This is a decent enough song, with a better than average video:

So in the comments, we find:

Dog spelt backwards is God.

Only God can save the world.

Yes, because rather than say, "God," it's so much easier to show a dog, and hint deceptively (how, exactly?) that "god" did it.  Nevermind that the band is Swedish, and in Swedish, the words are "Hund" and "gud."  (Pause while the twit runs off to chant "god is gud!")

I have no problem with faith, but it is possible to ascribe way too much to it.  Especially as there's nothing on the band's site to indicate any religious affiliation at all.

And then we have:

Fucking Marxist propaganda

Really?  I'm afraid I'm not following that, either.  Dogs are marxist?  Well, if they take down criminals in pain, I'm okay with that.  And it's nice to see some artists who don't push the hippie myth that criminals are just misunderstood and only need a hug.  It was nice to see a beat down.

I guess I see it more as "be like a dog, not like a sheep."

Because, you know, there were DOGS in the video, representing loyalty and strength.