would probably have had access to all its info.  Said group is able to identify, locate and recruit suicidal freaks, or persuade them to commit suicide as their patriotic duty.

To achieve this end, they're going to go ATTACK A BUNCH OF PEOPLE WHO MOSTLY VOTED FOR THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION.  None of them have shot up the NRA convention, a gun show, a Fox station, or tried to assassinate Sarah Palin or any number of beloved conservative politicians.  Kill some of them, and you might have a chance of swinging conservatives to your cause.  Killing liberals clearly isn't having the desired effect, and risks outrage when (not "if," because no actual conspiracy lasts long) you get exposed, which would completely undermine what you're attempting to do.

But wait!  Instead, each of these incidents causes the usual stupid masturbatory diarrhea (sorry for the mixed metaphor, but it works) from the INCOMPETUS and his cohorts, and SELLS MILLIONS OF FUCKING GUNS AND ENTIRE ARMIES' WORTH OF AMMO.

Clearly, they are not having the desired outcome, if they even existed, which logic and even basic morality says is impossible.

I even hear, "All the evidence is on base, so we'll never know the truth."  Hey, Shit For Brains:  I'm retired from the military.  If you think for a second that every member of it or any agency is a brainwashed robot incapable of independent thought, how the fuck do you think we actually fight wars?  Do you believe Dick Cheney has some master control computer he uses to move us around and make noises?  Who operates it for him, a bunch of gamers?  But how can THEY be trusted with the Big Secret?

You're a fucking retard.

Want to help America?  Kill yourself.  Without using a gun.