The Herbal Blogger 1 hour ago
I do not even know where to begin with how horrifyingly stupid this is. This is why we will not survive this century (at this rate if we make it through this decade it will be a miracle). And for the idiots who make claims that it is about feeding the world, that has already been proven to be BS, organic farming does not that no frankenfood and all of those third world countries have rejected GMO's, even the farmers in Haiti refused it saying it would be worse than what they had just went through. GMO's is a recipe for disaster, it's suicidal, and make no mistakes about it, it is about absolutely nothing but money. And someone needs to put a stop to it NOW.


"Organic"* farming is for self-aggrandizing liberal trash who can afford to waste 30% of the crop to pests. If it worked so well, Africa wouldn't be in a constant state of famine. Corn has been "genetically modified" for 10,000 years, yet you eat it. All the cereal grains, identically sized fruits that ripen at the same time, chickens with oversized breasts, are all "genetically modified." We just have better science now rather than trial and error. The grapefruit, banana, corn and broccoli were created by humans from inedible precursors. And Haiti? Seriously? They manage to be poorer than Cuba while being friends with the US. They're the last people to take advice from on any subject.

*All food is "organic." We can't digest inorganic material. The theft of this word for new age pseudo-scientific BS is one of the things that actually will lead to our end.

That said:  EWwwwwwww

I can see it being useful for kids, but it's rather icky from an adult POV.  Also, most of the immunities are passed from mother to child.  The milk is only a carrier, not the cause.