UPDATE:  She has moved to Dallas area, has a car and job, is staying with a friend while saving funds for her own place. It looks like everything is optimal, despite lengthy delays on DL transfer and similar stuff, and a three week delay on funeral due to administrative interstate matters.  It's looking very positive. Thanks to everyone who donated and linked to resources.


When last we left our intrepid heroine, her husband had died suddenly, she had no permanent home, no car, and no job.

Actually, she's had a shitty decade of marginal employment in SC, with the kids living with family in TX.  She and husband finally scraped up to relocate to Lubbock, where he had a job, and then he died suddenly in the hotel.

With help from friends and some of you:

He has been cremated and she has the legal paperwork, and accounts settled.

She has acquired a vehicle.

She has successfully defeated bureaucrats in single combat to replace her expired SC license (literally the week after his death) by mail.

She has moved to the Dallas area where the kids are.

Is staying with friends, but the landlord won't allow that for long.


So, she needs to get into lodging and find employment (there are people hiring, so that's positive).  She needs to immediately pay for car insurance. She needs to shortly pay to properly coordinate for a TX DL to go with the TX car.

Then she can finally be reunited with her teenagers.

If you are still minded and able to donate, I have her direct email for paypal, or you can send to me and I'll forward.  I'll be happy to send a signed hardcover of my choice to anyone donating $50, and yes, I still have a couple from late last year to get out.  I BROKE A SNOWPLOW CLEARING MY DRIVEWAY.

She says, "Thanks to everyone for all you've done." And she sounded very grateful and touched.



#2 Sam Costanza 2021-04-05 08:42
Mike, not knowing where in Dallas she is, but Traxxas in McKinney is hiring. Tell Jenn to check out www.traxxas.com, and fill out the form on the "careers" page. MJ is a fantastic person to work for.
#1 Walter Weber 2021-02-22 15:38

I'd like to contribute some cash to assist Jenn. I don't need swag, please let me know how to get the cash out. If needed, I can send an actual personal check, printed on the residue of dead, processed trees.


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