Tony Stewart Racing is sponsoring the cheetah exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo. Handsome creatures. All the ads feature a cheetah in a racing helmet.

Well, we went to the zoo today, and NONE OF THE CHEETAHS WERE WEARING THEIR HELMETS! Foul!

I figured it was just a promotional thing, so I went to the souvenir shop. They, did, in fact, have little stuffed cheetahs, but none of them were wearing racing helmets, either.

This is just totally unfair and has bummed me totally.

I think they're also missing a huge marketing opportunity, for both the zoo and TSR. I know a lot of car geeks who'd be on that if they did it.

Anyone know anyone at Tony Stewart Racing or the Indpls Zoo? Because I want my cheetah in a racing helmet, dammit.