Reports are now that Covid was in the US as early as October, possibly September. So let's start there.

In October, I attended a gun show with 40,000 other people.

I drove to New England, and back through Canada.

In January, I attended a gun show with 40,000 other people.

In February, I attended a conference with several hundred people.

In March, I drove to Florida, with stops en route, and visited St Augustine, Cape Canaveral, Miami, the Everglades, Tampa, and back.  I held book signings.  I traveled on buses with 50 other visitors multiple times.  I packed into theaters with hundreds of other people. I went on tour boats. I toured castles and museums and reservations.  I was aboard a naval vessel.

In March, they prevented us from setting up at the gun show because of Covids, and three people fell over dead in the parking lot.  No, wait—that didn't happen.

They closed everything down, because people were falling over dead in the grocery stores. No, wait, they closed everything down, but nothing substantial happened outside of nursing homes full of old people with an average of 3.6 diseases each.

In April, 45 days after Fifteen Days to Slow the Spread (I guess it didn't work, even though we "followed the science"), I attended a protest. None of us wore masks, and didn't social distance. We paid for it, though. Six people sickened and died later. No, wait—actually, they didn't.

A month later, 75 days after FDtStS, and 60 days after a Month to Beat the Virus, I was at another protest. And this time, a dozen people died.  No, wait, that didn't happen either.

By June, being completely disgusted with ignorance and stupidity, and watching the narrative change from "deaths" to "Cases" and then to "positive tests," I said fuck it, and hosted a small, private SF convention. About 125 people.  We gathered in a hall together, shared food, beverages, panels, vending, an outdoor smoking area for some, a well-stocked private bar, a swimming pool.  At least three short story and book deals came out of it.  It came at a cost. Within three weeks, someone got sick and died. No, wait, that STILL didn't fucking happen.

There was yet another protest, while our limpdick "dog dad" (How he describes himself) governor canceled yet more events, and wailed about the lack of sales tax income, and business closures.  I wonder if there might be a connection? Anyway, hundreds of us gathered together without face panties, and would you believe it?  NO ONE GOT SICK OR DIED!

I planned another convention for September, and we had people come in from PA, TX, SD, MI, and SC. No one wore a face panty.  It's been two weeks, and so far, the sick and dead count seems to round off to ZERO.

There's another protest this weekend, because we "followed the science" about 4-8 weeks of masks to beat the virus, but somehow that didn't work. Or so they claim.

I should point out that every weekend that didn't have a protest or a sci fi convention (14 of them), we were at a nearby cruising strip with a splash park for the kids of at least four different races and a dozen ethnicities, hundreds of cars, thousands of people, food, beverages, interactions.  Despite all that there were surprisingly few race riots—I think the total was zero—and vanishingly few COVID deaths—I think it reached a grand total of NONE.

Every day for the duration of this entire incompetent, cowardly, retarded fuckup, my family and I go about our business. We go to the stores. We take our daughter to the playground. We go to local outdoor  concerts. We do not, and never will, wear a face panty. Nor is anyone else around us, apart from a few virtue-signaling cucks who get roundly mocked for believing propaganda.

Because the ACTUAL science, not the Lysenkoistic bullshit, is that nothing you can buy over the counter will stop a virion.  And WHO, the CDC, NIH, the Dutch, the British, the Swedes, and every other legitimate medical establishment in the world says so. (I linked them in a previous blog. Some low-Q liberal accused me of "cherry picking."  45 YEARS of data by literally EVERY MEDICAL AGENCY IN THE WORLD is not "Cherry picking.  But "recently discovered science" that just happens to meet the political agenda…just MIGHT be.)  This is easy to prove: Look for the NIOSH rating on your face panty. It doesn't have one, because it doesn't filter anything.  Nor is there some magic that the virion knows which way is in or out. They don't work, and they carry no rating for medical purposes. This is a fact. Despite never wearing a fag bag on our faces, none of us have gotten sick, nor have our friends, nor our regular business associates. None. Zero.

And before you start shrieking like a retard or a liberal, but I repeat myself, there are several categories of exemptions:

A: medical. We both have asthma. Inside of a few seconds, we start gasping, wheezing and coughing through a mask, and pussies think we do have Teh Covids. So we don't have to wear masks.

2) Anxiety, or more accurately, my wife has PTSD, from being raped as a child with a cloth over her face. This, BTW, has been made worse by "tolerant," "liberal" subhuman pieces of shit calling her "princess" and "Snowflake" and demanding to "See some documentation so we can decide if it's valid." The exact same subhuman liberal pieces of shit who "believe all women" like Christine Blowme Ford, who can't even remember what year of school or what party she allegedly met a guy even her friends insist wasn't present. And they want her to "Wear some sort of badge" so they know she's exempt. Well, the gold star and pink triangle are already taken, so go fuck yourselves. She doesn't have to wear a mask.

C} Religious beliefs.  This is true. My personal philosophy forbids me from engaging in virtue-signaling shitheadedness with zero science behind it to appease a bunch of oozing pussies. I won't be wearing magic crystals or sackcloth and ashes, either.  Though I am vaccinated against every legitimate disease and maintain those for areas I travel to, so don't try to burn that straw man.  You'll just put more CO2 into the environment. Along with 200 BILLION trashed masks a month worldwide, that are killing penguins and other seabirds who think they're fish. Remember when you wanted to ban straws over a turtle?  I don't wear a mask because I care about the environment.

IV] This is America.  That's not a listed exemption by our governor, but he's a pathetic pussy, RINO piece of shit, so I ignore his illegal and unconstitutional executive orders that every police department in the state has stated they won't enforce anyway. I don't wear a mask.

E) When I woke up this morning, I was still a man. I don’t wear a mask.

If you actually care about "science," the CDC has a tally of the worst case scenario of Cooties deaths, and they admit only 6% didn't have an average of 2.6 comorbidities (which means, as noted above, the AVERAGE death had 3.6 diseases.  Which is significant). And if you do some very basic arithmetic (I realize liberal schools struggle with math, but this is DIVISION, for fuck's sake), you get a grand total percentage of:  .061%. That's 61 THOUSANDTHS of a percent. And of course, doesn't account for the rolling rate change due to about 5 million new Americans since then. I won't strain your intellects with that. You have enough trouble counting genders. And if you have no comorbidities, your risk is 6% of that, or .0036%.

If you're under 65, last figures I ran (it hasn't changed much) your risk of death is .0055%. That's 55 TEN THOUSANDTHS of a percent, but, without comorbidities, that drops to .000165%, or 165 MILLIONTHS of a percent.


And if you're still shitting your pants over it, you're a pathetic little bitch. YOU should probably stay home while Americans live their lives.  Tape your windows shut to keep the Covids out, and sterilize your GI tract with a bottle of Drano.

But damn, I'd cheer if it really was lethal and eliminated 10% of humanity. Or more. Because you suck. And I hate you.



#2 Robin K Layne 2020-09-27 18:27
Mike, i follow you on Facemaskbook, read your novels. I came to this site looking for future reads and found your above comments. Nice job. I have one follow on from personal experience. That is with the millions of masks being discarded.

I live in Oxnard, CA and work on the Port Hueneme Naval facility. I take my dog for walks through the local area (which borders a BMW americanization facilty, 'trade-in' RV's and fith wheels and close by are some homeless camps full of needles, garbage and shit piles.) Anyway, on my walks, there seems not to be a day when I don't see a mask or two discarded here and there.

Now the thing about this is that I live a mile from an environmentalist controlled beach called Ormond Beach. I'd think when the rains come is that a lot of these masks are going to be washed out to the Pacific to join the millions upon millions of masks already out there from China and the rest of the eastern pacific rim.
+1 #1 C. S. P. Schofield 2020-09-23 10:08
Pity one of the serious co-morbidities isn't "Being a Socialist Nitwit Thug". I could really get behind a Pandemic that killed off Antifa/BLM, or "Sturmabteilung minus the dress sense" as they should be known.

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